Angel Number 1155: Interpretation and Meaning


Angel Numbers 1155 – Meaning and Symbolism

Also in this article we take a closer look at the subject of angels and their presence in the world of man. How can we know that angels are around us and that they do exist, that they are not just the imaginary story? We talked about their (Angel) numbers, but how can we be sure that those numbers are sent from the Angel realm and that they aren’t something else entirely?

Many studies and religious writings have been written on this subject, and most of that text comes to the same conclusion – there are a few things that undoubtedly prove that angels are present in our realm.

Sometimes the angels will make their presence a little clearer, but only people of high spiritual ability can “see” them.

Angels specifically inform people about their existence, and you don’t need someone who is religious to feel their presence strongly. Angels exist on a different vibrational frequency than humans, so many of us cannot see them, although we can feel their presence. Through many testimonials, collected over the years, people claim that the moment they feel they are not alone, or the moment they think about the specific number sequence, they felt that a temperature in the room has changed, the mysterious smell came out of nowhere, or lights appear in different colors. Those moments are moments when Angel is present.

People also claim to have heard such things as whispers or to have seen white feathers in the most unexpected places.

That’s all the angel’s work, and the rule is that if you believe in it, you’ll get more signs. They are here to help us in our life course so that we can reach our full potential.

Angel Number 1155 – What Does It Mean?

These individuals who are under the influence of the angel number 1155 are “normal” people who are sometimes prone to eccentric outbursts, such as unconventional clothing style for example. They are reserved, closed and act somewhat rigidly at times – number 1155 acts this way from a young age even as little children. They are conservative people, but behind that discreet behavior is a high sensitivity.

The big plus is their analyticity which is reflected in the field of family and friendship; they are the friends who give the best advice and can solve any problem.

Most importantly, the number 1155 expresses compassion not only through words, but through deeds.

In their workplace number 1155 is an analytical and methodical person; he won’t make a decision until he’s considered all the details, weighed them carefully, looked at each option from a million angles, and then made a decision alone.

Likewise, the tendency to analyze can easily become a disadvantage because angel number 1155 can become obsessed with examining everything, even things that should be used for fun and pleasure.

Also, the person who is number 1155 can be too critical, both to himself and to others, and often behaves dull, preoccupied with details; sometimes they even seem like individuals who are cold and distant.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Number 1155 is a numerical sequence related to the vibrations of numbers 11 and 55. While we often talk about number 11, here we will just remind you about the most prominent vibrations of number 11.

This is a number related to the enlightenment of the person under its influence – it offers the opportunity to transform life so that it can match with the perfect spiritual life.

Number 55 represents enlightenment, subconscious mind, sensuality, sometimes neurotic instincts, shyness and disorientation in practical matters. This is the number that contains dualism in the truest sense of the word. In addition to all its functions, it brings charisma and inspiration to the person under its influence.

And now we have come to the hidden meaning of the number 1155 – it is the number that represents the internal conflict, it carries danger because if there is no high concentration on achieving goals, these goals can turn into fears and changing life can become much darker and more problematic.

In conclusion, this person has the strong potential for growth, progress, stability and personal power, but this is only possible in the case of reconciliation with the intuitive side of his inner being. Achieving harmony in angel number 1155 lies not so much in logic as in belief in inner strength, and he has to nurture it from an early age. When he’s just a kid, those characteristics are at their peak.


The person who is number 1155 does not like romantic gestures; he has the feeling that it is all fake – this is the person who believes in some concrete deeds. This person is guided by reason in the field of emotions, for some this is contradictory, but it is true.

They enjoy stable and long-lasting relationships and choose partners whose commitment is high on their priority list – this number wants partners with the same sense of values. And those values ​​are very traditional and conservative. So no cheating and lying; partners in their opinion should stick together in any situation, and loyalty and brutal honesty are a requirement in their relationship.

During life, angel number 1155 rarely has more than two serious relationships and their marriage is unthinkable without many children. Sometimes when they get relaxed in a long-term relationship, number 1155 can become cynical with the general cynical comments, and that can disturb their partner; also when they are hurt for some reason they completely stop talking to their partner which can last for days.

When it comes to sex, they are great lovers, who want to give as much pleasure as possible to partners, and their methodical nature helps them become the perfect lovers who are masters of passion – they listen to the desires of partners.

Interesting facts

One thing is very interesting when we talk about angel number 1155, and one thing that we have not mentioned is the fact that this numerical order explains a close connection between humans and angels.

Children and angels are closely related. In many ways, children are earthly angels reminding adults of the importance of innocence, purity, laughter, sincerity and play.

Our children are young angels who help us keep our hearts and minds open to love. Open hearts and minds, we can experience the magic of life through the eyes of a child.

Children are intuitive by nature and most children can talk to their angels. You have certainly heard a child say that they regularly speak with the imaginary friend – it is quite possible that it was the angel.


If you’ve seen this message, know that this message has two purposes: First, it was made for the child in you, or it is meant for a child in need.

This message sent into the world of man through angel number 1155 aims to encourage people to blossom and develop spiritually.

This angelic message will help you get in touch with your spiritual gifts and recognize the healing presence.

Angels say that first of all you have to believe in yourself, believe in the miracles, love and respect yourself. Angels also say that you should always have a wish and never stop imagining how your dreams come true.

Finally, always trust your feelings – they are the main way God and angels talk to you. That is why it is so important to pay attention to your senses.

And never forget that the angels are always with you, you are never alone. God and the angels are with you. You can always talk to them about anything that is bothering you. Heaven loves you now, angels say in this message.


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