Numerology 126: Meaning and Symbols


The different numbers have a special meaning. Your guardian angel is sending you these numbers to inform you about something current in your life.

They do this because they cannot communicate directly with you unless you have a cleansed body and a particularly high level of consciousness.

If you’ve always ignored these numbers, you should stop immediately and deal with the message in question, review your mistakes, and possibly fix your problems.

If you do this, you will quickly find that you can master your daily life much better. So, in the future, pay attention to the numbers you encounter in everyday life.

For example, the message may come in the form of a time, so our eyes should always be open to these messages.

Number 126 – What does it mean?

For example, if you look at your cell phone and have exactly 126 messages, this is not an accident, but an important message.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something negative that your guardian angel would like to point out to you.

Often the angels also want to tell you that everything is going well or going well in the form of financial prosperity, happiness and so on.

They also just want to tell you that they are with you to protect and help you.

However, you should ask them for help first as they are not allowed to come into your life without your permission.

Until you do, your angels will tell you their messages in the form of numbers among other things.

Remember that the meaning of angel number 126 is that your current goals are directed towards your highest goal and best way.

If you suddenly question all choices in love and in your romantic relationships, stop immediately.

Be aware that you are going in the right direction. Point. Like number 111, number 126 is sending the good news that pertains to many points in your life.

For example, your friends, colleagues, your family and even the general public.

If you see the numbers 126 more often than usual, it could mean that you will soon be doing something that will bring people in your life together.

This can also mean that you contribute to finding solutions or making compromises or agreements. It depends on where you are in your life and what situations you are in.

But whatever the situation, number 126 wants you to put on your adult hat and solve the problem.

The number 126 is the symbol for the planet Venus in numerology and is attributed to people of incredibly high and extraordinary charisma, which makes them extremely attractive.

The most important area of ​​the 126 is love, regardless of orientation.

Depending on how strong a person’s character and personality is in 126, the areas of sexuality and eroticism, as well as emotional, spiritual, religious or humanistic forms of love are just part of it.

In most cases, however, the maternal and caring realm of love is particularly pronounced, while the realm of sensual love is often left out.

The secret meaning

The number 126 is attributed to the moon in numerology. A 126 person can usually harmonize very well with a ‘one’. Because sun and moon complement each other ideally.

After all, they absolutely correspond to the famous “opposites attract.” The sun and moon also represent opposites in many ways.

By nature, 126 are very delicate and very soft to the touch. They never have imagination. They are very musically and artistically gifted. But their senses are also sharpened technically and scientifically. They also have a very inventive talent, just like a ‘one’.

But 126 are usually not as strong and robust as a ‘one’. But 126 prove much more patience and perseverance, meaning they know how to defend themselves against “one.”

126 are usually very dualistic. Not only do you have an overview of things, you also always see the flip side of the coin. Because of their impartial nature, 126 are destined to work as an umpire or as a peacemaker.

Confidence is something that a 126 can often lack. Because they are often very shy, reserved and sensitive. This usually means that they prefer to do their work in secret rather than in public.

Due to their emotional nature, 126 are often active in the field of music. They can work very well with a partner, either on an equal footing or subordinate to them.

126 are always friendly and tactful. Kindness and tolerance are just part of correct behavior for her. Because ‘two’ are always patient and prefer peace to a quarrel, they are predestined for a profession as musician, painter, politician, accountant or secretary.


126 generally desire love, so companionship and friends are especially important to them. They set all the levers in motion for their family and make many great sacrifices.

But they are also always there for the community. Being alone is not possible for most people – they feel good in the crowd.

A 126 really longs for harmony and peace. Nevertheless, he can also set it up for a violent argument. The main thing is that no one stays angry for long, but the problems can be solved quickly. In the household everything should run smoothly.

Order is half-life for 126. It is also important to them that the home is nicely and comfortably furnished. They are particularly careful when it comes to money. Investments are only made if absolutely no problems can arise.

126 have a strong sense of rhythm. So it often happens that they start a career as a musician. It can be a career as a singer as well as playing a musical instrument. If they can be artistically active, 126 are completely happy.

Interesting facts

In number symbolism, the number 126 stands for polarity. When number two appears, nothing is easy anymore.

The two symbolize the other, the desirable alternative, but also the doubt, conflict, conflict. The unit is two!

The high priestess presents the two in the tarot: she sits between a black and a white column and indicates that her two poles are worth the same. This equality has now been lost.

This polarity was lived in the early days. It was nonsensical to desire just one and fear the other. The struggle for uniqueness began in the patriarchy about 5000 years ago.

This started with the number one standing for clarity and uniqueness and the two were devalued and assigned to the dark side, the epitome of twilight, struggle and ambiguity.

Consciousness can only develop in its polarity, ie we only become aware of the good when we also know the evil.

Two is the number of polarities – and the line connecting two points is the symbol. It is a connection between two poles or the distance between the two.

The meaning of the number is polar as it can represent togetherness as well as conflict.

Since the duality/polarity is shown with the two, the exchange with the you is very important. That 126 is a team player, both privately and professionally.

She lovingly cares for her fellow humans and makes sure that they do well.

She can put herself in others very well and feels what is missing or what is good for him. If the two are arguing, she can easily intervene and diplomatically separate the two arguments. She feels very well how to make peace.

Because she can perceive the feelings and moods of others well, it is often difficult for her to recognize what her feelings are and which are not. This can sometimes lead her to ‘wrong’ decisions because she made decisions based on other feelings.

She loves to help and puts herself in the 2nd row until at some point it becomes too much and anger and resentment can build up in her for feeling like she is being exploited or not getting help herself. Then she likes to withdraw and wallow in fantasy worlds and dreams of a better life.

Back in everyday life she starts to plan and think and is therefore a good organizer. You just have to be careful not to think too much and worry.

Her thoughts are circling in her head and it’s hard for her to turn off.

It is best to have a hugging unit so that it comes back to its senses and reflects on your good intuition.


By nature, 126 are very delicate and very soft to the touch and they never lack imagination. These people are very musically and artistically gifted.

But their senses are also sharpened technically and scientifically. They also have a very inventive talent, just like a ‘one’.


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