January 16 Zodiac Sign: What Is My Personality?


If your birthday is on January 16, your zodiac sign is Capricorn.


People born specifically on January 16 are believed to have the Capricorn goat’s usual strong desire for success and acquiring material things. Since this particular day is astrologically ruled by the planet Neptune, you also show great interest in the non-material realms of life. You have a great curiosity about all things unusual and love to read and learn. If you have this birthday, you are also kindhearted and not as aloof in your approach as others grouped in your zodiac sign. Your intuition and intelligence level are high and you will instinctively use them to help you communicate effectively. You are very good at listening to and using your natural senses to help you find direction and make decisions. Individuals with a birthday in January can be a little shy, but usually only when it comes to emotions. You are quick-witted and friendly and you can get along with most people.

Work and Finance

While someone born on January 16 is not entirely driven to achieve financial success, they do consider work an important part of their lives. So they tend to apply for jobs where they will get more than just monetary rewards and perhaps achieve a sense of achievement. People with this particular date of birth love to spend money and some can be quite generous with it. This excessive generosity is especially evident when giving or lending to family or friends. Since you like to spend money, you don’t always have the patience to save for things and you may need to be careful about budgeting.

Personal relationships

Like most of your fellow Capricorns, you tend to be hesitant and selective in choosing someone to share your life with. You are most likely to be romantically attracted to people with high intellect, similar interests, and lots to tell. The person born on the sixteenth day of January thrives in the security and warmth of a close loving relationship and will be a loyal, considerate and devoted partner. You have strong opinions about love and marriage and are unlikely to enter into a long-term partnership without making it official first. Home and family are high on your priority list as you are a private person who appreciates the closeness of others they care about. You protect your soul mate and can be intensely passionate, but you have to watch out for the occasional twinge of jealousy.


All the minor health problems of those born on January 16 are often due to a lack of a good night’s sleep. We all need different amounts of shuteye and it seems you are one of those people who needs at least the full recommended 8 hours. If you have a change in your sleep patterns, you may experience lethargy and become quite cranky. In addition to getting enough rest, you should also avoid stress, as it can harm your vitality. Your energy levels may go up and down, so you are advised to try to reduce your sugar intake and increase your fiber and fluid levels to stay clear and alert.

Strong and weak points

Your key character traits are reflected in your tireless dedication and steady, thorough way of doing everything. These industrious qualities and your friendly disposition make you a trustworthy person who is destined to do quite well in life. However, you need to pace well and take frequent breaks to achieve more. Personality weaknesses for those born on January 16 are your tendency to have a pessimistic outlook at times and get stressed easily. As you get older, you learn to recognize these vulnerabilities and their effect on your well-being and try to avoid their triggers.


While you don’t normally set overly ambitious personal dreams and goals, being born on January 16 means you’re extra determined to achieve them. You seek fulfillment and a pleasant environment in all areas of your life. You usually know at a young age what your greatest ambitions, plans and wishes for the future are. Once you’ve made up your mind about such things, you usually stick to your intentions. You don’t like failure and are easily disappointed, but because your ambitions are usually realistic, you rarely experience too many obstacles or setbacks.

happy birthday

Since you were born on the sixteenth day of the month, your birth rates add up to Seven, so this is called your Root Number. The key word for this numerical reference to your birthday is ‘Mystery’ and this emphasizes your attraction to unknown and rare things. The tarot card associated with your birthday is the 16th in the Major Arcana that represents the Tower. This may symbolize your increased ability to overcome challenges. The lucky jewel associated with the birthday of the sixteenth January is Jade, wearing this stone is believed to generate self-knowledge, love and wealth.


The planet Saturn is considered the main astrological influencer of all Capricorn personalities. Nevertheless, the actual day you are born, the sixteenth of January is additionally ruled by the planet Neptune. So both celestial bodies play an important role in shaping the uniqueness of your personality. Your good instincts and perception help you discover more than the average person about the mysteries of our world. If you can beat your tendency to be cynical and anxious at times, there really is no limit to achieving what you desire. In short, a thought for people born on January 16 is not to assume more than you know you can comfortably handle.


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