Horoscope: January 21 Zodiac Sign


Most of us recognize the teachings of western astrology as the most popular among many others, and it is the one that gives the most significant meaning to the personal horoscope that we all use so much.

The horoscope is basically a two-dimensional circular projection of the position of the sun, moon, star and planets in our solar system, at the chosen time of our birth. Such a personal horoscope is drawn from the moment of our birth and is known as “birth horoscope”.

For the interpretation of the horoscope and the natal chart, astrologers use different geometric parameters (the most important are the so-called “aspects”, or to be more specific the angles that the planets cover, as well as the positions of the planet in relation to the zodiac sign, the line of the horizon and the system of ‘houses’).

In addition, symbolic meanings of the celestial bodies are added (the moon represents melancholy, the planet Mercury is curious, Venus is a harmonious planet, Saturn is a sad planet and Neptune is considered the spiritual planet).

So people who can read the horoscope actually master the “skill” of interpreting celestial geometry using the language of the symbol. A properly interpreted horoscope can explain past events or anticipate future events, as well as everything in between. The same interpretation can be used in the analysis of birth dates, and we will try to draw some conclusions in the next few sections.

Personality and character

Surprisingly, when we talk about people born on January 21, we could say that they are somewhat cold and impenetrable people who can hide their emotions from society.

They are intelligent, but somehow they can not calm down and stabilize in one place – people of the January 21 are those who like to travel and visit many places during life, this makes them complete. Sometimes it seems that they are viewing the world from above and are constantly in motion – this aspect can be intimidated by their close environment. They don’t want to be in one place for long and they have no problem turning things down when they think it’s time to get rid of them.

They don’t talk much about their inner emotions and when they say something, it’s most unusual and unexpected for others. They have friendly relationships with family members and it is an aspect of their lives that is very important to them, but there is no classic tenderness and closeness, as in other families. Everything is based on solving the problem, and sometimes they run away to answer them, because of the inhumanity to face it.

They are hilarious people who have few close friends in life and they will always tell the truth about the situation that arises. If you ask for advice, you will get it from people born on January 21 – they could be called humanitarians, because they don’t bind those who need help, they do what they need and they can move on.

Love compatibility

The love aspect is something that we all want to discover more and more, and many people are reading this and similar articles so that they can learn more about love relationships. In the next few rows you will find out what love relationships are like in the lives of the people who celebrate their birthday on January 21st.

They are not attracted to the most beautiful people in the world, but if nothing is exciting, mysterious and intellectually challenging with potential partners, they will not be interested. Communication is so essential to these people, and in the depths of their hearts is space that love seeks. But it causes these people deep inner problems because they cannot understand their sensitive and loving emotions – they can misbehave and hurt their partners because of this inability to show emotions.

Undoubtedly, these people can easily fall in love, but they can also quickly cheat on their loved ones, or worse.

Their ideal partner is someone they should be able to accept and adapt to, because they won’t change for anyone – January 21st people demand respect and understanding for the way they live; no matter how strange and how crazy their ideas may be to others.

There is a need for stimulation and partner that they can share adventures in life with, not just someone to sit on the couch and watch a movie every night.

If you give these people everything they need, they will be a completely loyal, loving partner and devoted parent. Sounds like a dream come true, and it is in a way, but patience is a necessity.

They are looking for an unusual person who will like them, follow them every step of their exciting ways, but they rarely find everything they need because they see that potential partners are not modern enough or not contemporary. If the chosen one of their hearts does not like them as friends in the first place, it will be difficult to keep them as lovers for a long time.

Goal and career

Professional plans are very difficult to achieve, and then everything happens at once, people of January 21 need a lot of good energy and support from others to achieve what they want – unlike some people who are Aquarius in the horoscope, they are not so successful. There are many reasons why this is the case, but we are not saying that these people never succeed in business, as that is not true.

Sometimes they look for their big break, which in fact never comes, and instead they have to focus on much more realistic goals that are much easier to achieve. It’s not a bad idea for these people to do anything related to a specific type of competition – they have to do something useful. Extreme sports, some projects or innovations, competitions in some games, anything that will motivate people born on January 21st. Any championship in sports. Volleyball, skating and gymnastics, as well as competitions in math and physics – this could all work for them.

In their work environment they are loud as they claim, but they calm down quickly – they are loved by their colleagues, these people mean no harm.

Symbols, lucky numbers and colors

Like all Aquarius, i.e. basically a male zodiac sign, these people are also filled with masculine energy, meaning that people born on January 21st are under the intense, almost masculine power; and this could be seen in their inability to understand and display their emotions.

