January 14 zodiac sign: What is my personality?


If your birthday is January 14, your zodiac sign is Capricorn.


People who are specially born on January 14 are smart, independent and full of ambition like a typical Capricorn. But since the ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Mercury, it creates personalities who are also very communicative and observant. When it’s your birthday, you are practical and hardworking like the Goat in your zodiac sign, but you have an extra sharp and creative mind. Your high level of communication skills fits perfectly with your self-expression and you are the kind of person who is usually never lost for words. People with a fourteenth birthday in January are easily bored and need a lot of variety in their lives. You are good at spotting opportunities and you know how to efficiently relate your ideas to others. Hidden behind your emotionally indifferent attitude, you are sweet and loyal.

Work and Finance

To combat boredom at work, a suitably challenging occupation is essential for someone born on January 14th. You need a progressive career where you can use your creativity and quick thinking and get a sense of accomplishment. When it comes to finances, you have a good brain for numbers, but you will find it easier to manage other people’s money than your own. You will sometimes struggle to strike an appropriate balance in your personal financial arrangements because you tend to be indulgent or reckless in your spending at times.

Personal relationships

Akin to a typical Capricorn, the person born on the fourteenth day of January is timid and cool towards intimacy. While you long to love and be loved, opening up can be difficult, especially at the beginning of a relationship. You are often ahead of your age in understanding and very respectful and expect a partner to be the same. They will have to appreciate your need for the occasional solitude and understand why you are usually slow to commit to permanent personal relationships. It’s unusual for you to enter into a long-term soulmate partnership until you’ve known the other person for a long time. You are looking for someone with the same intelligence and interests. Because you are so self-reliant, you attach great importance to your privacy and you will usually look for a partner who also considers this very important.


Health is sometimes not taken seriously enough by those born on January 14, as you are likely to neglect yourself in this area. While enjoying your food, you should sit still long enough to digest it properly and learn to relax a little more. Any health issues, such as headaches or insomnia, are usually stress-related or linked to a poor diet. People born on this day may need to consider meditative relaxation therapies to relax and avoid skipping meals or not getting enough rest. You’re the kind of person who seems to need a full night’s sleep and will be hot-tempered if they don’t get it.

Strong and weak points

Your main character traits are your strong will, mental alertness and the ability to organize quickly. These traits and your friendly, sociable demeanor allow you to interact with and help many different types of people. A noticeable personality weakness in those born on January 14 is in your distance and coolness emotionally in one-on-one relationships, a good partner helps here. Another negative trait you may possess is that you can be too stubborn for your own good at times.


Being born on January 14 means that you would much rather go with the natural flow of things than make concrete plans. You do have personal dreams and goals, but these can often change because you naturally take life as it comes and are able to get around things. Anything that you are particularly excited about or aspire to is not likely to be dampened by delays or discouragements as you are highly motivated for your desires. You like to do things that you have decided entirely for yourself and generally set your own flexible time limits for any ambitions.

happy birthday

Since you were born on the fourteenth day of the month, your date of birth has the digits one and four that make up a base number of 5. This birth number reference has the keyword “Inquiry” and may reflect your curiosity and adept social conversation skills. The tarot card associated with your birthday is the 14th Major Arcana card known as Temperance. This is a symbol of the balance you need to find in life to feel satisfied. A diamond is the happiest gem associated with the fourteenth anniversary of January and it promises more finances and protection from bad luck.


In astrology, the Capricorn zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Saturn which determines your ambition and reserved emotions. The actual day you were born, January 14, is astrologically controlled by Mercury’s planetary forces. The influential power of these 2 planets together creates the finer details of your individuality. Your preference to use your instincts to guide you through life will serve you well and increase your chances of success. Your motivation and enthusiasm help you persevere where others would give up. A final thought for people born on January 14 is that if you can control your fear of trusting others with your emotions, you will benefit greatly from the assurance of love and commitment.


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