Horoscope: January 27 Zodiac Sign


Don’t be alarmed or confused by the sheer number of articles you can find online, or any other type of medium, they all cover the astrological signs and their correlation, they can all give a specific glimpse of what they represent, and some of the most important characteristics.

Specific common characteristics group twelve astrological signs – and in fact it is true that all aquarists, for example, are independent people who especially love their freedom. Of course it’s not that simple; many other things make the effect on how someone will behave, but some primary characters will remain.

All zodiac signs are divided based on one of the four elements: fire, earth, air and water, and these are archetypes of energy that make up one’s temperament, which is the dominant element of the horoscope.

Since people born on January 27 are Aquariuses, they belong to the air signs – independence, intellect and freedom are the main characteristics of these people.

Personality and character

People born on January 27 can be somewhat problematic personalities – others are never safe with them, they don’t know what they’re thinking or feeling. They are sure of themselves and have a high self-esteem; they love honest and fair relationships, in every segment of life. And they appreciate people who are the same; they hate people who are fake and lie.

People of January 27 only like to talk about things that interest them and can be exclusive and critical of those who don’t fit their perception of the world. They love the attention and the moment he realizes that for some reason he doesn’t want it anymore, he will retire and leave without a word.

People are often surprised by their unusual character and unexpected actions, but they try to do things for others, but you should never be shocked by her behavior which is erratic at times.

In fact, January 27 people always act according to their heart and outspoken instinct; if you understand that you will appreciate them, at least for a small part.

They can be, or at least seem optimistic and cold individuals, with a lot of melancholy in their eyes. They are fickle and irritable, but they are calm until they get angry. They are indifferent to their fate and even to the dangers that may cause them. They can quickly overcome obstacles; they never know how they will react to a given situation.

People of the January 27th have all those refined feelings that only a few of us have, including those that are humane and sometimes weird. They know the human psyche well and quickly read the character of the other. Instinctively predict events because they have a very powerful intuition.

Sometimes they are complicated and incomprehensible to others. Sometimes she is surprised by her actions, because their imagination is rich. They are always nice to the people they know and love and rude to people they can’t stand.

Love compatibility

They want to be loyal to their partners, but their independence should never be compromised. Sometimes they can be almost insensitive to their loved ones, and in love the people of January 27 are very ridiculous and unpredictable. They are open, spontaneous, communicative, looking for an adventure, dreaming of a time machine that would take them to the future – this is love for them more than anything else.

They are emotional and usually have a modern view of the world, and relationships especially value freedom, conquer depending on the nature of the partner. If necessary, they ‘dress up’ in the qualities they want to have, so that they can fascinate their (future) partner, because they can intuitively figure out secret wishes. Sometimes they are opportunists when they fall in love because they cannot bear the feeling of surrendering their whole being.

Aquarians people, even as people born on January 27th, are deeply emotional and sensitive, no matter how cold or disinterested they seem. It’s not hard to hurt them, they can be naive, but all their partners need to know that they can get vengeful. Not cunning, but they definitely need attention and respect.

Otherwise, very directly without censorship, these people will show you who they are and how much their love is worth.

But above all, the people of January 27 believe in the sense of personal dignity and will make people ‘hold on’ to interpersonal relationships, but everything has its limits for them – stupidity and contempt of partners are inversely proportional to self-consciousness.

Do not think that these people in love will remain passive for the faults and shortcomings of the partner, on the contrary; they will virtuously place you where your place is – you will be confused, hurt and frustrated.

Goal and career

Listen carefully, because this aspect is perhaps the most interesting in the lives of the people who celebrate their birthday on January 27. And the reason behind it that many geniuses are born on this date because their intellect and creativity are highly developed. They are attracted to all new research ideas, they are original and skeptical, and they like to explore – they are not favorites among their peers, especially bosses. Who wants a colleague who questions everything and doubts everything. And the main thing is that they can work independently, everything else is a receipt for failure. Even when they are part of a team, they have the best ideas and are most productive when alone, and that is the fact that never changes.

They may also risk their jobs and projects not only to save someone but also for no specific reason, they are just bored of their own ideas. They often opt for revolutionary activity and according to those who offend them, they have no respect – this aspect is most prominent in their work environment.

They are engaged in inventions and discoveries, especially in the fields of electrical engineering and electronics, like all aquarists. They have an energetic and optimistic imagination, an original gift and a persistent, quiet will to realize the idea. The advanced concepts of society attract them and they often try to incorporate those ideas into their work.

They are endowed with inventions, especially in the field of engineering: aeronautics, atomism, electrical engineering, the radio, missiles. They deal with cosmology, all natural sciences, art and especially theater and literature, but also social issues.

