Life Path Number 8: What Does That Mean to You?


Character Traits

Native born under life path number 8 are blessed with some traits that make them unique from others. However, these natives also have some flaws just like other natives. Let’s look at both sides.

Natives belonging to life path number 8 are purposeful and determined. In addition, they have a strong intellect and are practical. These people have the ability to become good leaders because of their high confidence and good intuitive powers. They are always passionate about the things they do.

It’s not surprising that these leaders make good money. In addition to these characteristics, they also possess managerial skills to help them move forward, including conflict resolution and an emphasis on action.

Leadership skills and wisdom are essential for them to succeed in business. Thanks to their numerology, 8s can anticipate untamed success and enormous potential to accumulate wealth as long as they pursue it with dedication.

However, these natives also like to have the upper hand in all kinds of situations. This may be a negative trait of these individuals. They must learn to welcome the ideas of their subordinates and other people.


Natives belonging to life path number 8 generally look for a partner who can align with them. Being intellectual and hardworking, they are good at reading people and thus can easily know what their partner wants.

Natives under life path number 8 are not expressive in relationships. However, number 8s are good at creating financial stability that seems attractive to their potential partners. They are loyal and sweet in their business and should try to inculcate this habit in their relationship as well. In addition to being honest in the relationship, they should also learn to express their thoughts with sensitivity.

Number 8 likes to dominate in their relationship and not take orders from their partners which is not good in their relationship.

To succeed, they need a submissive personality that respects their independence or at the very least, someone who is happy to let them ride a lot of the time. But 8s can benefit from someone who isn’t afraid to speak up if they get out of line.

Competing priorities are another source of conflict for these natives. It’s admirable that 8ers are committed to their goals, but they sometimes put their relationship at risk to do so. They have no problem canceling a date night when it comes to their job.

A relationship can be successful if 8’s use their problem solving skills to correct the situation.

Talking about their best match, the compatibility of life path 8 would be high with life path number 2.

Compatibility 8 & 1

This duo is less compatible due to their stubborn nature. In a relationship, these two will clash on different fronts because they won’t be ready to listen to each other. These conflicts can further lead to explosive fights between them. In order for their relationship to last, life path numbers 8 and 1 will have to make compromises when necessary. In addition, they can have a good business partnership and help each other take their business to the next level. So it can be said that they probably like to share rich life experiences.

Compatibility 8 & 2

Life path number 2 is attracted to the viciously purposeful number 8. Together, this couple can bring balance and stability to each other’s lives. As number 8 is also aware of the emotional needs of the 2s. At the same time, this couple needs to understand that there are many illusions in their couple and their relationship can fall apart if illusion does. To save their relationship, they have to accept each other for what they are.

Compatibility 8 & 3

The combination of life path number 8 and life path number 3 can be difficult to predict. Numerology says that the two are compatible and incompatible at the same time. Life Path 3 offers a creative, absent-minded personality that helps elevate Life Path 8. Number 8 is purposeful and ambitious. They are both capable of turning their dreams into reality, but their methods are vastly different. Their relationship can flourish when this duo maintains the desired level of respect for each other.

Compatibility 8 & 4

Life path number 4 and 8 most likely have the best relationship, both personally and professionally. They can be excellent business partners as productivity can increase exponentially when they decide to join the same group. Although number 8 is a real visionary, number 4 is persistent, determined and a bit reliable. When it comes to their romantic relationship, they respect each other’s values ​​and interests.

Life path numbers 8 and 4 can have high compatibility if they connect on spiritual levels.

Compatibility 8 & 5

Entering into a successful relationship can be a bit challenging for the natives belonging to life path numbers 8 and 5. Relationship compatibility can only be achieved if both partners have very different roles in the relationship. Life path numbers 5 and 8 can be excellent business partners. In addition to a very confident personality, number 5 is an excellent promoter and salesperson while number 8 has strong management skills. This couple can survive in their relationship if they give each other the desired freedom.

Compatibility 8 & 6

Life path numbers 8 and 6 generally have high compatibility on the numerology chart. Both are goal oriented and practical people in life who are well aware of their responsibilities. The only difference is in their view of and pursuit of responsibilities and ambitions. Number 6 is a little more family oriented while number 8 is completely goal oriented. It is the number 6 that maintains control over the lofty ambitions of the number 8 while the number 8 can inspire the number 6 to greater heights. Therefore, balance is the key for them to maintain a healthy relationship.

Compatibility 8 & 7

In numerology, there is not much compatibility between life path number 8 and life path 7. The reason these two are attracted to each other is mainly because of the other numerological numbers that create chemistry between them. This duo seems to be uninterested in each other in the early stages due to their different priorities.

They can only survive in a relationship if they allow each other enough freedom and space.

Compatibility 8 & 8

Life path number 8 in a relationship with another 8 can build a strong relationship because of their similar personality traits. However, they can become a bad nut if their negative traits outweigh their positive ones. In a relationship, due to their adamant nature, they can get into a loop of competition. They can have a healthy relationship if they direct this competition against other forces.

Compatibility 8 & 9

Life path number 8 and 9 are separated as poles in numerology. They are less likely to be compatible because they do not share the same interests. Much to everyone’s surprise, this pair tends to last a lifetime as they always have something new to discover about each. This can also make their relationship interesting. Constant appreciation from both sides is key to strengthening their relationship.


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