Horoscope: October 28 Zodiac Sign


Were you born on October 28? You have the gift of making important connections in your life. Your intuition helps you identify the right kind of people to hang out with to make progress.

At the same time, you are quite convincing. You have a way of convincing people to see things your way. You can read people like open books. As such, you can easily understand what motivates them in life.

Here is your complete horoscope profile. We’ve put it together so you can use it as a guide to make some of the most important decisions in your life.

You were born under the 8th sign of the zodiac, Scorpio. Your astrological symbol is the scorpion. It is so named because it appears when the sun is in Scorpio, that is, between October 23 and November 21. Scorpio represents mystery, passion and determination.

The planet Pluto rules your life. We associate this planet very closely with the Greek god Hades. According to ancient mythology, Hades is in charge of the unseen, the underworld. As such, much mystery and secrecy surround this celestial being.

Your main governing element is water. This element works together with Air, Fire and Earth to give extra flavor to your existence in this world.

Astrological chart

October 28 zodiac people are on the astrological eve of Libra-Scorpio. We call this the eve of drama and criticism. The planets Venus and Pluto play a supervisory role in the lives of these Cuspers.

Venus is the planet of the goddess Aphrodite. According to the myth, this goddess is responsible for such qualities as beauty, passion, romance, love and lust. Therefore, you need not wonder why you have such a strong tendency to display these qualities in your life.

On the other hand, Pluto is the planet of Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. Hades is a mysterious, secretive, vengeful and aggressive celestial being. For this reason, some of his qualities rub off on your personality.

The combination of these two planets (Venus and Pluto) adds some interesting elements to your personality. For example, you are a melting pot of emotions.

The beginning of the drama has given you considerable control over your finances. Your intuition allows you to make the right choices when it comes to saving and spending.

Your astrological chart indicates that your health is in order. However, be wary of possible infections in your genitals and lumbar regions. As a rule, Scorpios are prone to such infections.

Love and Compatibility

October 28 zodiac people are very secretive as lovers. You don’t like to expose your plans until the last minute. Your secretive nature is a direct influence of Pluto, your ruling planet.

Moreover, you are not someone who just dedicates your heart. You want to make sure that the move you make is the right one. Your idea of ​​a perfect relationship is one where you are in touch with your loved one’s personality.

This means that you place a high premium on dating. The dating game provides you the forum for you and your lover to get to know each other more deeply.

Because you are charming and attractive, you have a large number of admirers. Of course, you are well aware of your self-esteem. As such, it is not easy for anyone to win your heart if you are not interested.

Reliable, loyal and charming people have a special place in your heart. You are more than willing to open your heart and mind to them. This is because you can share your exciting lifestyle with them.

The more active Scorpio is likely to fall in love at a young age. This is mainly because you are a positive and attractive person. As a result, you tend to attract a lot of admirers. This means that you will have male partners over the course of your life.

While you may like this lifestyle, it has some notable pitfalls. This way you run the risk of disappointment. The most important of these are heartbreak, now you and I know that this is not good for your health. Avoid such situations as much as possible.

The stars indicate that you will get married when you meet your ideal partner. You can get such a partner from Taurus, Pisces and Cancer.

You see, you are highly compatible with these natives. This is more the case if your loved one was born on the 1st, 5th, 6th, 12th, 14th, 17th, 21st, 23rd, 27th, 28th and 29th.

The planetary alignment warns of a romantic involvement with a Libra. This can be a challenging relationship, so beware!

What are the characteristics of a person born on October 28?

October 28 zodiac people are very good-hearted. You are driven by the desire to do good in your community. However, the conflict between your dreamy and realistic nature often gets in the way.

However, this in itself is not a problem. You know, you’re good at picking the right friend. So with some input from them, you’ll get to your humanitarian agenda right on schedule.

Because they are mysterious, people find it difficult to decipher your plans. This is a good weapon because you can control situations. This is how you complete your activities on your timeline. You don’t easily succumb to outside pressure.

Those born on October 28 are diligent. You enjoy working with like-minded individuals to achieve your common goals. As such, you don’t like mediocrity and sloppiness anywhere near you.

Your curiosity is legendary. You observe every little thing that happens in your environment. As such, you are one of the first to suggest possible solutions when a problem arises.

Still, you have a few flaws in your personality that you need to work on. These weaknesses can bring you down if you don’t handle them firmly.

You often come across as too controlling. Your unreasonable demands on your friends and colleagues can alienate the most important among them.

You also tend to be temperamental. Your mood changes, especially when things aren’t going well. Now this does not solve your problems. Learn to be rational.

All in all, you are destined for greatness. Apply the right ideas. Be more inclined to use logic when making decisions.

Famous people born on October 28th

You will be sharing the October 28 birthday with some prominent personalities from around the world. Here are five:

Henry III, born 1017 – Holy Roman Emperor Francia Borgia, born 1510 – 4th Duke of Grandia, Spanish priest and saint, 3rd Superior General of the Society of JesusEric Thorstvedt, born 1962 – Norwegian footballer and manager Eden Taylor-Draper, born 1997 – English actress Catherine Kings, born 1998 – American actress

Common characteristics of people born on October 28

October 28 zodiac people are in the 1st decan of Scorpio. You are in the same group as those born on October 23 and November 2.

The planet Pluto plays an important role in this decan. This means showing you the more important features of this celestial body. For example, you are focused, sensual, secretive and mysterious. These are the more positive traits of Scorpio.

People define you by your allegiance and loyalty. You send these signals out. No matter how you behave, people will interpret it as faithfulness or loyalty. As such, you attract a lot of people.

However, you must be careful. Not everyone close to your heart wishes you the best. Be careful with the choice of your companions.

Your birthday is synonymous with self-confidence, independence, idealism and generosity. Use these qualities with care.

Career horoscope

You can do very well in middle positions. With your kind of traits, you might imagine that you can rise very high in the organization.

But you have one hindrance: your loyalty. This is both a blessing and a curse.

You can win many friends. In that sense it is a blessing. However, you are often too loyal to your friends. You are willing to forgo promotions because of them.

Final Thought…

Black is the magical color of people born on October 28. Black stands for purity. It also absorbs all other colors to gain its power. Black fits your personality perfectly!

Your lucky numbers are 1, 6, 20, 28, 46, 58 and 89.


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