Horoscope: January 2 Zodiac Sign


If your birthday is on January 2, your zodiac sign is Capricorn.


People born specifically on January 2 are usually quite easy going and flexible for a Capricorn. They still have the quintessential determined characteristics that their zodiac sign Goat symbolizes, but they have a generous helping of cooperative spirit. The astrological planet that rules this particular day is the moon. This creates personalities who are very eager for success, but also more willing to accept help from others. When it’s your birthday, you are competitive but fair and prefer to participate in joint ventures rather than solo ventures. You present yourself to the world as a determined hard worker with a strong intellect and sense of justice. Inside, you may suffer from small insecurities that you try to hide as best you can. You tend to take on too much at times and need to learn to set your pace.

Work and Finance

When determining a career path, the person born on January 2 will often choose a high-pay job. You enjoy work that is mentally challenging and varied and although you are not exactly driven to be successful, you often are. When you find a profession that stimulates a sense of achievement, you are happiest. Individuals with this particular date of birth will have great skill in handling their finances, but they can also be a little mean to them. Experience and maturity should teach you how to better manage your money to suit your circumstances.

Personal relationships

You are quite a sociable person for a Capricorn because being born on the second day of January means you benefit a lot from interacting with others. You don’t like spending time alone and will seek out and make lots of friends, but romantic attachments don’t seem to matter to you until later in life. When you choose a partner, you look for someone who shares the same goals and who sparks both your intellectual and physical interest. You have high standards for everything and relationships with soul mates are no exception, so you can be hard to please. But once you’re committed to a partnership, the imaginative part of your personality will come out. An ideal personal relationship will ease you into being a little less serious and discovering that there is so much more to life than just work.


To avoid health problems, those born on January 2 should make sure to take regular breaks. You like to stay fit and get plenty of exercise, but you can become lethargic if you are unhappy in some area of ​​your life. Since you tend to keep your problems to yourself, they can pile up and cause ill health if you don’t find a way out for your emotions. You should take extra care of your teeth, hair and bones, as these can be weak spots in your otherwise reasonably healthy constitution. Also, be careful not to be tempted to follow the latest food fads or diets.

Strong and weak points

Your most important character traits are your responsible, considerate and committed attitude in everything you do or say. These qualities and your need for honesty make you an excellent friend, colleague, devoted partner and provide you with very capable parenting skills. Personality weaknesses for those born on January 2 include the ability to be unnecessarily self-limiting and sometimes too demanding. It is recommended that you try to gain more inner confidence and give yourself a little more freedom from responsibility and time to relax and have some fun every now and then.


If you were born on January 2, you probably have a whole list of goals you want to achieve. While most are probably dedicated to memory, you’ll often find it helpful to jot down your plans to reference and keep you motivated. The only thing that stands in your way of achieving anything is your fear of failure. Once you understand and face and overcome this barrier, you can make huge leaps forward. The people you meet and get to know well in your adult life are usually instrumental in encouraging you to beat your pessimism and pursue your dreams.

Birthday happiness

Because you were born on the second day of the month, your date of birth has the basic number Two. This numerical association with your birthday has the keyword ‘Harmony’ and indicates your need for balance in the most important areas of your life. The tarot card associated with your birthday is the 2nd card in the Major Arcana de Priestess. This symbolizes your gift of heightened intuition that can make you so cautious and also your occasional apathy when you feel negative. The lucky gem for those with the second birthday in January is the pearl and when worn it will generate a boost of positive energies.


The Capricorn zodiac sign is astrologically ruled and influenced by the planet Saturn, while the actual day you were born, January 2, is determined by the moon. Therefore, it is these two planetary influences that join forces to shape your unique personality and behavioral and emotional traits. Your receptive nature allows you to get along and communicate well with others, which allows you to be a popular person at work and in your social circles. One last thought that applies to people born on January 2nd is to remember that any difficulties you face in life are usually the result of your own perception. If you can overcome your anxiety about failure, you stand a good chance of being very successful and emotionally satisfied with your life.


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