January 12 zodiac sign: What is my personality?


If your birthday is January 12, your zodiac sign is Capricorn.


People born specifically on January 12th tend to be a bit more sociable and compromising than most typical Capricorns. This may be due to the influence of the planet Jupiter ruling on this particular day you were born. You have the usual sincerity and determination of your Goat sign, but you are kinder and more diplomatic in your approach to others. When it’s your birthday, you are able to absorb and understand information quickly and you often have a great love for reading and learning. Since you are very outgoing, you like socializing and this is when people are likely to encounter your witty sense of humor. Individuals with a twelfth birthday in January can also be quite outspoken and sometimes have to think before speaking up.

Work and Finance

With career choices, someone born on January 12 will be selective because they need a job with a lot of variety. You are often unsure of your abilities and may need to try different professions before finding work you like. You are very versatile and able to perform most tasks that are not too mundane, but you expect and seek a generous salary. Individuals with this particular date of birth may have difficulty managing their finances because they love to spend money. You need to make sure you find a good balance in your income and expenses to avoid getting into debt.

Personal relationships

Like an average Capricorn, the person born on the twelfth day of January tends to be somewhat reserved when it comes to talking about their feelings. Despite this, you have a strong desire to feel loved and appreciated and so you are willing to take a chance on love. You are very affectionate and show great loyalty and understanding towards a partner in a long-term, committed relationship. It may take you a while to learn to trust a soul mate and talk to them openly, and you won’t be forced to do this until you’re sure you’re ready. You tend to look for someone who has the same level of sociability and intellect, as well as the same interests and goals in life. As you get older and perhaps older, you will often naturally find a less limited flow in the way you relate emotionally.


All the minor health problems experienced by those born on January 12th are usually due to poor diet and other habits you may have acquired. You generally have a good constitution, but also a tendency to pick up negative practices such as smoking or fads in your diet. These can cause you to suffer from minor ailments when your body shows its displeasure. You should pay attention to these physical reactions if you want to maintain your strong healthy condition. It is also important for you to take in enough fluids as you are likely a person who dehydrates easily causing headaches and fatigue.

Strong and weak points

Your main character traits are your friendly diplomacy and your possession of a sincere and determined demeanor. You are also very committed to things you believe in and this is inspiring to others. Those of you who were born on January 12th have a few weaknesses in their otherwise friendly personalities that are worth noting. These are your tendencies to occasionally give too much for your own good and to be prone to preoccupation and sometimes daydreaming. If you can manage to focus your generosity on things that don’t involve money, it can help you keep your finances in order.


Being born on January 12th means you have a lot of perseverance and usually have a well thought out plan to achieve success. You work hard and are easily able to learn from your failures, pick yourself up and try again in hopes of achieving the dreams or goals you have decided to pursue. Your aspirations will probably not only be focused on your work, they can be focused on all areas of life. You are one of the few Capricorns who recognize that life is much more than just work and that is why you often dream of the things you would like to do in your spare time.

happy birthday

Since you were born on the twelfth day of the month, your date of birth has the numbers 1 and 2 that add up to a Root number of 3. The keyword for this numeric link to your birthday is ‘Innovation’ and may be an association with your brilliant way to come up with practical solutions to problems. The Tarot card associated with your birthday is the 12th card in the Major Arcana The Hanged Man and indicates your deeply thoughtful nature. On the twelfth January, the lucky gem has the purple Amethyst as its good luck charm. You have to carry it close to you to increase your happiness and happiness.


The planet Saturn is the main planetary influence on Capricorn and determines some parts of your personality. The actual day you were born, the twelfth of January, is astrologically influenced by Jupiter. So your individual attributes are supposed to be jointly determined by the forces of these 2 celestial bodies. Your tactful and benevolent manners and your devotion to important matters make for many friends in your life. Your determination and dedication are qualities that will help you overcome obstacles and build a solid foundation for your future. One last thought to ponder for people born on January 12 is that it’s not selfish to dwell on your own needs every now and then.


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