Aries Planet: Zodiac Signs and Horoscope


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Planets are one of the most important aspects of any birth chart and horoscope in general. It is important to know that planets are objects that circulate and move, but they affect the zodiac signs, and this is what interests us.

They influence people in relation to their location in their birth chart. While many people know for sure what their zodiac sign is, few know what is the planet that governs their sign, and in this sense it is really important to know this because the ruling planet is the reason why a particular person is what he or she is. is .

In today’s case, the ruling planet for Aries is one almighty Mars – this planet is associated with masculinity, and it is known for the intensity where it is found. Mars is the ruler of Aries but also Scorpio, so wherever he shows his face there will be a lot of passions and power.

Those born under these signs always move forward and have little time to think, they do nothing slowly, these people often show an intense commitment to victory, but always need loyalty.

Things will become much clearer after the recognition that Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. Read more about this topic.

Good influence

Aries is the first (leading) sign in the zodiac sign system and his presence always marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent – there is nothing that can stop these people ruled by Mars.

The people born in the sign of Aries are constantly excited for dynamics, speeds and competition, they want to be the best and first in everything they do. They are always first in everything – from work to socializing.

People belonging to the Aries zodiac sign and by the way to Aries, thanks to the ruling planet – Mars, is one of the most active horoscopic persons.

It is also said that Mars that symbolic symbol of it refers to the strength, and these people are seen as the real universal winner.

Humans born under the rule of the planet Mars, like Aries, humans are destined to stand out by seeking answers to personal and metaphysical questions – they are willing to struggle vigorously until they reach the desired goal in life, with the aim of focused on these issues that cannot be reached by anyone.

So, Aries gets everything it takes to win in life, thanks to its ruler, Mars. This planet is a symbol of a warrior and shows an aggressive nature in some ways, but as long as that aggressiveness is directed in the right direction, all is well.

There is no negotiation and compromise with the Aries when he decides to take action, and he does it. Mars is also a symbol of knives and weapons. People who are heavily influenced by this planet may be military leaders, or leaders of any kind, in a society.

Bad influence

Each planet has both good and bad influences on the person under their influence, and the same is true of the Aries people and their ruling planet Mars.

As for negativity, these people are “cursed” with impatience, unfounded claims, fear of any kind of limitation.

They must always be right and in the process these people are very sudden and impulsive; Mars makes them rushed and explosive, and innate arrogance can hurt others.

These people are also the ones who can get bored with something, and they get out of the discussions without apologies and it’s even easier to feel offended.

Aries people can be worse though – they are often rude, intolerant and ruthless, all thanks to their ruling planet Mars.

What can also happen, in a negative way, due to the impact of Mars, is that Aries people can be quite unpredictable, jealous and possessive, and this is a mistake they can rarely correct.

Because of the desire for domination, they can be quite unpleasant as business associates and unbearable as bosses.

They may have problematic interpersonal relationships that they don’t know how to resolve; they are not diplomats or compromise in any way; they are warriors who want to win and be dominant, not to back down. And surrender means death to them, so the tendency to get overdramatic is also present.


When we talk about Mars’ influence in the realm of love life, as far as Aries sign is concerned, things get even sweeter.

Here we are talking about people who love to flirt and are definitely persons who take the initiative when it comes to romance – this is also a place where these fiery people would like to win, God forbid to be rejected, they could not take it .

When someone catches the eye, they will respond quickly. However, to keep the attention of the Aries, you need to be as energetic and exciting as he is – and this is not an easy task because they have Mars to give them energy and passion.

Aries people, affected by Mars, are incredibly passionate and love an adventure. When their love fire burns, it really burns – but you have to be ready that they want to be the ones who will lead the whole game of love, not you.

Passionate relationships are characteristic of the people who are under the influence of Mars (and it’s not just about the Aries people; the same case is the case with Scorpios, for example).

If you look at their characteristics in love, you can clearly see that Mars mixed his fingers in it. It gives strength, passion, but also the incredible amount of possessiveness and jealousy that can ruin their love affairs, regardless of their quality.

But when these people love it, it’s usually for life. As long as there is a lot of adrenaline and excitement pumping blood in veins, the relationship will be lasting and long lasting.

Influence on other issues

There is no doubt that Mars will give Aries strength and talent and courage to make something of their life, for example in work, but this also means that these people will suffer because of this and make some wrong choices.

They can’t save many, no matter how many they have, and the reason for this is that they really enjoy spending money on shopping, gambling and adventure.

These people live in real time and are not focused on the future, his philosophy is to live a moment – ​​this can be good in friendships, for example they are great for society, but as far as work or finances go, there are many problems with this.

They don’t think about what’s going to happen, Aries people send everything they have, including money into something that gives them passion right now. Things get boring easily for them, passions in the case of Aries people can be very short lived.

But we also have to say that the Aries people are the ones who can enjoy whatever they are doing – work or any other activity, these people either love doing it, or they hate it, there is no middle ground.


Dynamic Aries people, as you could see, are ruled by a red planet, or Mars. This means they are active, attractive, determined, one that moves things and creates events. Mars has a two-year cycle – it takes two years to go around the zodiac circle and get to the same place.

This means, as astrologers like to explain, is the phases of energy regeneration and the energy cycle that lasts two years, after which the new period begins again. All Aries people react more strongly to the transit of Mars, as well as to the aspects in which it is in the sky.

Mars is a warlike planet with enormous energy – it can be seen in astronomy and all other science, including astrology. Some say the planet Mars represents the man himself, but it also points to the animalistic urges and huge ambitions in humans (and as you can see in the case of the Aries people, they love all kinds of sensual pleasure, but are definitely very ambitious).

People with active Mars have an innate need to be the leaders of a group. They are prone to dictatorship, and if Mars is viewed badly, they can be bad in some ways, in general, or some of their actions can be seen as bad. Or in most cases, they may have some bad thoughts that they are afraid of.

Ultimately, those who are under the influence of Mars, such as Aries people, are strong, intellectual and brave warriors who can be reckless but charming.

In some cases, they can be destructive, over-energetic, exciting, surprising, fiery, forceful, furious, stubborn, and impulsive—and like anything in life, this can bring success or lead to failure.


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