Symbols, lucky numbers, colors

All things that exist in the universe can be described using certain symbolic ones, and everything connected with the people of January 27 is something related to the purity of form and matter.

They, like all aquarists, are under the rule of the planets Saturn and Uranus. Saturn in Aquarius often indicates a very original and unusual mind and developed intelligence – in the lives of the people living under the influence of Saturn, there is a more pronounced desire to establish its authority on all occasions and situations. They like wood and their protective stones are amethyst and sapphire. Colors they like are white and violet and their scent is musk.

Historical events on January 27

Look at these years, how many exciting events take place on January 27th throughout history.

In the year 1822. – At the Assembly in Epidaurus, Greek insurgents proclaimed the independence of Greece, recognized by Turkey in 1829.

In 1865 Spain recognized Peru’s independence.

In the year 1901, the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, one of the greatest musicians of the 19th century, died. He gained worldwide fame with operas such as “Aida”, “Otelo”, “Traviata”, “Rigoletto”, “Nabucco”, which are still the main components of operatic repertoires around the world. 200,000 people attended his funeral in Milan.

In the year 1926, the English inventor John Logie Baird demonstrated television in London for the first time.

In the year 1943. The United States Air Force carried out the first attack on Germany in World War II by bombing the Wilhelmshaven War Port for a day.

In the year 1945 – A Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz, a Nazi concentration camp in World War II that killed a million people, including more than a million Jews. This date is celebrated in Europe as Holocaust Day.

In the year 1964, France established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China.

In the year 1967 – during a test flight to the moon, three American astronauts were killed in the capsule of the Apollo 1 spacecraft that burned.

In the year 1967. – Representatives of 60 countries have signed an agreement banning the use of weapons of mass destruction in the world.

In the year 1973. – The peace treaty signed in Paris ended the war in Vietnam and ended the military deployment of the United States in that country. The key negotiators, US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Northwestern Secretary Le Duk, were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize that year.

In the year 1981. At least 500 people were killed in the Indonesian ferry “Tampomas II”, which sank after a fire in the Java Sea.

In the year 1991. – US aviation in the Gulf War began with massive bombing raids on Iraq’s second largest city, Basra.

In the year 1991. – Members of parliament elected Kirk Gligorov as president of Macedonia.

In the year 1993. – Police in New Delhi used tear gas to disperse the rebellious Hindus who attacked the mosque and Muslims who attacked the Hindu temple, burning dozens of shops on the occasion.

1996. – The first democratically elected president, Mahamana Osman, was shot by military members in Niger.

In the year 2002. – A series of explosions caused a major fire in a military warehouse in Lagos, killing more than 1,000 people.

People born on January 27

1571 – Abbas I, the Persian chess.

1662 – Richard Bentley, an English classical philologist and critic.

1756 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, an Austrian composer.

1806 – Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga, a Spanish violinist and composer.

1814 – Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, a French architect.

1832 – Lewis Carroll, author of the book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.

1836 – Leopold von Zaher-Mazoh, an Austrian writer.

1850 – Edward John Smith, English captain of the ship “Titanic”, which famously sank.

1859 – Wilhelm II, a German emperor and Prussian king.

1885 – Jerome Kern, American composer, father of the modern American musical

1899 – Béla Guttmann, Hungarian football coach and former player.

1924 – Rauf Denktash, President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

1925 – Juan Vitalio Acuna Núñez, a Cuban revolutionary and international guerrilla.

1934 – Edith Cresson, a French politician,

1940 – James Cromwell, an American film actor.

1944 – Nick Meiseon, an English drummer in the group Pink Floyd.

1956 – Mimi Rogers, an American actress.

1957 – Janick Gers, a guitarist in Iron Maiden.

1964 – Bridget Jane Fonda, an American actress.

1972 – Mark Owen, an English singer (“Take That”).

1980 – Marat Mihailovich Safin, Russian tennis player.

If we want to describe a person who was born on the 27th day of January, we can summarize this story in a few short sentences; we could say that he is a genius creator, humanist, lawyer and fighter for all things advanced in society around the world. He is the representative of the future, where geniuses like him live.

But no one is perfect, so these people can be very self-centered, overly excitable, selfish and prone to mislead people into achieving their agenda. They can even be the people prone to movement in life which is not always good for them.

Undeniably, January 27 people are energetic and can sometimes withdraw so that he can gather knowledge of things. Sometimes they can suffer for the common cause, for humanity, for themselves and other people – they have a universal spirit.

Some people call them heroes, but they remain unknown to their environment.


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