These people are under the primary rule of the planet Uranus and according to traditional astrology under the planet Saturn.

Symbolically connected to the sky, they are drawn to anything unusual and different, they are the ones who think they are always on top of the world, and so many things don’t matter.

Their colors are indigo blue and green and the numbers associated with them are 7 and 55.

Historical events on January 21

In the year 1793. – The French King Louis XVI was executed on the guillotine. The revolutionary monastery overthrew him in September 1792 and was sentenced to death for treason.

In the year 1911. – The first car rally was held in Monte Carlo.

In the year 1919 – In Dublin, the Indian National Congress passed a resolution on the independence of Ireland. Great Britain did not recognize this law and gave Ireland the status of dominion in 1921. It accepted Ireland’s sovereignty in 1949, but without Northern Ireland.

In the year 1924, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin, leader of the October Revolution of 1917, the creator of Soviet Russia, a Marxist theorist who significantly influenced the international labor movement, died in Moscow. His body is uncovered in a mausoleum on Red Square in Moscow.

In the year 1936 – Edward VIII became the King of Great Britain after the death of his father; George V. resigned in December of the same year. He married an American Volis Simpson.

In the year 1938. – Georges Melius died, who was considered to be the first film director. He has made about 500 films, including the first short film “Party of Cards” and the first full-length film “Dreyfus Affair”. His modest studio closed in 1908 due to the rapid development of the film industry.

In the year 1942 – German forces commanded by Erwin Romel launched a counter-offensive against the Allies under the British Army in North Africa during World War II.

In the year 1942. – Hungarian fascists in World War II raided Novi Sad, Serbia, and killed 1,300 Jews, Serbs within two days.

In the year 1950. – British writer Satir George Orwell died. He was the author of stories, essays and novels, including the most famous “1984” and “Animal Farm”.

In the year 1954. – the United States launched the first submarine on the Nautilus.

In 1959, American film director and producer Sesil Blount de Mil, who is known for his historical spectacles and melodramas, passed away.

In the year 1976. – Two Anglo-French “Concord” flew simultaneously from Paris and London on the first regular passenger lines of that supersonic plane.

In the year 1976. – The USSR allowed for the first time the sale of Western newspapers, including “New York Times” and “Financial Times”.

1986. – An explosion of a car bomb in eastern Beirut, near the seat of the Christian party Falang, President of Lebanon Amin Dzemail, killed 22 people and injured 102.

In the year 1997. – German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Czech Prime Minister Vaclav Klaus signed a declaration of reconciliation in which Germany expressed regret over the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, from 1938 to 1945, and the Czech Republic for the expulsion of Germans from the Sudetes . region after World War II.

In the year 1998. At the invitation of Cuban President Fidel Castro, Pope John Paul II began a five-day historic visit to that communist country.

In the year 2002. – In Los Angeles, at the age of 81, Peggy Li, a legend of jazz and pop music, died.

Famous people born on January 21

1277 – Galeazzo I Visconti, regent of Milan 1322 – 1328.

1278 – Carlo V, known as the wise king of France.

1561 – Francis Bacon, an English philosopher.

1763 – Augustin Robespierre, a French politician.

1895 – Cristobal Balenciaga, a Spanish fashion designer.

1901 – Ricardo Zamora, a Spanish footballer.

1905 – Christian Dior, a French fashion designer.

1905 – Wanda Wasilewska, a Polish writer.

1918 – Antonio Janigro, an Italian cellist.

1922 – Aristotelis “Teli” Savalas, an American actor and singer.

1924 – Alfred Hotorn “Benny” Hill, a British comedian.

1941 – Spanish opera singer Placido Domingo. He quickly became one of the greatest tenors in the second half of the 20th century.

1951 – Jeff Koons, an American pop artist.

1952 – Billy Ocean, a musician from Trinidad.

1953 – Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.

1954 – Thomas de Maiziere, a German politician.

1956 – Geena Davis, an American actress.

1957 – Vasile Stinga, Romanian handball player and coach.

1963 – Hakeem Olajuwon, an American basketball player from Nigeria.

For some, it’s time – people celebrating their birthday on January 21 find it essential that they think about society and how they can help it. Sometimes they have problems with money and work, but also with everything that has to do with real life, with obligations.

They can only be good if they do what they want. Impulsive, best buddies, best advisors; sometimes they can be unstable, unstable, although they are most unstable in matters pertaining to their goals and achievements.


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