Cancer Woman: What’s My Zodiac Sign?


Cancer Woman(Cancer): Love, Compatibility, Personality, Best Partner, Traits

This is a woman defined by one word – sensitivity, but it must be mentioned that her expressive sensitivity addresses not only her needs, but also the needs of others, which makes her one of the most authoritative zodiac signs.

But people close to her should realize one thing – that even in her life, even the lightest criticism will be received in her fragile heart and will not be easy to forget. Anyone close to this lady should be careful not to hurt her feelings, and this is not an easy task.

The Cancer woman is very beautiful and has a deep intuition, so it is worth listening to her opinion. But how does this woman behave in love, what are her needs and secret desires? Read in this article.

Good qualities

The Cancer woman is mysterious, attractive and unobtrusive like her planetary ruler – the moon (it is known in astrology that the moon is responsible for the emotions, and here the emotionality is expressed to the maximum). But here lies her strength and her ability to understand others on a deep level.

Somehow the Cancer woman is one of the most notorious zodiac seducers – this lady is very imaginative, fascinating and unpredictable at times, she is not as passive as some would expect.

The Cancer woman is sometimes childish, even seen as stupid, sometimes too serious and melancholic, and she manages to show many different emotions in just one moment – ​​this is such a beautifully complex person.

This woman rarely gets into conflict and would rather run away from problems than encounter them, but at the same time she is the one who is ready to help others when needed. She loves to help others and is a friendly person who can understand everyone and give great advice. When necessary, this woman will comfort you, and in others, she will tell you the ugly truth.

Bad traits

But where is complexity, there are also some negative character traits – in Cancer’s life it is her inability to face life – it can be too much for her to bear, so she hides.

This lady is shy and indecisive at times, especially when things are going downhill for her, and she didn’t plan it that way. When an accident arrives, Cancer’s wife usually raises her hands from everything and impotent and says she’s fine no matter what fate brings her.

In a sense, this woman is a fatalist and sometimes she sees herself as a tragic figure.

In fact, the Cancer woman can be very lazy and in some cases she shows no ambition and keeps everything she wants to do in the sector of desire. This lady is too sensitive, especially when she wrongs herself; in these times this woman will draw in her shell, where unfortunately in her solitude she will heal her imaginary wounds.

The Cancer woman is also a crybaby and can tear up if the smallest in her life doesn’t suit her. But don’t be fooled into thinking that the Cancer will never hurt or offend you – she will because she has a great memory and will remember that time when you hurt her.

One more thing we’ll add here – the Cancer is the one type that doesn’t like to go out very often, and she feels best staying at her house. Sometimes she has a lot of demands on other people: this lady needs a lot of proof that you love her and that you need her.

In some extreme cases, this lady has a tendency to exaggerate in everything, especially in food, drink and laziness.


The Caner woman is the only lady who is very sensual, erotic and passionate, but sometimes in love, she is too shy to take the first step because she is afraid to come out of her shell, where she feels best. A potential man must be subtly encouraged until her erotic imagination is free of inhibition – then she becomes the best lover in the world. One wrong gesture and she’ll back off, and you’ll never see how amazing this woman can hold.

The most important thing in love is that her partner finds a “thread” for the Cancer woman – then she becomes a wonderful mistress who knows how to give the man love. The pleasure this woman can give when she breaks through the obstacles will delight any man.

The Cancer woman wants to be treated with love and respect and can leave an aggressive partner without slipping for a long time – if she just sees something that doesn’t suit her. She loves romance and compliments, and she likes to be praised for her every action, she loves the exchange of tenderness with her partner – what this lady has to get used to a lot of hugs and incredible affection.

Mrs. Cancer loves to be in love, she loves to love, and when she really loves, and then she loves it forever, this is for sure. This lady possesses the nobility of mind and the incredible power of feeling. She is very warm and demonstrative by nature and will build a strong wall around her partner and take good care of him.

But, like everything else, also in love, the Cancer woman often changes her mood, and her sensitive nature can be very clumsy. And on a more negative note, this woman who belongs to the Cancer zodiac sign often feels uncomfortable on an emotional level and needs a partner who understands and feels her vulnerability.


