Horoscope: January 20 Zodiac Sign


The science of astrology is based on the common assumption that the entire universe is an integral entity and that any change in it has a global and individual effect – this is something on which all types of astrology are based.

There are many schools of astrology, but they all agree on one essential point: the movement of celestial bodies (planets in our solar system, including moon and sun) has an undeniable influence on human events, including people in their troubles. The position of planets is Cosmos at a particular time or period has a significant impact on the character and future of each of us (some say that impact is greater because it can reach social groups). So in this astrological analysis it is also important to mention that our date of birth plays an important role in determining our personality and future.

Personality and character

Date of birth January 20th implies that this person is born on the first day of the Aquarius rule and has many of his traits.

Here we meet one person who is very independent and who belongs to those individuals who cannot be held or restricted in any way, shape or form. They should be free; it is their great need to be independent so that they can be happy in the proper form of that word.

People born on January 20th have a unique, insensitive exterior (appearance and charm) and a kind heart that will try to help people in every way possible.

They are the people who love to laugh and always like to cheer people up, and when they feel good, they try to make others feel good. They expect nothing in return; it is only essential for them that no one compromises their freedom and that they can live freely. They are very unconventional and always full of suspense, they still make life fun for friends.

This date of birth gives people a lot of curiosity, which makes them constantly wonder what they are doing is useful, they want others to understand and appreciate them, this is caused by fundamental insecurity and the eternal question of whether other people will accept them as they are, but these feelings never come to the surface. This is a blessing and a shortcoming at the same time; maybe things are better when they surface.

This date of birth is associated with people who in some way, like all Aquarius people, are a visionary, unconventional, intellectual and independent. These are the people who stray from the crowd and go their way; they like mental stimulation, they are constantly discovering something new, they form new opinions and stubbornly do things their own way, no matter what other people think.

Even more negatively, the people born on January 20 are full of paradoxes; they are interested in the different places on the spectrum, they like to be alone, but also in a large society.

love compatibility

In love, as in all things in life, individuals born on the 20th day of the first month of the year are incredibly independent. They are witty, smart, adventurous, never pushy or jealous; they never demand things from their partners or are overly emotional. They can also be unpredictable and eager for excitement, but in the right way. Their partners must win their hearts and treat them with respect, as equal to themselves.

A communication is a key to being with the person whose birthday is January 20th – they will always strive to have something of their own for fear of losing their identity.

Their partners should never be jealous, it’s a big red flag for these people, and they will leave immediately, no doubt. If you give them everything they need they will be completely loyal so don’t worry if they are alone just give them space and respect their privacy and everything will be fine.

Goal and career

In terms of life purpose, people born on January 20 are looking for wisdom, they are very insightful and can gather information about everything very objectively because their emotions do not bother them, it seems that those emotions are always and when they speak, they always tell the truth. Sometimes their words and actions can be shocking and hurtful to the feelings of others, but they tell everyone the fact to their faces – especially with regard to their work, they feel it is their duty.

These people, like all Aquarius like to do something useful in life, by combining their knowledge about people – this can make them excellent politicians and social workers/psychologists. They are progressive thinkers and often influence the formation of a new ideology and theory, any kind of research is very suitable for them.

But sometimes they can have conflicts in their work environment because they tend to be rebels in their own right and choose a unique way. Their persistence sometimes causes their failure, they will continue to do what they intend, although others have proved wrong, they are brilliant people and will know this is right, but they will only continue because it is their way, they are very fixated on specific ideas and stubborn when faced with the need for change. Despite their persistence and firm opinion, they will never impose their beliefs on others because they respect everyone’s differences.

Symbols, lucky numbers and colors

We are all somehow under the significant influence of planets, they circulate and move, they affect all constellations.

The main protector of the people born in this sign of Aquarius, and among those who celebrate their birth on January 20, is Amethyst, a semi-precious stone with beautiful pink and sometimes purple colors. His mystical powers were thought to inspire virtue and high ideals. Traditionally it is a stone of lovers, and for the Greeks it was a stone that protected him from poisoning, drunkenness and hangover.

Uranus is considered the planet of revolution and it is the central ruler of Aquarius, as well as for the people born on January 20th.

They like vibrant colors like orange or red, but they also like black and white.

Numbers associated with these people are 8, 17, and 22.

Historic Events on January 20

As all of us individually, also for all of us as a society, different dates can have a significant impact, and in the following lines you can read all about the critical events that took place on January 20th.

