Cancer Planet: Zodiac Signs and Horoscope


cancer planet

The effects of planetary actions are measured in “tiny” parts of a second, but this phenomenon is impressive given the amount of energy required to slow down or accelerate the Earth’s mass.

So if you know that the earth is under the influence of the whole universe, and all the forces in it, and you can imagine what happens to man, as a little organism living on the surface, how much he is under the planetary influence .

And Astrology recognizes this impact, so each zodiac sign has its own ruling planet or planets; the objects that give them their characteristics.

In today’s case, we are talking about the constellation Cancer and its ruler, the moon. In astrology, the moon represents a symbol of the night, a cold, feminine, fertile and swinging character. This can be a happy or unlucky sign; it all depends on the aspect of the moon in a particular birth chart.

This is also one of the “planets”, even if this, as we know the satellite of the earth, is considered the planet that influences the Zodiac system of sings, and it is the ruler of one of the most sensitive constellations, the Cancer.

This all makes sense because the moon is responsible for the tides and many of the human life cycles are related to the moon. Read all about this planet and its subject, the Cancer sign.

Good influence

At the outset, we have to say that the people of Cancer are the ones who are obsessed with safety in many ways. Those born under this sign love the house, a sense of security and consistency in their actions.

They have an intense intuition and love to mark their territory in the world – the best way is to do it with their altruistic nature. This is their comfort zone in many ways and they will do everything they can to protect it; this is their happiness, to be at home with the people they love.

They are extremely intuitive and sentimental and they can be some of the most challenging people to get to know.

Emotions of people with cancer are extremely strong, and when it comes to family and home, nothing matters to them. Compassionate and empathetic, these people are very attached to the people around them. For them, loyalty is a key word, along with the family and the house they live in.

These people who are under the strong impact of the moon manage feelings and needs first, above all else, to feel safe before letting you close, to express deepest feelings. They are often empathetic people, able to sympathize with others’ pain or suffering.

The ruling planet the Moon makes them behave strangely towards people prone to direct access – they don’t like this and will never do anything to have it, they choose the other way which is much more discreet.

One thing must also be remembered here, and they are not trying to be manipulators; People with cancer just need to get to know others before they feel safe enough so that they never risk a refusal.

Ultimately, the moon gives cancer the ability of a psychological discovery that can develop over a lifetime, if they want to.

Bad influence

There are many flaws associated with the people of Cancer, not because they are bad people, but the moon, as their ruler, brings so many fluctuations in their lives. We are talking about their mood swings and often changes in attitude and behavior.

When people with cancer get hurt in some way, they change their moods and even perversely enjoy it and are prone to self-pity. These are the phases that can change, but they can just as easily overcome them with the same strength.

All people close to them know that cancers are easily offended and especially show this feature with their emotional partners. But if someone tries to touch their ego and vanity, these people can be very ruthless. And in this way they exhibit the lowest of all traits, this is certainly the aspect that these people should avoid by all means because it cannot lead them anywhere in life well.

Also, as their name suggests, Cancers are the people with the strong and impenetrable armor, and sometimes when the moon affects them in this way, they get pulled into it, so it’s very hard for them to get out.

These people can be calculating, self-centered and self-sufficient, especially the female representatives of this zodiac sign and in this way they choose the easiest way to succeed, and many of those choices are not suitable for one lady. Of course, this is all justifiable, because she wants to live in safety and security.

These people can be very manipulative, subject to indirect conflict, where their passive aggression will somehow increase. One thing that will enable them to grow in the desired direction is that they are very tied to the past so they cannot reach the future.

In addition, they can be very insecure and even worse they try to hide it.

Sometimes cancers are prone to over-behavior and focus all their energy in that direction, sometimes they lose a lot along the way.


The moon is a symbol of a mother, deep emotions and a changeable mood – all this is seen in the character of the Cancer people who strive for family values.

People with cancer are in so many ways and also in love, characterized by a movement on all sides – these people of the ‘Moon’ can give their problem before they get to the point, making them difficult to get to know. They hate it when they take the courage to take the first step and someone accidentally interrupts them because there is a possibility to withdraw their armor forever and never open it again. That is why there are many people with cancer who are alone or in love.

Another problem arises when Cancer people show how sensitive they are, for their own good, or try to take over all the issues of this world. Moderate compassion is one thing, but being so committed to a person as to lose yourself isn’t healthy — and cancer often does it in a relationship.

But if we look at things from a different perspective, we have to say that the people of Cancer are kind and caring lovers – they will show sensitivity without thinking if they are in such a mood.

For a partner, lover or partner, they choose a person who can understand them in a deep way. A shallow, self-centered or overly ambitious partner is not welcome for a person born in this zodiac sign; they are lovers who seek an equally intuitive and sensitive person.

Cancer people can be devoted partners who love children and want to be married for a lifetime – in reality this doesn’t have to be the case, but we say they have this need, deep rooted.

Influence on other issues

There’s one more thing we haven’t mentioned yet, but this is the trait so associated with people belonging to the Moon and Cancer constellation.

They can be almost persistent, almost as sensitive – when some work (the harder, the better) needs to be done, and people with cancer are the ones who roll up their sleeves and successfully finish it on time.

Making money makes Cancer People an easy task, just like spending it. Cancer people, in fact, it is much more likely to invest and watch it grow day by day.

Many Cancers see money and tangible assets as a status symbol, so having a lot of money in a bank account or in their wallet is an important thing. But they can make it and these people can be resourceful.

They can make an excellent career as a housewife, gardener or journalist. Although they have very little need to feel that they are making a difference, it is very important that they feel fulfilled.


The moon regulates tides and tides, and the human body is made up of 70% liquid. That is why the mood varies at the time of the moon – water changes in us, as does the water on planet Earth.

The moon is closely related to mood, emotions and instincts. It also shows an attitude towards mother and in general towards all women.

Ignorant habits, earliest memories, instincts and urges, they are all under the non-independence of the moon.

People with cancer can have mentally unstable crises or make important decisions and turn things around, although these decisions can be from today to tomorrow as well as the influence of the moon which can vary.

The moon is in one sign for two to three days and changes position quickly, perfectly reflecting the unevenness of the souls of people with cancer and their tendency to wander, as well as the exploration of the past. That’s why we talked about their inability to move forward.

Did you know that the Cancerians have the best memory of all the zodiac signs, as the moon signifies what is behind us? This is true and they can use this for both good and bad things.


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