Numerology 120: Meaning and Symbols


In numerological terms, the number 120 symbolizes vulnerability. Fragility on a moral and psychological level, but also on a physical level.

Many people under this influence often suffer from chronic diseases and in particular from so-called “orphan diseases”.

Number 120 – What does it mean?

The least we can say is that under the numerological influence of the number 120, strictly speaking, there is no chance! Some sad ghosts would even tell you that it would rather exist with a severe disability…

But rest assured: there is also nothing to panic about and, regardless of the influences of the stars, fortunately man has all the cards in his hands to lead his boat on the winding river of life…

These are conditions that medicine has not yet fully mastered and are therefore very difficult to cure. That being said, these diseases are not necessarily serious, even though it is true that they cause real discomfort that we have to deal with throughout our lives.

In the symbolism of the number 120 we also find the notion of trials of life. These tests can be diverse and varied.

However, whether on a professional level (failures, layoffs, difficulties in finding or finding a job) or sentimental and emotional (breakup, difficulties meeting love, etc.), they are overcome.

We can even say that they help the “12” to forge a real solidity and face life with more and more responsiveness. In short, after the difficult passages that all these inconveniences entail, much more successful and successful periods succeed.

Periods in which the “12” taste like no other, because they dive deep into this atmosphere of renaissance.

All of this means that the “12” often reaches true maturity just before the majority of individuals. Life has forged them faster and confronted them with hardships and difficulties they have faced. They then quickly become better equipped to take on the new situations that will arise for them.

And this apparent solidity will be a real asset, especially in the professional field where they can be both more efficient and reliable than the average.

This is why they will also have more access to responsible positions.

The secret meaning

The other great dominance that we find in the number 120 is the fear of abandonment. This is why the ’12’ always want to be reassured about the feelings others have towards them. It’s not just about feelings.

The “120” have a permanent need to feel valued and valued. For example, if they do high-quality work, they expect congratulations and honor.

However, this is not always the case and under these circumstances they not only feel a very strong frustration, but are also animated by a real sense of doubt.

Besides, if they need so many displays of admiration or love, it’s simply because they have an obvious lack of self-confidence. They are therefore not looking for laurels for glory, but simply to feel considered and thus have a bit more of the impression of existing…

In reality, there is one thing that the “120” would fucking need: it is to free themselves from all their shackles which are very numerous indeed. Because these ‘barriers’ prevent them from enjoying life to the fullest, but also being more available to others. And it is true that the “120” have a certain tendency to “give up”.

They have a hard time getting to the bottom of it and often return. This is often due to the fear of failure and, more generally, the fear of not being able to measure. This renunciation manifests itself in all areas of their lives. Whether on a material level, on a social level or even on an intellectual level.

The good resolutions are still there, but there comes a time when they decide to stop.

All this also gives a feeling of pressure. The “120” still believe that their shoulders are not strong enough to support this or that weight.


However, this is a completely false sense, especially since they have shown their prowess many times in the past.

It is therefore essential that the ‘120’ learn to see themselves as they really are: individuals with qualities and flaws (like everyone else!) but with a potential at least as great as the others.

They should therefore never hesitate in adventures, even if some may seem too daring at first. It is, and only thus will they come into full bloom…

What are your strengths and areas for improvement? You can also calculate the number of your loved ones to understand them better.

The number 120 is all around us. It symbolizes the beginning, the beginning, the departure. First, he is the natural leader.

In numerology, the 120 20 actually characterizes a born leader, capable of initiative and with strong decisiveness.

Determination is the main strength, as well as a good ability to lead others and an amazing inventive mind.

Numerology also teaches us that the number can have 120 points on which you can work to live in harmony with yourself. From this will to direct everything flows a certain authoritarianism and a form of selfishness that can exclude the person from society.

In addition, this number can be subject to chronic stress due to the daily pressure they put on themselves to achieve their goals. This nervousness is manifested in angry outbursts and great irritability.

The number 120 is not very diplomatic and can have a hard time forming emotional bonds. You will understand that if you are a number 120, you will have to learn to soften the corners.

Interesting facts

The study of numbers by a practitioner provides decipherment of personality. This knowledge of numbers thus avoids the suffering of events.

For example, if the date 02/22 is important to a person, a numerological study provides some elements to put the odds aside.

For numerology, the number has a vibrational frequency which it must then analyze to get the best benefit from it. Some people do indeed have numbers that promote happiness, but also bad luck in their life path.

If a person was born on 02 or 22, there is no doubt that this number 2 offers an interesting duality in his life path.

The number 2 indicates the importance of the couple in this person. His love life is characterized by the search for a partner.

In general, the person whose life path is 2 does not have to be alone. It is almost essential to her and loneliness weighs on her.

Ruled by the number 2, the person also has a sense of teamwork and collective success.

More so, the number 2 also implies that the person can withdraw. So she would rather side with the king’s council than with the king himself.

Besides the impact of the figure on the dates of birth, the number 2 is also important in the choice of dates or first names.

In addition, the names of the companies are very often chosen based on their numerological vibrational frequency.

For example, a romantic date or a wedding is ideal on the 2nd, 11th, 12th, 20th or even the 22nd.

Of course, the numerologist can also work on other figures to know what to do if it is impossible to change the date.

Life path number 2 is interrupted by a permanent vibration between duality and division, but also between learning and the search for truth.

People affected by life path number 2 seek harmony, peace and tranquility. Mainly supported by the relational, the cooperation and the cooperation, they show altruism and attention to the others.

Those who follow life path number 2 are committed to helping others and bring all their dedication and sensitivity.

Occasional passive, they are unable to accomplish the mission they have assigned themselves. They are therefore preferably sociable and prefer companionship over solitude.

In the throes of a constant duality that can potentially harm their effectiveness, the individuals of life path number 2 waver between passivity and action that carries great responsibilities. Especially the 2 ascendant 11 is subject to this dilemma.

Those who follow life path number 2 have the need to constantly work on their ability to work in society, work in a team and collaborate with others. He feels some satisfaction in helping to resolve conflicts.

He is at heart a mediator who acts in resolving disputes in companies. Loyal, sincere and passionate, the one who follows life path number 2 aspires to share his life with someone special.

He also has the ability to listen, be empathetic and perceive the best in everyone. The person who follows life path number 2 is an excellent friend and a sincere confidant.


Number 120 is therefore attracted to liberal professions, or the professions that consist of leading others.

In addition, his writing is often reminiscent of an arrow with the tip pointing upwards: in essence, the number 120 is therefore aimed at achieving a fixed goal.


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