Gemini Planet: Zodiac Signs and Horoscope


Gemini planet

Many knowledgeable people say that the best clock we could ever want is our planet – the Earth, which moves on its axis in exactly 23 hours and 56 minutes (just under 24 hours that humans count as one day on Earth).

We use this is the measure of time, but sometimes the day is shorter or longer – Monday by creating tides and tides extend the length of the day.

Also, sudden eruptions in the sun affect the rotation of the earth as they affect all other planets. And here we come to the most important aspect in astrology, planets and their rule over certain signs.

They influence people in a way, and in this sense they should be the main position for the analyzes of a particular zodiac sign.

Today we want to talk more about the Gemini constellation and its ruling planet – Mercury. It is the ruler of both Gemini and Virgo, and we will tell you right away that these two signs are completely different regardless of their common planetary ruler.

This planet is moving very fast around the Zodiac, so it’s in the path around the sun ahead of us, so it seems to be moving backwards. The three retrograde Mercury periods allow us to see our achievements and bring chaos to the plans.

Mercury is the planet with a warm outside and cold inside and dual nature, its cycle is short (much like the sun, but also shorter), time moves forward, and often and backwards, or is its retrograde beat more often than others .

Read all about this planet in astrological terms and see how it affects Gemini people.

Good influence

So, those people who are ruled by the Mercury planet who are very fast and strong are prone to good improvisation – so for example for Gemini people this is a fantastic improvisation seen through communication which is their great strength and for Virgo people organization using information.

Gemini people need to speak their mind, express what they feel through communication and they truly believe that this is the best way.

We could also say that Mercury makes Gemini people variable and unstable in a way, but certainly those who are expressive and intelligent.

On the one hand they are sociable, communicative and ready for entertainment, on the other hand Gemini people are begotten, serious, restless and even undecided. But the fact is that Gemini people can adapt to the living environment, which is why it’s great to know them.

Sometimes they are busy with all aspects of the mind – they have to use their mind not only for ideas, but also for exploring the world around them. These people need to grow and develop, and in that sense they never stop looking for answers and learning.

So these people are led by their ruler, Mercury – the planet that presents communication, writing and learning. They are in love with words and deeds, so you have to put your finger on your forehead if you want to keep up with such curious people, they want to know everything to see with their own eyes.

Almost everything about the world is fascinated by them, and these creatures have the feeling or idea that there isn’t enough time to experience and feel everything they want to see.

You can see them as the people who are like children who are really fascinated by everything that comes their way, and this kind of joy in life is fantastic.

Bad influence

This planet moves quickly, which sometimes means that the attention of the Gemini people is very short. They create one project, don’t finish it, and move on to the next, without looking back.

They are energetic, but they waste that energy for some things that are not important, but are only interesting to them at a certain moment, and nothing more.

Instead of forcing their energy to one area, they want to be everywhere and do many things, but this is not always a good idea and will not lead to success.

These people are intelligent, but at the same time they can be very cunning and sometimes ruin everything around them – they can destroy their position in work, but also interpersonal relationships in life.

Because their ruling planet is fast moving, these people have an unpredictable mood that is varied and can also tire their environment.

These people promise a lot but never deliver what they have promised before, which is why people often see them as unreliable and selfish people.

Gemini people are calculated and cunning and often hide the fear of failure; usually they are busy with some great plans, so they start on several tasks at the same time, although most of the time they are not able to complete even one.

In love, they are often rational to protect themselves from possible disappointments – this means they hide their feelings and rarely open up to loved ones.


Gemini people are always, or usually very funny and ready for an intellectual challenge, in fact they are really adorable and ardent lovers.

They are communicators, and in this sense the conversation that precedes the lovemaking is just as important as the physical contact itself.

When they can find someone who can talk and someone who will follow their pace, there’s nothing left to stop them.

Gemini are always ready to flirt and they will spend a lot of time with different lovers until these passionate people find the right one who can match them with both intellectually and someone who has the same energy as them. And even if they are impatient people, they know how to wait for love, and in this sense how to wait for the right thing.

And when that love comes in later years of their lives, they don’t have any problem with it, not even anymore; it may be the best solution for Gemini.

In love, these people need to feel excitement, diversity and passion to be completely satisfied. When Gemini people find the perfect partner, they will be loyal and devoted.

So, as we have said, planet Mercury (a fast moving and energetic planet that is the ruler of all communication) makes them very friendly in every way. Most of the time they like to be with their family and friends but at the same time they like to have some adventure in life.

Only those friends and lovers who are equal in intellect and who love diversity will find a common language with Gemini people.

They like to talk and to be understood, so one of the qualities that other people need is good communication and deep understanding, they hate stupid conversations and empty talk. Everything must have a meaning.

Influence on other issues

Mercury represents the ability to reason, the mind and the way we communicate.

Mercury in the horoscope represents the ability and need of our communication, the degree of intellect, the way we think, the way we speak. It even affects ordinary ability, discovering everyday things, turning, moving, driving, how we behave in traffic.

Mercury is a planet that refers to the intellect, communication, speech, writing, travel and children – and in the Gemini constellation it can be expressed by instability, but also by the speed of thought. These people also display great rhetorical skills.

So many of the professions these people choose are related to talking and communication, perhaps media and marketing.

The most suitable job for Gemini people is the one that stimulates the intellect; they are inventive and often focus on educating people. It is essential that the task it faces is dynamic and challenging so that there is no room for boredom.

Mercury is the planet that successfully manages communication and every kind and form of entrepreneurship, as well as speaking skills – the domain is intelligence, analytical thinking, verbal expression and commerce. And Gemini people achieve considerable success in all these pursuits if they only focus their energies on it.


Mercury is known in astrology as a dual planet that affects the nervous system, arms, shoulders, cervical spine, language, understanding and interpretation.

People who have strong Mercury in the horoscope are usually smart, curious, love to acquire new knowledge, to explore and above all to read.

They can be called bookworms, but in the most positive way possible because they have a lot of ideas for reality, they ate not only dreamers.

Retrograde Mercury appears once every three years when it changes the direction of the path, and then there are usually problems in communication, technology, travel and jobs.

If Mercury dominates the birth chart, as in the case of Gemini, it means that they are most likely communicative and expressive individuals.

So Mercury makes Gemini people very direct, analytical, intelligent, critical, sometimes diplomatic, but always eloquent and fun.

It speaks of time, of connections, and it is also said that this planet correctly represents the image of the constellation Gemini, the primary communicator of the zodiac.

When Mercury goes unnoticed (retrograde), that is the nervousness in the soul of every Gemini and their grooms, there is no end and no sense. When Mercury goes straight, they sit down and skillfully set off.

They don’t remember evil, in everything they do they are imaginative, have a fantastic memory, but when we talk about their dark twins, they can be perverted, evil and overly sensitive.


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