22:20 Meaning – A message for you


You just finished some business for the day and checked the time. There were some matching numbers or a certain number combination.

Sure, if it was a double hour, it might have caught your eye already. If it was some triple mirror hours that we are going to discuss, they are more likely to pass unnoticed. You just overlooked it and went on with what you were doing.

The next day or in a while, but very close to the first time you see those hours, suddenly they harvest or you see the same numbers in a different format.

You read the number in newspapers, on a billboard, see it on television, someone mentions it or whatever.

Now, the situation increases the suction. Why do you keep seeing the same numbers everywhere? Is it some kind of sign?

Those skeptical and strictly rational people would most likely dismiss the event as a coincidence and spend no time thinking about it.

However, the very fact that you are reading this article suggests that you are more interested in such mysterious phenomena, such as mirror hours. It’s probably happened to you, so you’d like to know more about it. There are several approaches to mirror hour phenomena.

In any case, we assure you that mirror hours or triple mirror hours or repetitive numerical patterns that you keep seeing are nothing threatening or dangerous.

You could try to understand the phenomenon from a scientific, theoretical point of view, look at it from a spiritualist’s perspective, consider it something miraculous, or even combine different approaches. It is good to think about such things, because it certainly broadens your own view of life as a whole.

There are many phenomena that we cannot fully comprehend; we still have no unequivocal answer as to the ultimate grounds of our own existence.

While we tend to believe that our hi-tech and scientific outlook on life has robbed the world of mystery and magic, it is in fact the opposite.

New discoveries raise more and more questions. The discovery itself reveals even more mysteries; we discover new puzzles to be solved.

Triple mirror hours

Mirror hours are an interesting phenomenon that has emerged in modern times. Mirror hours are tied to the latest technical achievements, namely digital screens, time displays. You can’t actually see mirror hours on old-fashioned clocks, let alone triple mirror hours.

Nevertheless, the meaning behind mirror hours is similar to that of matching hands. You must have heard of the most common superstition about matching hands.

If you look at the click when the hands match, when one is on top of the other, it means that someone was thinking or talking about you, which is often associated with some sort of romantic feeling.

The meaning behind mirror hours is much broader. Mirror hours or triple mirror hours could only be seen on digital screens. You cannot see them with power.

Mirror hours look like this: 11:11, 01:01, 00:00 or otherwise, while triple mirror hours are less likely to attract attention and look like this: 11:12, 22:21, 00:01 et cetera . The reason the former are easier to notice and perhaps more explicit in their symbolic message is their symmetry.

But repetition also creates a kind of symmetry and draws our attention. Therefore, triple mirror hours can send just as powerful messages as perfectly symmetric double mirror hours.

They seem to happen by chance. If they occur over and over again, it is considered a sign. What kind of sign? There are several explanations. All are associated with numerology and numerical vibrations.

Let’s see what it means to see mirror hours and how the phenomenon can be explained from different positions.

Meaning of mirror hour

An interesting theory that is likely to please those who are not inclined to supernatural and mystical explanations is the theory of synchronicity. This theory attempts to understand the world through associative meanings.

In other words, anything that happens for a reason that can be found in an association with another event. This belief is based on the idea of ​​a collective unconscious that stores archetypal meanings.

Therefore, events or things that seem completely meaningless and unrelated in the first place can make sense once you relate them.

In this regard, the strange appearance of mirror or triple mirror hours can just as easily be associated with certain events in your life, the current phase of your life, your feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and so on.

Theory of synchronicity explains the world through associations that give things meaning.

This idea is definitely something to think about the next time you see mirror hours or repetitive number sequences in other places.

While our focus is mainly on mirror hours, if you keep seeing the same sequence but in a different format, it could even be seen as an ‘extension’ of the original message, not in meaning, but in its importance.

Astrology and Numerology

Astrology and Numerology are two pseudo-disciplines that are often combined. Astrology is usually associated with numerology through the idea of ​​a birth number which could be another useful path to understand birth charts and all things related to a person’s destiny as described in the beginning.

Numerology is what we find essential to understand mirror and triple mirror hours.

According to numerology, which is essentially the science of numbers, although an alternative, pseudo science, which is not officially recognized as legitimate, same as is the case with astrology.