Somehow this woman is a traditionalist – she likes it when a man makes the first move, and she’s smart, she knows right away if he should accept his offer or not, she won’t allow him to to ‘read’ her intentions beforehand. Once she chooses her partner, she is ready to do anything for him, and in return is total loyalty. The Cancer woman is very insidious and prone to tears, she needs to know that he cannot and cannot prove that she can prove her love for her again, meaning “for the rest of her life”.

But her loved ones should be aware of one thing – the Cancer woman is much stronger than she looks and therefore safer in her than her loved ones think. When she feels comfortable enough, she will stop being fragile and insecure; but on the contrary, it takes a rein in its hands.

This lady is also very proud of her femininity, and her lover can expect from her many declarations of love and complete devotion to a man, especially in a long-term relationship. But her loved ones should be aware of it and the Cancer woman can be obsessively jealous.

Seduction and sensual fantasies are the things that the Cancer woman enjoys immensely, but she must have faith in her partner.

Dear partner

There is one idea of ​​a perfect lover for the Cancer woman – it is a perfect partner who can be a part of her home, where they can sit on the couch, watch TV in two, drink some wine and have some food. She doesn’t feel better and safer anywhere than in her own home, and the family is her greatest refuge.

The Cancer woman will never be happy with someone who is cold and energetic in feelings or not even interested in the well-being of the family.

So, with all this in mind, there are a few zodiac signs that could be right for the Cancer woman. One of them is a Scorpio lover who will be her ideal pair. These two can be perfectly understood and communicated perfectly verbally and non-verbally since day one.

Another suitable lover in the case of the Cancer woman is the only partner that belongs to the Pisces Zodiac Sign. These two can understand each other well and can have eternal loyalty. They understand each other well and know how to please each other – and the only thing missing from this love affair is the unpredictability of their characters. These two are so similar that you can get bored looking at them, and the seemingly boring relationship they consider perfect

Finally, we will mention another lover to match our lady Cancer, and we are talking about the Taurus lover. Here the Cancer woman and the Taurus partner represent the excellent combination of partners who instinctively feel and understand without using many words. Both want to strongly encourage each other and satisfy themselves in a beautiful view.

The most important thing for this connection to work is to be true to themselves, start slowly and carefully and gradually build their “nest”. Their relationship will be equally gentle and voluptuous, and over time they will become more imaginative and fun so the fire will burn longer. This can be a relationship that can be for both.


When it comes to friendship, the Cancer woman doesn’t give you direct knowledge that you need, but she expects her friends to read between the lines what kind of problem it is and how to make things right. But she asks her friends to help her in times of need and to be at her disposal whenever she asks of you. If you don’t, the Cancer woman will pause to remind you.

Because of the different moods this woman exhibits, you are not sure if you are a good friend to her because you never know under whose influence and when she will unleash her protection. The Cancer lady takes care of everything around her that fills her and makes her life meaningful, and friends belong to this category – she is a caring and careful friend. She’s the one who makes sure everyone gets home safely after a crazy night out and who will always call to see if you’re okay.

She is the best possible person to give deep insight to her friends, and this is one way of help that the Cancer woman offers, she tries to be as objective as possible. If you need someone to comfort you, a Cancer friend is the best at this task. She is a shoulder to cry on and will always be able to provide comfort to the people she loves. The Cancer woman protects friendship as the most precious treasure and is a friend worth keeping.


Cancer Zodiac, in general, adores his home and those who belong to this sign like to be surrounded by people and things that he likes. Of all the signs, Cancer is the most maternal – it has very prominent protective desires towards its neighbors, especially children. Cancer woman generally cares about all people as if they are members of their family. She is faithful and loyal and family relationships mean a lot to her; this lady has a strong sense of tradition and loves to be surrounded by the people who feel the same.

By nature, the Cancer woman is a caring and family type of a woman, and she is always more concerned with giving than she is willing to take. She likes a quiet, stable family life and security and loyalty are the most important in her life. This means both for her family and especially for her children. It is said that the real mother is exactly the Cancer woman, the only one who can give her children an enormous amount of love and understanding.

She is the type of woman who will sacrifice everything possible for her children and stand firmly on their side, even in times when her children have made a mistake.

Children are her holy grail, the most important thing in the life of the Cancer woman. It’s hard for someone to try to do something for them, and she will protect them in any way she can and will never apologize to anyone for her actions. She is mild and a loving mother and her children need to realize how happy they are to have a Cancer mother by their side.


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