Aries and Cancer: What Does My Zodiac Sign Mean?


Aries and Cancer Compatibility: Love, Life, Trust, Communication, Relationship, Planetary Rulers


When an Aries and Cancer native gets together in a love affair, two opposites are said to have attracted. Aries and Cancer are the opposite in which Cancer will be more emotional and sensitive than Aries. Apart from this, you will possess a whirlwind-like approach to many things. In addition, you are always ready to listen to your partner and needs. Although you both have different perspectives on things, your perspectives are always focused on a common goal. In addition, your aggression or your partner’s mood swings can cost your Aries and Cancer compatibility many things.


In an Aries Cancer emotional compatibility, both of you share a deep relationship with each other. As an Aries, you are warm and always expect very high expectations from your partner. Usually you tend to set a lot of boundaries for your loved one. You could be perceived as a rigorous person who is very heartless and emotionless. Your lover sometimes finds it very difficult to deal with you if he/she would take you as a heartless person.

Usually you treat your lover like a queen and let her feel the feelings you have. However, your lover, Cancer, is an asexual guy who only has sex with someone he/she loves so much. Moreover, your loved one is a very emotional person who is always ready to show his/her emotion. When problems arise, you find it very difficult to relate to yourself. In an Aries Cancer compatibility, you need to know more about each other’s feelings in order to deal with yourself.


Your relationship is not just an Aries-Cancer relationship as it involves protective personalities. Your horoscope shows that you are always exceptionally protective of your love. You are not always ready to give your lover what he/she wants. In addition, you will always be ready to protect the family because of your courage and your strength. On the other hand, your partner often uses his or her ability to provide you with emotional security. Your partner may be a bit too possessive about you because of his/her love.

Moreover, you will find it very easy to have a great life with your Cancer husband. Most of the time, you can’t give a master plan that could deliver an excellent result. However, your husband is very skilled at this. You should always allow your loved one to contact you regarding your work so that you can get advice from him/her. Basically, the success of any Aries native in an Aries marriage is based on his/her intuition. Apart from this, the combination of both of you is the combination of intellect and strength. You are both very instinctive and protective of yourself.

To trust

Aries Cancer confidence is essential. You don’t always have trust issues, but you tend to have trust issues when it comes to sexuality. This is because you tend to be satisfied because you have a different view of intimacy that is different from what Cancer believes. You are usually dissatisfied with the way your loved one handles intimacy and so you choose to be satisfied in other ways. Your loved one will take you to be too pushy and aggressive to cope. Usually, he/she considers your sincerity fake and your actions beastly.

The relationship will lead to the breakup of the Aries because of the trust issue likely to arise in the relationship. You will both find it very difficult to understand yourself better. In fact, you will probably find it difficult to deal with your loved one because of the annoying questions he/she asked. Your lover, Cancer, will hurt most of your actions and inactivity because he/she believes you need to show some emotion. If you want your relationship to get better, you have to show him/her at least some emotion.


Communication is the key to the success of a relationship, without Aries Cancer communication the relationship can break. Understanding this, it is important that you know the communication side of both you and your partner. Your compatibility test shows that you are both impulsive in a relationship. You always want your relationship to count at all costs and often interrupt the conversation when you feel like you are losing. You are both good at pushing your claims hard and always want your partner to take your claim as the right one.

Moreover, Aries zodiac signs have two different perspectives on life. This difference in perspectives often makes it very difficult for you to communicate peacefully. In fact, your conversation between both of you is like a battlefield where each person brings out his/her weapon of words. To enjoy this relationship, both of you need to understand yourself, but how can you if no one is ready to give in to the other.

In addition, the relationship is ridden by Aries misunderstandings and insulting words. As for the relationship with each other, you find it very difficult to get together and discuss plans. Most of the time you treat yourself badly. However, it is wise to deal with these kinds of situations.


Psychologically, it is challenging for you to convince your lover to have sex with you. Most of the time, you will become suspicious and tend to bring other people out to satisfy your sex drive. Despite the fact that your lover is asexual, you will find it very easy to let him/her have sexual relationship with you. You will only allow Aries Cancer sexual relations that are emotional and meaningful. To be better with your lover, you need to understand him/her very well.

Planetary Rulers

The Aries planets that rule your relationship are Mars and the Moon. Mars is one of the rulers of your relationship because it happens to be the ruler of your personality. On the other hand, the moon serves as the ruler of your husband, Cancer. You become a challenging and robust person because of the influence of Mars. Plus, you will find it very easy to openly challenge people. You will also find it very easy to test and stretch yourself to do things that you naturally wouldn’t do.

In addition, you will give masculine energy that you have no problem releasing. The moon serves as a ruler for your partner, a native of Cancer. This ensures that your Aries compatibility is compatible with passion and emotions. The combination of you and your spouse will be a great one because your spouse is always ready to work for you on screen. Although your partner can be a little sentimental, you are free and independent. Most of the time, your spouse will delay you with what you passionately want.

Relationship elements

The elements of Aries Cancer that guide your relationship are fire and water. The two elements, when combined, can be the best combination ever and can be the worst combination. It is the case that your spouse will emotionally manipulate with you.

In addition, your partner can slow you down with his element by putting out your fire. Plus, you tend to vaporize your partner’s element. Most of the time, you tend to control your love with your strength, while your lover controls you emotionally. Generally your Aries union is the combination of both action and emotion whereas emotion is for Cancer while action is for you.

Overall rating

The compatibility rating for you is minimal as it is way too below average. This means that you will not be good to yourself. It also shows that you will have a lot of difficult time regarding each other. Moreover, you will only understand each other in the circumstances where your emotion and thought are at the same point. The compatibility rating for Aries and Cancer is 47% and it means that both of you are not compatible. You are less satisfied with your partner.


Your Ram compatibility will only improve if you work hard at it. It is the case that you tend to find it extremely challenging to adapt to the lifestyle that your loved one wants. You are also going to find it way too hard to hug your loved one. Emotionally, your two poles are apart and your communication skills are out of order. Satisfaction of a native Cancer is very difficult.


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