Horoscope: March 28 zodiac sign


If you were born on March 28, you are naturally idealistic and competitive. You strive to achieve a lot in life. To get ahead, make sure you get as much information about life as you can.

This means that you appear to be quite knowledgeable. This knowledge is a tool that people can use to gain insight into life issues.

Here is your complete horoscope profile. It describes all aspects of your personality. Use it to make wise decisions in life.

You are under the zodiac sign Aries. Your astrological symbol is Aries. This symbol includes those born between March 21 and April 19. It is the symbol of confidence, willfulness and enthusiasm.

The planet Mars plays a very important role in your life. This celestial body is responsible for your ingenuity, kindness and pioneering personality.

The main governing element in your life is fire. This element works closely with earth, air and water to enrich your life.

Astrological chart

March 28 zodiac people are on the eve of Pisces-Aries. We call this the threshold of rebirth. The planets Neptune and Mars play a crucial role in the life of these Cuspers.

From the planet Neptune you receive ideas. This celestial body is largely responsible for your dreamy nature. It motivates you to pursue your ideas and turn them into reality. As such, most of your ideas are beneficial to your community.

The planet Mars takes care of you more physical aspects. It gives you qualities like physical attractiveness, physical fitness and good physique.

The eve of rebirth has enabled you to be financially decisive. This is evidenced by the fact that you make certain financial decisions that others shy away from. For this reason, you are or will become financially prosperous.

Your astrological chart indicates that your health is good. However, you must take care of your face, head and upper body. As an Aries, you are likely to sustain injuries in these areas.

Love and Compatibility

March 28th lovers are very passionate when it comes to matters of the heart. You are a bit rushed and you never delay expressing your passion.

You have a soft spot for people who are mysterious and enthusiastic. They help boost your ambition to be the smartest person in a meeting. They can also keep up with your lifestyle. Such people can be found between Libra, Leo and Sagittarius. This is more the case if they were born on the 3rd, 5th, 9th, 10th, 13th, 15th, 20th, 24th, 25th, 28th, 30th and 31st.

Warning! The planetary alignment indicates that you are least compatible with people born under the zodiac sign of Pisces. You see, Pisces and Aries view life from conflicting angles. As such, you don’t have much in common. In fact, you disagree on almost everything.

Also, Pisces and Aries are not comfortable with each other. A relationship between them will no doubt end in tatters. We strongly advise against it!

What are the characteristics of a person born on March 28?

March 28 zodiac people act impetuous. In their effort to do good to society, they act hastily. Sometimes you ignore the advice of friends.

Your authoritarian nature shows up when you are involved in debates. You hardly listen to the opinion of others, because you believe that your point of view is the best.

This is a good thing. It shows that you are independent of mind. You are not one to be pushed into agreement. You are sure of your family, profession and actions. As such, you don’t like being questioned about your intentions.

You are an enterprising person. You like to look for solutions to the problems that plague your society. People turn to you for insight when faced with challenges.

You are a resourceful person. The association counts on you to provide assistance if problems arise. You have gained a lot of respect for this.

However, you have a few personality flaws that you need to correct. These weaknesses can slow your progression.

For example, you are stubborn and rarely accept the advice of others. You prefer your road or the highway.

You are also a quarrelsome person. This puts you on collision courses with a number of key figures in your life. Understand that your idea is not necessarily the best. Learn to accept other points of view.

All in all, you have a lot to offer the world. Your high level of understanding and focus is what your community needs. The combination of your traits marks you as a natural leader.

Use these attributes with care. Marshal people to work together, not against each other. This is your ticket to success!

Famous people born on March 28th

You share the birthday of March 28 with some famous people. These include:

Marwan I, born 623 – Umayyad General and CaliphMauwiya II, born 661 – Umayyad CaliphConrad Schumann, born 1942 – German soldierStiliani Pilatou, born 1980 – Greek long jumper Daniela Schippers, born 1995 – Guatemalan tennis player

Common characteristics of people born on March 28

March 28 zodiac people are in the 1st decan of Aries. They fall into the same category as people born between March 21 and March 30.

The planet Mars plays a vital role in people’s lives in this decade. As such, you exhibit the better features of this celestial body. You are courageous, determined and outgoing.

You are self-sufficient. You try not to be a burden to others. You are also an outgoing and sociable individual. This is interesting, as not many people need it. Indeed, this attitude makes people respect you.

Your birthday is synonymous with exceptional qualities such as originality, idealism, self-confidence, independence and generosity. Use these qualities with care!

Career horoscope

You have innate leadership qualities. You have a calm appearance and perform well in crises.

Your strength lies in your powerful personality. This is something that other people find irresistible. As such, it works in your favor.

Other zodiacs may find a powerful personality imposing. On the other hand, you feel quite comfortable with who you are.

Your communication skills are a plus. People understand all your movements, all your commands. As such, opportunities come to you almost effortlessly.

Final Thought…

Red is the magical color of people born on March 28th. Red stands for passion. It is the color of power. This color reflects your personality. You are a born performer. All you need is to steer your life in the right direction.

Your lucky numbers are 1, 2, 11, 17, 24, 28, 38 and 50.


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