Horoscope: May 3 Zodiac Sign


Taurus is the zodiac sign associated with May 3. This sign rules the period of the year from April 20 – May 21.

The sign of Taurus corresponds to spring and reflects rebirth and renewal. It can indicate the importance of spiritual growth and development.

Taurus is represented by the image of a bull. It denotes stubbornness and strength, and most born under this sign bear those characteristics.

As a zodiac sign, Taurus is very large. It covers 797 square degrees of the visible latitudes of the sky.

Copper and steel are metals most often associated with the sign of Taurus. The strength of steel is a metaphor for the character of most Taurus.


Those born under the sign of Taurus prefer relationships with others born in the same astrological period. It can be difficult for Taurus to find compatibility with other signs.

You’ve noticed that others born around May 3 seem to understand your drive and need for perfection.

However, some signs go well with the sign of Taurus. These include Virgo and Capricorn.

The easygoing nature of individuals born under Virgo and Capricorn cope better with the unyielding Taurus. These individuals can also help calm the Taurean and prevent hasty decision making.

Like Taurus, the signs Virgo and Capricorn relate to the Earth. The opposite sign of Taurus is Scorpio, and these individuals are unlikely to be compatible with you.

Persons born on May 3 have a desire for serious relationships. They are not interested in short throws.

Your willingness to wait for a serious relationship is not a problem. You prefer solitude to companionship when given the choice.


Your birthday is approaching the middle period of Taurus. As a result, you have a more balanced character than others born during this time.

Stability and safety are important to you. Your tendency is to be frugal and prepare for the future while protecting the solvency and strength of your home.

Your personal motto of “I own” refers to the seriousness with which you approach life. This sometimes makes it difficult for you to relax and enjoy life.

People born on May 3

People born on May 3 are generally not interested in sports. However, there may be exceptions as the legendary Sugar Ray Robinson was born on this day.

Leadership is a common trait of those who share your birthday. Golda Meir, the former prime minister of Israel, was also born on May 3.

Music and film artists born on May 3 include Christina Hendricks and Bing Crosby. Your birthday indicates that you have many creative talents to share with the world.

While you can be shy, all you need is a little encouragement to let your creativity shine.

Characteristics of the people born on May 3

You, like others born on this day, are introverted. It is not always easy for you to make new friends because you keep your feelings and emotions a secret.

Those who manage to pierce your exterior will find a friend faithful to a fault. You expect the same loyalty from those you trust.

You have a lot of confidence in your own strengths and talents. This can sometimes lead others to think you are arrogant.

In reality, you just have faith in your own ability to succeed in whatever you try.

Career horoscope

You have many excellent career opportunities, most of which are in some kind of leadership role. The challenge for you is not to get too ambitious.

You tend to take on an aura of superiority in your colleagues. This can cause resentment.

Learn to collaborate more with others in the workplace and you will come a long way. You will find that many people naturally accept you as a leader if you lead by example.

Don’t be abused by those who have inferior skills. Many would like to take credit for your hard work and success.


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