In the year 1265 – The English Parliament was convened for the first time. The lower house consisted of two deputies, the more moderate nobility of each count and two burghers from all major cities, during the barons of the Senate and more clergy.

In the year 1612, Rudolf II, a Roman-German emperor from 1576, died. His inability to reconcile the Roman Catholics and Protestants contributed significantly to the thirty years of religious wars in Europe.

In the year 1667 – a thirteen-year war ended between Russia and Poland, which broke out when the rebellious Ukrainian Kozaci recognized the supreme authority of the Russian emperor. Peace in the village of Andrusovo near Smolensk Poland was forced to give Russia to Kiev, Smolensk and part of Ukraine on the left bank of the Dnieper.

In the year 1841 – The First Opium War between Great Britain and China ended. China defeats the war in Nanjing who is forced to pay spoils of war to the British and hand them over to Hong Kong.

In the year 1887 – The United States and Hawaii signed a treaty granting Americans the right to use Perl Harbor as a naval base.

In the year 1936 – George V, the British King, died in 1911. During his reign, Great Britain acquired some German colonies and a mandate for some Turkish possessions. It was followed by Edward VIII who abdicated the same year.

In the year 1945 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated for the fourth time as President of the United States.

1961 – John Kennedy, aged 43, was inducted as President of the United States as the youngest head of state in its history.

In 1973, Amilcar Cabral, one of the leaders of the struggle against Portuguese colonialism in West Africa, founder and secretary general of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde, was killed in Conakry.

In the year 1981, Ronald Regan took over as head of state at the age of 70, becoming the oldest president in American history.

1981 – After 444 days of captivity from the US Embassy in Tehran, 52 US hostages were released.

In the year 1984 – actor and film actor Johnny Weissmuller died. He was the first man to swim 100 meters in less than a minute and land the title roles in a series of Tarzan films. He won three gold medals in the 1924 Olympics and two in 1928.

In 1987, Terry White, special envoy of the Kenterberian Archbishop, was kidnapped in Lebanon. He spent nearly five years in captivity.

In the year 1996 – In the elections in Gaza and the West Bank, held under an Israeli-Palestinian agreement. Palestinian liberation leader Yasser Arafat became the first democratically elected leader of the Palestinian people, with 88.1 percent of the vote.

In the year 2000 – In Ankara, for the first time since 1962, the foreign ministers of Greece and Turkey met.

In 2001, Philippine President Joseph Estrada withdrew from power under pressure from protesters and the military and on April 16 surrendered to the Special Court for the Fight Against Corruption.

Famous people born on January 20

It’s so amazing to discover that a certain historical figure or celebrity is born on the same date as us – we all do, even just for fun. Read all about people born on January 20 in the following lines.

225 – Mark Antony was known as Gordian III, Roman Emperor.

1292 – Eliška Przemyslovna, the last Czech queen.

1775 – Andre-Marie Amper, French physicist and mathematician.

1920 – Federico Fellini, an Italian director.

1921 – Telmo Zara, Spanish footballer.

1926 – Patricia Neal, an American actress.

1946 – David Lynch, an American director.

1952 – Stanley Harvey Eisen, an American musician.

1956 – William ‘Bill’ Mar Young, an American comedian and television host.

1963 – James Denton, an American actor.

1964 – Ron Harper, an American basketball player.

1971 – Gary Barlow, a British singer and songwriter.

1978 – Clayton Stanley, an American volleyball player.

1979 – Will Young, a British singer.

1980 – Cyril Thaddeus Cardoso Filho, a Brazilian-Russian minor footballer.

1981 – Owen Lee Hargreaves, an English footballer.

1982 – Jason Richardson, an American basketball player.

1995 – Joey Badass, an American rapper, songwriter, and music producer.

In summary, features and most interesting and exciting things associated with people of January 20 is that they never judge others because we are all people with flaws, we are all equal and we have a right to our attitude. They are verbally trained and people-watching; they can learn to communicate with others through observation. They can be the masters of manipulation by justifying everything they do or think. This allows them to interact with any personality and adapt to any situation.

These people can discuss any topic; they can become experts on any subject; they are very good at increasing their importance; they think it’s worth it because their mood makes them unique. Conventional people watch out; they like shocks and deviating from the norm, that’s how they live.

Like all aquariuses, they are often confronted by someone who is considered weak or stupid. It is just an easy target for their verbal exercises. Inside, the people of January 20 would never intentionally hurt anyone; they have respect for every human being.


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