Aries Man and Cancer Woman: Love Horoscope & Relationship Horoscope


In some ways, an Aries man and Cancer woman form the stereotypical traditional relationship between the sexes.

An Aries man is the warrior and protector while the Cancer woman is the archetypal mother who takes care of the home and hearth. But how well are they matched?

The compatibility between an Aries man and a Cancer woman couple has the potential to be a good one. However, this relationship can also be extremely volatile.

For this combination to work, these two must learn strategies to prevent their disagreements from turning into all-out wars.

If they learn these strategies, they have the potential to live happily ever after and can make a great parenting team.

It is indeed one of the most explosive in the zodiac, matched only by the relationship between a Cancer man and an Aries woman and an Aries man and an Aries woman.

Important Traits of an Aries Man

An Aries man is the archetypal warrior. The highest expression of this energy is protecting and defending those who are vulnerable and weak.

Yes, he enjoys fighting for the sake of fighting, but he’s not really fulfilled unless he has something or someone to fight for.

If there is a problem, he goes straight for it. Like the Aries, who is his symbol, he copes with threats by rushing forward.

He is not very subtle and has little understanding of the fears or emotions of others.

He will tolerate them in a woman, but he doesn’t like them. In his eyes, these things are signs of weakness, and they bring out the worst in him.

Important qualities of a Cancer woman

As we said before, a Cancer woman is the archetypal mother. She is sensitive and emotional, and she is happiest when she is taking care of others.

Although she is extremely sensitive, this should not be mistaken for weakness. There is nothing fiercer than a mother protecting her young!

But if a Cancer woman doesn’t have kids or anyone else to nurture and protect, that energy can turn into self-protection.

Like the crab, which is her symbol, she has a soft inside covered with a hard shell with sharp and dangerous claws. She deals with threats by moving sideways and retreating.


An Aries man and Cancer woman will find each other attractive.

She will be attracted to him as a strong man who can defend her. He will be drawn to her apparent vulnerability and will want to give her the protection she craves.

Despite this, the two have little in common. For this reason, they won’t have much to talk about.

They also won’t have many things they enjoy doing together. He prefers to see dates as adventures, while she likes nothing more than a quiet night at home.

The volatility in their relationship may or may not manifest during this time.

Sexual Compatibility

Despite their differences, there is a lot of sexual chemistry between an Aries man and a Cancer woman. They are a good match in the bedroom.

These signs are in an aspect to each other known as a square. The square is a very tense aspect, and characters that are at right angles to each other tend to annoy each other.

Yet this type of friction often creates strong magnetism and sexual attraction.

Just like an Aquarius man and Taurus woman, no matter the difficulties in the rest of their relationship, they will have a hot sex life!


An Aries man and Cancer woman can have a happy and successful marriage if they figure out how to manage the explosiveness of their relationship.

They will not be friends, but they will easily settle into the roles of husband and wife.

If the volatility didn’t manifest itself when this couple was dating, it will surely surface when they get married.

Their battles will have a clear pattern that we will discuss in more detail later.

Learning to deal with these battles will make or break their marriage.

It is generally not advisable to have children to reinforce a bad marriage. However, in the case of an Aries man and Cancer woman, children will go a long way to balance their relationship.

The reason for this is that children bring out the best in both.

A Cancer woman needs to nurture as much as an Aries man needs to fight. If she has children to care for, she is less likely to exhibit the negative traits of cancer.

Likewise, an Aries man will want to protect his family. He will also see his Cancer wife excel as a mother, developing a deep respect for her.

When it comes to parenting, the two will agree on most things.

The only thing that could be a problem is if they have boys. He’ll want to be harder on them than she is, and he’ll believe she’s spoiling them.

Despite this, he will think that her over-concern is normal for her gender.

Instead of arguing with her, he will be even stricter and more demanding to compensate his sons.


An Aries man and Cancer woman probably shouldn’t even try working together. Here’s why;

There are three types of energy in astrology. These three types are called modes. The modes are cardinal, fixed and mutable.

Cardinal takes the initiative and likes to bring change. This energy is bold and cardinal signs like to be in charge.

Fixed resists change, and changeable goes with change, neither initiating nor resisting.

In working relationships, it is much better for two people to be of different modes than of the same mode.

Out of the three modes, cardinal signs have the worst time together. This is because they both want to lead, and neither will give way to the other.

An Aries man is cardinal fire and a Cancer woman is cardinal water. Besides the troubles caused by two cardinal signs, fire and water don’t mix well at all.

They both want to lead and neither of them understand each other well. This is a recipe for trouble.

If they have to work together, it’s best for them to do separate tasks and leave each other alone.

Common Controversies and Solutions

Arguments between an Aries man and a Cancer woman can be explosive and leave deep wounds and scars on each of them and their relationship.

There is nothing that will cause these fights. Even the smallest difference or problem can even be a powder keg.

However, these arguments have predictable dynamics and an easy way to resolve them.

The fighting dynamics

While the subject of the fight can be anything, the real cause will always be the same. He will get angry about something and she will feel threatened.

To understand what will happen, it is helpful to look at their respective symbols.

Aries is the Aries and Cancer is the Crab. The Ram will charge forward and the Crab will retreat sideways.

Eventually, the Ram will push the Crab into a corner. When the Crab is cornered, she will fight back.

While Cancer can be sweet, gentle, and caring, she can also be quite mean and cruel. If she attacks with her claws, she can do a lot of damage.

Aries will respond by fighting even harder. While an Aries man won’t attack a helpless foe, the Cancer woman looks far from helpless.

When he escalates the fight, she’ll feel even more threatened and double her attacks, which will turn into a vicious circle.


While these battles can be awful, there really is one simple solution.

The Aries man should back off and leave the Cancer woman alone for a while. This is the only way these battles can end.

The reason for this is that despite the ferocity of her claws, the Cancer woman is terrified.

She really believes she has to defend herself in these circumstances. Her faith may not be rational, but Cancer is a water sign and acts out of emotion.

If the Aries man withdraws and gives the Cancer woman space, she will start to feel safe again. If she feels safe, she will calm down.

Once she calms down, this couple will be able to talk rationally about whatever the problem was, which was actually quite minor.

While this is a rather obvious solution, it won’t be easy for him. Aries generally don’t shy away from a fight.

To do this, he will have to learn to see past apparitions and remember that she protects her soft and tender underbelly.

This will evoke his sense of chivalry, and it will help him treat her as someone to be protected rather than an enemy to fight.


While the compatibility between an Aries man and Cancer woman has the potential to be good, it also has the potential to be explosive.

Much will depend on whether the two are able to settle their differences.

If so, they can be a complementary pair and can also make a really good team when it comes to parenting.


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