Horoscope: February 1 Zodiac Sign


The beginning of the horoscope is on the vernal equinox, on March 21, because at that time the sun enters the zero degrees of the Aries celestial sign (we all know that the horoscope starts with the sign Aries and ends with Pisces). From this sign, the Ram, all 12 signs follow in the circle.

There are also 12 stationary houses that have no name but are marked with numbers from 1 to 12. Each of these houses represents the special part in a man’s life and refers to his specific areas in life.

For example, the first house is yours, your seventh partner; other is health, some other interpersonal relationships, etc. The planet affects the house and changes the sign it is in. To the question which would be your sign, the answer, it is the sign that the sun was at the time of your birth. So the date and time of your birth are important while discovering your character, personality and love compatibility.

In the next few sections, take a look at the most important things related to the people born on February 1 and you will find that they have many Aquarius characteristics.

Personality and character

Individuals who celebrate their birthday on the first day of February have some characteristics of the Aquarius sign, but not all of them, they are slightly different.

These are the advanced minds and souls, who often have ingenious talents, but this does not mean that they will use those talents or even discover them. Sometimes, and this scenario also occurs, they fail to develop or identify their skills.

They have organizational skills and they enjoy working with other people and collaborating – this is not common for all aquariuses who in most cases are strict individuals who like to work alone.

They are tolerant, they know human nature and are generally very humane, but also people born on February 1 have multiple and varied aspirations and tend to make changes for the benefit of humanity. This motivates them from an early age; they are unselfish and loyal friends, willing to help a stranger.

They accept the changes easily and like to impose them on others that makes them happy. If nothing happens and nothing changes for a long period of time, they know they are falling into apathy and depression. This is a typical state and February 1st people often go through these phases.

These people are not under the burden of the traditionalist values ​​and are very relaxed in communicating with people, but one thing that sets them apart is the willingness to sacrifice themselves for the goals of creating a better society.

Sometimes they have a lot of rebelliousness in themselves and know that they are outrageous and exaggerated in everything.

But we must say that this feature does not stand in the way of them living a healthy life.

Love compatibility

The love aspect of life intrigues us all; we want to know if we are falling in love or in a long term relationship with someone special.

As far as February 1st people are a concern, in love relationships they are very casual, charming and casual, that at the first meeting you don’t feel like seducing, waving or doing anything. They will do anything for you and you won’t even notice.

They can seem mysterious and even quiet at times when around people, they are also intentionally quiet while not looking at a potential mate, but they are still irresistible.

Their partners should never bother with this attitude and behavior because they won’t change for anyone. If you are happy with this, you should enter into this relationship with a person born on February 1.

Some people say that like all aquarists, so these people are calculated in love, and they always want a partner who can follow their ideas and ways of thinking. Therefore, these people choose a partner who is comparable in education level, attitude and behavior, regardless of the sincere opinion about their unusual nature and need for freedom.

A piece of advice for the people who are thinking about getting into a relationship with these people – never give up if you want to conquer them, and they will in turn stay loyal to you as long as they are with you.

Goal and career

These people, who celebrate their birthday on the first day of February, are the ones with an inventive mind and intelligent expression. These two traits can be used abundantly in any job they want, but these people must learn to finish their obligation on time because no one will wait for them.

They can become great thinkers or writers, as well as eccentric freaks who will not be understood in their lifetime – they are the people who like to look to the future. They are highly intuitive and have a high sense of perception, so they could potentially use these skills to help others and then find their profession in the social or humanitarian sphere.

In working relationships, they have ups and downs, and often in their lives they have to separate from their original idea or job, and it is not so uncommon that they often change positions. They are very active and don’t conserve their energy when doing something they really love and enjoy.

This is perhaps the best advice for the people born on February 1 – find something you love, and stick to that job, and you will find your true calling and happiness.

Symbols, colors and lucky numbers

As its ruling planet (as in all aquarists), Uranus symbolizes everything unusual, unconventional, eccentric, tense, explosion, impulse, freedom, revolution, geniuses, intelligence and inventions. So the people of February 1 also have these characteristics.

Their precious stone is amethyst, their colors violet and light blue; and the lucky numbers of the people born on February 1 are 24 and 6.

Historical events on February 1

Check out some notable and important events that happened on February 1 throughout history.

1701 – Battle of Cremona during the War for Spanish Heritage between the Austrian and French forces.

1793 – Revolutionary France, less than two weeks after the expulsion of King Louis XVI, declared war on Britain and the Netherlands.

1796 – Upper Canada’s capital moved from Newark (now Niagara-on-the-Lake) to York (now Toronto), which is estimated to be less vulnerable to (potential) attack by the United States.

1840 – The world’s first dental college was opened in Baltimore, USA.

