December 24 zodiac sign: What is my personality?


If you were born on December 24, what is your zodiac sign?

If you were born on December 24, your zodiac sign is Capricorn.

As a Capricorn born on this day, you are self-conscious and skeptical. You like to analyze every detail. Sometimes you also tend to criticize your own judgment.

You have a deep need to feel loved and accepted by other people. As a friend you are outspoken. You especially like situations where you can give advice to other people.

When in love, people born on December 24 are loyal and sensual.

You tend to focus so much on external validation that it risks robbing you of your personality.

You have to remember that you are not the group. Your identity goes beyond the group you belong to.

Keep in mind that you are always your own person, while you are a member of a family.

Unfortunately, for people born on December 24, they focus so much on group identity that they let this need for group validation take over.

They often make decisions that they would later regret.

Do yourself a favor and make sure to draw a fine line between your group identity and your individual identity.

It is important that you make this decision to draw that line, because no one will care about you and love you as much as yourself.

I know this sounds crazy. Knowing that you probably believe that other people love you more than you love yourself, but the reality is different.

The reality is that no one can love you more than yourself. Allow yourself to fall in love with who you are and work from there.

Otherwise, you will get caught up in a long series of unbalanced and dysfunctional relationships due to the fact that you lack a central core of your identity, which is self-love.

No amount of external validation will make up for that missing piece of your identity.

Love from a person born on December 24

Lovers born on December 24 are sensual and aggressive partners.

They are easily attracted by physical appearance. For them, a person’s attitude comes only second.

This is one of the reasons why people born on this day mainly have short-lived relationships. But when you get their heart, they seek your full attention.

To win the heart of someone born on December 24, you have to openly show your affection for him or her. You also need to be able to match his or her aggressiveness.

Occupations of people born on December 24

People born on this day are perfectionists and critical thinking individuals.

They want everything to be done right. They also tend to stay away from negative thinkers. A career in law or in medical science is best suited for people born on December 24.

Personality traits of people born on December 24

In general, people born on December 24 are well-rounded individuals. They are also innovators and always think outside the box.

They are also good communicators. They seem to get along well with others in any social setting.

Positive traits of people born on December 24

People born on December 24 have a high sense of professionalism.

They are also innovative individuals and care deeply about people close to their hearts.

Negative traits of people born on December 24

People born on December 24 can sometimes be apathetic, especially towards people they don’t like very much.

These individuals also tend to be insecure. If you don’t give them the attention they think you should, they’ll think you don’t care.

You tend to get so much support from groups that you persist in your loyalty, even though it’s obvious that your groups are hurting you.

It’s one thing to pull your identity out of a group, it’s another to refuse to move on.

Everyone has to come from a certain place. Everyone has to come from a background. You have to draw the line.

You have to cross the line between group identity and self-created identity. This is when you know you have grown up. This is when you have spread your wings and are ready to fly alone.

You should do that sooner rather than later.

Elements of people born on December 24

As a Capricorn born on December 24, your element is Earth.

The earth also stands for prosperity and modesty.

The earth influences growth and well-being. People affected by this element are focused on their self-growth and improvement.

The planet’s influence of people born on December 24

If your birthday falls on December 24, your planetary influence is Saturn.

Saturn represents control, dominion and regulation.

People who are influenced by this planet are the ones who go through life methodically. They may move more slowly, but they make sure that their decisions always work in their favor.

Lucky color for people born on December 24th

If your birthday falls on December 24, your lucky color will be pink.

Pink is the color of passion. It also represents a deep need to love and be loved by others.

People influenced by this color like to get the approval of others. They strive to be noticed, and they do favors for others so that they can be liked again.

Lucky numbers for people born on December 24

The happiest numbers for those born on December 23 are 7, 9, 13, 15, and 25.

Common mistakes made by people born on December 24

Life can get complicated for those born on December 24, as they are an incarnation of many of the earliest energies of the Earth zodiac sign Capricorn.

Though determined and slow and steady by nature, these people also often walk out feeling like the world is out to get them.

A hand extended to this soul in friendship is always scrutinized and slowly accepted, as if sniffing for an ulterior motive.

Compliments are considered just a way of trying to love someone, and money is never lent or borrowed unless it is urgently needed.

The fault then is cynicism, and a lot of it.

Assuming the world is out to get you, life just seems to bend backwards to prove you right – so, as scary as it may seem, trusting and trusting from the start is often the best way to move forward.


If you are someone who was born on December 24, you should be able to believe in yourself.

Other people may not approve of you and some may not accept you in their groups, but you have to understand that as long as what you do is right, the universe will reward you for your actions.


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