Horoscope: January 1 Zodiac Sign


If your birthday is on January 1, your zodiac sign is Capricorn.


People born specifically on January 1 are believed to be ambitious top achievers and as determined in their attitude as their Capricorn Goat zodiac sign. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is the sun which creates cheerful personalities who love challenges and are often full of innovative ideas. When you have this birthday, you expect high standards of yourself and others and possess a cautious but optimistic outlook on life. You present yourself as cool, calm and collected, but inside you can be impatient and a little insecure at times. Although you are loyal and reliable, it can be difficult to compromise with others, especially when it comes to your strong principles. People with a first birthday in January tend to hide their inner fears and can sometimes appear aloof or bossy as a result.

Work and Finance

Work is important to a person born on January 1st and they take their responsibilities seriously. Career path decisions are often unintentionally influenced by family members and are usually made early in life. Individuals with this particular date of birth will have a sensible attitude towards finances and thus will save quite easily. You desire success in your professional life, but you are not exactly motivated by financial incentives. You are more likely to choose your profession because of the purpose and degree of personal job satisfaction than because of the pay.

Personal relationships

For a Capricorn, the person born on the first day of January is atypically warm and enthusiastic about matters of the heart. Despite this, emotionally you are generally cautious and you may have trouble expressing your feelings fully until you know someone very well. You are generous with your emotions towards family and friends, but in relationships with soul mates you can be accused of being somewhat controlling and overly possessive. Partners should understand your insecurities and also support your ambitious streak. You might find it difficult to commit to one-on-one partnerships, but realize that without someone special to distract you, you risk becoming a workaholic. Once you make a long-term commitment, you start to relax a bit and your romantic and passionate side comes out.


Any health problems of those born on January 1 are generally associated with insufficient exercise. You are not much of a sporty person, but you should make sure to exercise regularly. While enjoying your food, if you want to stay in shape and keep stress levels to a minimum, you should consider walking as often as possible. You have a lazy side to your personality and a tendency to indulge in sweet things too much. People born on this day should also avoid alcohol and try to drink plenty of water for maximum vitality.

Strong and weak points

Your main character traits are that you are very responsible, organized and competent and these qualities will always help you to progress. These qualities, along with your cheerful composure, enable you to be versatile, reliable and flexible in all areas of life. Recognizable personality flaws for those born on January 1st are that you can be hypersensitive and allow stress, insecurities, and negativity to creep in. You are advised to share your emotions more often, to be less serious now and then when circumstances permit, and not to bottle things up inside.


Born on January 1, you probably know from an early age exactly what you want to be and what you want to do in life. Early decisions likely secured your wishes and goals for your future preferences and likely preferred directions. You will work with determination to achieve your goals and while you don’t like to wait for anything, you are willing to be patient for the fulfillment of your dreams. You mainly strive for emotional and financial security and usually acquire it quite easily with your high degree of motivation and perseverance.

Birthday happiness

Because you were born on the first day of the month, your date of birth has the basic number One. The key word for this numerical reference to your birthday is ‘Drive’ and it emphasizes your spirit and will to achieve things. The Tarot card associated with your birthday is the 1st card in the Wizard’s Major Arcana. This symbolizes the need for more flexibility in your moral code to fully utilize your best talents. The lucky gem for the first birthdays in January is the ruby, as it is believed to increase the power of the sun and bring good luck and wealth to the wearer.


Capricorns are thought to be astrologically influenced by the planet Saturn which rules this December and January constellation. The actual day you were born, January 1, is determined by the sun, so these two planetary influences form the basis of your unique set of personality traits and ways of thinking. Your determined but hesitant nature gives you good judgment, while your loyalty and reliability earn you many friends. If you can overcome your tendency to be overprotective and are willing to give love a chance, there is no limit to what you can achieve. One last pertinent thought to ponder for people born on January 1st is that ‘It takes two to tango’ and so you sometimes find that you need the help of others.


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