November Tarot – Numerology Reading for EACH Life Path Number

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So what does November 2019 hold in store for you? Both Vannessa Williams and I shed some brilliant light on your personal life path number with a combined …


14 thoughts on “November Tarot – Numerology Reading for EACH Life Path Number”

  1. So I've done my math and the last set of 33's born were all in 1999. About 7,519,995 souls were born with the #33 LifePath. That's a 30 year gap from then until 2029 which will be the next set of 33's. That scares me because we're supposed to be the teachers and healers and the kids born in 1999 are all 20 years old right now. If you see the mainstream indoctrinating that's happening to our young generations right now you'll know that the 33's are aborting their kids and pushing for ridiculous radicalism. When I do a search on lifepath 33's theres barely any knowledge or awareness out there. YouTube barely has any. I'm a 33 from 1987 and I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how we're supposed to help this world while everyone is basically asleep to this low level world.

  2. Hello. Just found out I'm an 11/2. Fantastic! I am an anomaly to say the least.
    My full name (initials MVW) is 33 33 38 in gematria. From St. Paul, areacode: 651… I was born at 6:51 PM 10/8/82. Yeah, there's more. Much, much more

  3. Hi Ann & Vanessa loved this video❀ You have such a great energy together⚑ Have to try that fire/candle thing Ann it sounds so powerful. Many things to be grateful for but also things I need to release. You go girl! Its true don't focus on the crap be grateful. My nasty co-workers are pushing me towards what I want and I am so grateful. Giving the keys to the bus to the Universe 🌍 Ann! Can't wait to see what happens in the perfect timing for me 😌 its all about me being happy😊

    Life path #7 53:04( Anns mini me here)
    Hubba hubba the loversπŸ’•πŸ’‘ have fun #7's!!!

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