Life Number 6: Meaning and Symbols


The caretaker

Personal Mission: Develop vision, acceptance and modulate your sense of responsibility in every aspect of your life

A person with a 6 Life Path is a natural caregiver, visionary and champion of justice. You tend towards love and marriage like the proverbial ‘horse and carriage’. If you choose not to be a parent, you will age in other ways: with pets, co-workers, and friends. There is an educational quality for you, which comes with a heightened sense of responsibility.

Have you ever noticed that people are attracted to you, almost as if you are a magnet?

Do people come to you with their problems and ask for help? Do people put you in positions of responsibility even though you don’t ask for it? These are all aspects of your vibration that you need to get used to and embrace. If you don’t like being “the one in charge,” you live a life of frustration and resentment.

Knowing that more responsibility is thrown your way will help you use your innate skills and talents in these areas with a compassionate heart.

Your life’s work lies in consciously balancing your sense of responsibility – not too much, not too little.

You are brilliantly creative and need to find ways to use your creativity constructively. Many 6 Life Path’s are exceptionally gifted musically or are gifted with other artistic creative endeavors.

When you’re not busy, you can get caught up in little things. Because you believe so strongly in the family unity, if you are happily married, you would rather spend time with your partner than with friends.

If you are single, you will build family dynamics in whatever you do. If you’re a 6-path woman—especially if you don’t have kids—you’ll tend to attract men who act like little boys. If you’re a 6-path woman and divorced, here’s your red flag: You may throw yourself into your kids’ lives and struggle to see them as adults. This is not healthy for you or your children.

If you’re a 6 Path guy, you tend to attract women who are “damsels in distress” and then you wonder why you’re the responsible party in the relationship again. I have also had many female clients with ex-husbands of 6 and their complaint was that he was overly irresponsible. Just know that ‘responsibility’ is an important theme for you throughout your life. Spoiler alert: it won’t go away.

In any case, home rest is actually the goal for you, whatever you do. You prefer to manage or own your own business because you find it difficult to work for others.

You also have trouble getting advice or instructions from others. Let’s face it – you’re a bit of a control freak. Just understand that this is something you should check out every once in a while.

Another important element of the 6 Life Path is being visionary. You are a magnetic and probably physically attractive person who sees the world in an ideal way. You have a gift for seeing the bigger picture and can’t understand why others can’t. Given your visionary qualities, you are also a perfectionist. You tend to put people on a pedestal and then feel betrayed or disappointed when you discover that they are only people after all.

When you feel unappreciated, undervalued, or overwhelmed, you tend to feel complacent, exalted, and superior to everyone else, and you don’t make bones about communicating this to those around you. You wonder why everyone can’t be like you, think like you and share the same values. You often feel like everyone is “wrong” because they don’t believe the same things you do or behave the same way you do.

You are a connoisseur of beauty. You try to beautify the world in whatever way you can. Many 6 Life Paths are attracted to careers in the beauty industry, including makeup, hairdressing, and interior design.

One of your greatest talents is your ability to make others feel guilty or unworthy. The irony here is that deep down you feel this way yourself, so you’re your own worst critic. If you’re not happy, no one in the room is happy! When you feel down, you can put up a wall that is cold and punishing. Not to mention that you always have an opinion and are too excited to share it with anyone.

You are a “If you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself”. You want to feel indispensable and resent it as indispensable, even if you are the one who set it up that way.

The bottom line is that you work optimally when you see the perfection in everything and everyone at whatever time they are with their own process. That also applies to you. When you let go of the “should” and instead rely on your wonderful sense of nurturing, compassion and service, you will be most satisfied.

Common threads when a 6 life path is ‘on fire’ and operating at optimal energies are quite responsible and able to allow others their own journeys without judging and criticizing them, allowing personal imperfections, cherishing and relying on a personal vision of the big picture.”

Your life purpose is to reconcile your high ideals with practical reality and to accept yourself, the world and the present moment by embracing the perfection of all apparent imperfection.


Your potential challenges are:

To understand that you are a visionary with idealistic expectations. These expectations can come at a cost if they are not based on reality. To get to grips with your perfectionism. You can overcome perfectionist tendencies by remembering the bigger picture instead of obsessing over small details. To work against your tendency to lack perspective and patience. When you measure yourself and others by lofty standards, you enable yourself and them to fail. To accept yourself and others with joy. Acceptance leads to a less stressful life. Because you have a tendency to stubbornly reject anything that doesn’t meet your high standards – which is almost everything – you can easily become sad, angry or discouraged. To understand that you see the world as perfect or flawed and that you often have a feeling a great sense of disappointment with people in your life and the state of the world around you. To see that living with you can be difficult, because in your eyes no one (including your partner, children, parents, colleagues and friends) ever pretty good enough. To see that although you often suppress your judgments with a “live and let live” attitude, those judgments still exist and eventually need to be addressed. Most of the time you are judging yourself and being a good person. Being aware that you can live in emotional denial. Often you don’t know how you really feel because you focus so hard mentally on what you should be feeling in an ideal sense. Then you convince yourself that you really feel that way, even if this emotional expression does not reflect your true feelings. To overcome your habit of incessantly comparing yourself with others. Even if you fear comparison, you can’t help but compare yourself to others all the time. Beware of too much responsibility. This leads to co-dependence, overprotection, dominant behavior and being a martyr at work and in relationships. To learn to detach. As a natural caregiver, you usually focus on family. Where this can be unhealthy is when it leads to meddling, interference, judgment and demanding, “My way or no way.” You judge yourself severely and are acutely sensitive to judgment by others. A leap in your development happens when you stop comparing yourself to others. That single shift can make a huge leap forward in the way you experience your life.

Get well soon

You are a practical idealist. When you find a way to follow your heart and develop patience, you can share your higher vision incrementally so that others can evolve at their own pace, not at the pace you dictate. This gives you the most satisfaction in your life. You expect high performance from yourself and from others. You have such high standards for yourself that it’s a good idea to make it a priority to get back in touch with your authentic self. You may wake up one day with virtually no idea who you really are unless you take the time to get to know yourself – flaws and the like. You’re a great boss and excel at business. Your only stumbling block is how to develop money problems by waiting forever for something (your product, system of management, whatever it is) to be so perfect that it never happens. Understand that mistakes made in your process are steps on your ladder to success.


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