1884 – The First Oxford English Dictionary was published.

1893 – Tomas Alva Edison opened the world’s first motion picture studio in West Orange, New Jersey.

1896 – Premiere of Puccini’s opera La Bohème in Turin.

1896 – Encouraged by the uprising in Greece, the inhabitants of the island of Crete started a revolt against the Turkish authorities. With the intervention of the European powers, Crete gained autonomy in 1898 and in 1912 it became part of Greece.

1918 – Russia adopts the Gregorian calendar.

1918 – A shot into the air from a cruiser “Sankt Georg” marked the beginning of the revolt of about 6,000 sailors in the Austro-Hungarian war fleet in the Adriatic Sea. The uprising was suppressed on February 3, 800 sailors and non-commissioned officers were arrested and 40 were executed in court, four of whom were sentenced to death and then shot. A large number were released after the September trial, and a criminal case against the others interrupted the Austro-Hungarian slump in World War I.

1924 – Britain’s first Labor Labor government recognized the USSR, which contributed significantly to reducing the diplomatic isolation of the world’s first socialist country.

1942 – Norwegian fascist leader Vidkun Kvisling became president of the government in occupied Norway during World War II.

1946 – Norwegian politician Trygve Lie is elected as the UN’s first secretary-general.

1958 – Egypt and Syria are united in the United Arab Republic.

1974 – 189 people die in a fire in the 25-storey Joelma building in Sao Paulo.

1979 – Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned to Paris after 15 years of exile, where he mainly resided in Iraq.

1991 – More than 1,200 people died in an earthquake that struck the border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

1992 – US President George W. Bush and Boris Yeltsin signed a declaration of cessation of hostilities by the two countries in Kemp Dejvid, formally ending the Cold War.

1995 – About 250,000 people had to leave their homes due to flooding in the Netherlands.

1996 – President Jacques Chirac announced that France has always closed nuclear tests.

2002 – The UN Security Council extended the peacekeeping mandate in East Timor by May 20, when the former Portuguese colony’s declaration of independence was considered. After the Portuguese left in 1975, Indonesia occupied that area and the peacekeeping force sent in 1999 after East Timor declared independence.

2003 – NASA’s Space Shuttle Columbia erupted over Texas while reentering Earth’s atmosphere on its 28th and final mission.

2009 – Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir was elected Prime Minister of Iceland, becoming the first woman to become Prime Minister in that country’s history, and the first person to publicly and openly admit that she was not heterosexual but homosexual, making her the first homosexual person to become the head of state in modern history (new century).

2009 – Metropolitan Kiril is entrusted to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow as the 16th Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.

Famous people born on February 1

On February 1, many poets, writers and all kinds of creative people were born; maybe some of them will be your inspiration when you choose your life profession.

1707 – Ludwig von Hannover, de prins van Wales.

1768 – Jacques Loriston, a French Marshal and diplomat.

1874 – Hugo von Hofmannsthal, an Austrian writer, poet, playwright, and essayist.

1877 – Thomas Dunhill, an English composer.

1884 – Yevgeny Ivanovich Zamyatin, a Russian writer.

1895 – John Ford, an American film director.

1901 – Clark Gable, an American film actor.

1915 – Stanley Matthews, an English footballer and football coach.

1922 – Renata Tebaldi, an Italian opera singer.

1922 – Renato Tebaldi, a famous Italian opera singer.

1928 – Tom Peter Lantos, an American politician of Hungarian descent.

1931 – Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, a Soviet and Russian politician and statesman.

1931 – Jehuddin Ahmed, Bangladeshi politician and Bangladeshi statesman.

1965 – Brandon Lee, an American actor, and the son of Bruce Lee.

1965 – Princess Stephanie of Monaco, a princess and a singer.

1968 – Hannes Trinkl, an Austrian alpine skier.

1968- Lisa Marie Presley, an American singer-songwriter, and the only child of singer and actor Elvis Presley.

1968 – Oliver Bierhoff, a German footballer.

1969 – Gabriel Omar Batistuta, Argentine footballer.

1978 – K’naan, a Somali-Canadian singer and rapper.

1979- Juan Silveira dos Santos, a Brazilian footballer.

1983 – Iveta Benešova, a Czech tennis player.

1994 – Harry Edward Styles, an English pop singer, former member of One Direction and actor.

2001 – Princess Aiko, daughter of Japanese Emperor Naruhito.

In short, these people who were born on February 1 can be described as wide-eyed humane people who love changes of any kind, but especially those that will leave a better world behind. They are ready to accept new ideas and new social changes that will bring so much good into the world; this is their motive.

They are free-spirited and don’t like to be disturbed when they’re doing something they love.

February 1st people are the ones who evolve only the best through positive changes.


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