Aries and Leo: What Does My Zodiac Sign Mean?


Aries(Arie) and Leo(Leo) Compatibility: Love, Life, Trust, Communication, Relationship, Planetary Rulers


The combination of an Aries and a resident of Leo is sure to be an intense burning fire. This is due to the uniqueness of the relationship, the fact that both of you are the fire sign. In an Aries and Leo compatibility, you both seem bossy and prone to a powerful ego that can lead to a fight. In addition, you both have the exceptional ability to compete with others around you. Your commands will always show off your husband, Leo. This is because Leo also believes that he/she must be a powerhouse of commands. While you will gain a lot of admiration for your partner, you will find it very difficult to agree with his/her decisions.


In an emotional compatibility with Aries, you both have similar emotions. Emotionally, it seems that both of you are loving and simple. In fact, your hearts are pure and a little more creative and warm. Moreover, your emotion is that of a playful love that does not nurture. You are going to be strong when it comes to a relationship. This is because you are ready to do things without looking at the outcome of such a thing.

In addition, Aries Leo’s soulmates are emotionally perfect. Most of the time, you embrace the passionate side of your relationship and your partner, Leo. However, one of you may become a little resistant to some irrelevant things. You both seem to be very compatible when it comes to emotion. You like to evolve with the times and give each other the warmth and emotion that is needed.


Your partnership with a Leo resident is more than just a passionate love affair. An Aries Leo love compatibility is basically a relationship with a double dose of passion and competition. The thing is, both of you are always in the race for success. You always want to overcome your lover’s ego and make him/her act according to your faith. In addition, you are dominant and passionate about life. You will look up to your partner, Leo, for guidance and advice because you have lamb as your astrological symbol, while your partner has Lion.

Plus, you can be devoured if you do something your spouse doesn’t like. You are both two ways apart because your partner has his/her pride while you are timid. In a serious Aries Leo relationship, both of you respect each other. Leo, always wants his/her ego to worship. So try everything to make sure you bow to him. Moreover, both of you have an impatient mind that makes your relationship run by impatience. You often make an unusual decision because of your impatience.

To trust

Trust for you is an important thing that must be considered for a relationship to do better. You believe that a relationship without trusting Aries Leo is not a relationship at all. Given this, it is pertinent to consider whether you both trust or not. The fact is that your relationship will continue with many trust issues. All you need is loyalty and an understanding of each other to overcome any kind of trust issue. It is the case that you often think about yourself high and thus find a way to see how your environment will affect your loved one.

Your relationship shows that both of you are strong-willed and not always ready to accept each other’s beliefs. However, Leo, with his/her thought as the King of the zodiac, often wants to control you. As a result, you tend to fight back by being jealous and very possessive. Sometimes you are a little too suspicious in your Aries Leo marriage. Determination and mutual understanding will be the best way to resolve any issues related to the lack of trust.


Would you rather remain silent on an issue or face reality and communicate? You and your spouse always feel like standing up to defend their claim. In fact, you have a way of speaking your way into your lover’s mind to make him/her believe you and follow you blindly. Plus, your relationship is prone to a lot of problems because both of you tend to go into Aries with Leo arguments.

In addition, you fight a lot and often participate in heated battles. You both have a bad mouth and thrive when the ego is involved. In addition, you are often highly intelligent and always willing to reason together to make your relationship a success. Apart from this, your Aries union is often a battleground for whose ego must win. This is because both of you are always ready to hold your ego to the end.

Planetary Rulers

Your Aries compatibility is determined by the combination of Mars and the Sun. It is ruled by the combination of these two planets because of your birthday which is ruled by Mars and Leo which is ruled by the sun. The combination of these two planets is very good, because it allows you to interact well with each other. In fact, both planets possess natural male energy. This often causes both of you to passionately run after things that would make you successful. It also helps you get along better and plan your future together.

Importantly, your partner often points the way to success by directing your decisions. On the other hand, you want to push your partner to make certain decisions. The combination of Aries Planets can give you one of the strongest teams in the world. This is because Mars is very aggressive while the sun is illuminating. So you as a resident of Mars will be bold with ideas. And that can guide your loved one, Leo.

Relationship elements

The elements of Aries in your relationship are fire. It is in this case that your relationship enjoys a double portion of fire because of your birthday and that of your loved one. The element of your relationship shows that your relationship includes fire. You will both be passionate about the relationship. In fact, the relationship will be hot and heated. You know how a fire speaks less than two fires. The relationship will continue with arguments and ego.

None of the Aries horoscope signs is always ready to compromise or succumb to the other’s argument. In fact, your relationship is a combination of endless energy. You are always in a league to beat and outperform each other. Sometimes competition can get unhealthy and hurt each other. However, if it doesn’t go wrong, you will create a happy and successful family with your competition.

Overall rating

Relationship with a Leo resident can have a lot of positives, but that doesn’t mean it will be 100% perfect. Your compatibility ratio for Aries and Leo is about 83%, and this shows that both of you would make a perfect couple. The compatibility rating for both of you is good. This means that you could marry the partner. But you may find some gray spots that should work.


The Good, Bad and Ugly – Your relationship with a Leo resident would be passionate and full of arguments. Although you don’t mind the fight or the insulting words you can use in the relationship as long as you are in love. It is impossible for anyone to tear you and your partner apart, especially if you have fallen deeply in love with each other.


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