Numerology is based on the idea that the world is made up of numbers. In other words, everything that exists can be expressed in the form of numbers. So numbers are constitutive particles of our realm.

Each number possesses a specific vibration which at its core is the vibration of universal energy. Each number has a different vibration and so all things have different types of energies combined.

Mirror hours thus represent special combinations of such energies and are intended to carry a specific message.

They are also symbolic; symbolism of numbers is closely related to their vibrations.

Number and Mirror Hour

More spiritualistic approach to mirror and triple mirror hours, close to numerology as a whole but different from the synchronicity theory in its nature is the angelic numerology.

Angelic numerology gives the same meaning to numbers as numerology but it is believed that guardian angels are the ones who send such numeric messages to people. According to this belief, angels are guardian spirits who watch over us.

Every person has his guards. These angelic beings have no ego, no free will like ours, no physical body, although they are capable of taking on physical form.

However, they rarely would. Their role as guardians is not to prevent evil from happening or to make us act in a specific way. They are guides; they want to use our own capabilities in the best possible way.

They operate through hidden channels, for the purpose, precisely because it is all about recognizing your own potential only. Numbers are a perfect channel for angelic messages for two reasons.

The first is, of course, because numbers are carriers of universal energies, they contain it within or it consists of numbers in itself. The other is more practical; we tend to think about the world through numbers.

22:20 – Symbolism and meaning

Triple mirror hour 22:20 certainly doesn’t look interesting at first.

Moreover, if the number 2220 keeps appearing everywhere, it must be some kind of sign. Triple mirror hour 22:20 is a message of mysterious value.

It is a number that speaks of something great; it is a number that speaks of the purpose of life. It means not to worry if you feel a little lost in time or confused about your own expectations, dreams and attitudes. It’s perfectly normal to feel like you have no idea what you want from life when you’re about to find a cause.

This message is that of divine guidance and should comfort you in times of great uncertainty, which is rarely something that happens in an instant and then fades away.

This is the message of life-changing opportunities, but not the ones we think are watching movies and reading books about self-realization or anything.

The process of finding the cause to face is long and can be exhausting, but patience, dedication and most importantly belief in the ultimate good in it is key.

What does 22:20 mean spiritually?

In spiritual terms, this numerical combo consists of two powerful numbers, 2 and 0. Zero always amplifies the energy of the number it is next to, so we can assume that the energy of the two is strong.

On the other hand, number 0 is seen here three times in a row, suggesting that the energy alone is strong. Zero represents the eternal, the infinite; it is the number that represents both the fullness and the emptiness, alpha and omega, karmic circle.

Zero shatters the dreams to pieces, but also gives infinite hope. It means that everything is one and that nothing is one. It is indeed a number to think about or not at all. Zero means that your destiny is part of the universal destiny, meaning that everything you do is, in a way it is meant to be.

That is a very reassuring part of its vibration, because it gives you hope for a positive result from your own efforts, whether they be.

Number 2 here represents the necessary balance, which prevents you from getting lost in all this metaphysical chatter.

Two represents your connection to reality; it stands for balance, harmony in and with the world, kindness, receiving and giving, sharing, pairing, connections, cooperation, love, unconditional love. Two stands for connections, relationships, kindness and care.


Number 2220 is at its core, number 2, from the aspect of numerology.

If you add those numbers together, you naturally get two. It means that the number 2 is a stable undertone in this combination.

It makes perfect sense, as the overwhelming energy of zero is very strong. This ‘double’ 2 just strikes a good balance between the energies we were talking about.

What to do if you see 22:20?

If you keep seeing this triple mirror hour or the number 2220 or the sequence in any other format, it means you are on the brink of something big, in terms of some revelations related to yourself.

It means that you should not panic if you feel that you are lost in your own conflicting points of view and do not know what to expect from life. It’s a long process, it takes patience, and don’t lose your head, and that’s what this message aims to help you with.


Triple mirror hour 22:20 is definitely about the spiritual journey and self-insights.

It’s a message about life-changing phases, not immediate, sudden changes that we’ve somehow become accustomed to thinking of as something that should happen.

It’s about getting to know yourself gradually, without losing touch with the world around you and the beautiful, caring people you have in your life.


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