Numerology 128: Meaning and Symbols


Our guardian angels cannot communicate with us directly, so they send us indirect messages in various ways.

But why is that? Since the angels are the messengers of God, they are not responsible for communicating with us. If you have any questions, ask them directly to the universe! It will answer.

Any angel that wants to contact you most likely has no good intentions.

You should know that there are not only good angels, so be careful if you are traveling with your astral body or anything else. I will write more about this in another article.

Number 128 – What does it mean?

If there’s a misunderstood phrase and number, it’s 128! Symbolically, this number represents free will, the law of cycles and immortality. Let’s discuss all this and try to understand the basics.

We can deduce that the 128 concretizes the law of manifestation, in the real, the pragmatic, the matter, the logic, in truth, in volume; it is the law in good standing, everything done generates a logical consequence (karma) hence the concept of justice associated with this number.

It forms this logical sequence of causes and effects and, moreover, their control, which leads to the “desired” result.

This is what we call the rest, power! In summary, the octonary corresponds to the Law in action to which he submits because he has understood it; he therefore masters his destiny, no longer being subject to any other influence, and logically has the power to realize himself.

It is clearly a spiritual point of view as to the origin of this number; so the transcription in our more material world becomes simple:

Need to respect a legal system (whatever it is), a taste for power in short, a strong sense of logic and the smooth running of things, greedy epicureanism, taste for gravity, the heavy.

Let’s move on to the practical description. In most books, the 128 synonymous with power is often described as a factor of social success, a powerful and authoritative trigger for ambition. This is somewhat true when it comes to the life path, but not always.

On the other hand, in the expression, it will take time for the person who has it to express the foregoing aspects qualitatively.

In general, the 128 had a childhood characterized by very strong educational pressures, authoritarian parents or simply the stifling presence of a religion or a doctrine.

The child, obliterated and discreet, will use a rigid value system to free himself from his parental environment until he is released again and approaches a more flexible law.

He will actively try to free himself from his child bans in order to finally be able to exercise his full powers.

Initially, the 128 often suffers from a feeling of powerlessness that he refuses to acknowledge, this is his main problem.

Anyway, the 128 is generous, courageous, willing, combative, but very persistent and ultra-resistant. He never misses, he simply avoids confronting a problem that could leave him feeling powerless.

The secret meaning

The 128, like all master songs, is very much in vogue as if its theme proclaimed us a lottery winner, revealing our “genius” to the world.

The 128 is of course special, like all numbers, so don’t replace all 4, 13, 31 with 128 as soon as the opportunity arises. I encourage you to check out the site, which pre-chews the task and tells you if you have such an event.

Being is better than having, living well what you are represents our essence and our true strength as opposed to the fantasy of unlimited potential told in trading books. Having a 128 mainly has a 4, with all its characteristics, but with a different way of “action”.

Never forget the numbers of masters that their reduction refers to their spiritual roots. The closer a number is to unity, the closer it is to Spirit!

The 128 is no exception to this rule. This type of number is very common without being noticed; nevertheless, the few “differences” we will describe will serve to search their representatives for keys.

In most cases, the holders have a classic type 4 course, except they don’t take it as the latter. Like the 11 not satisfied in the pure 2, the 128 is no more comfortable in its doppelganger.

Behind a daily life obsessed with a search for safety, buried dreams persist, unreasonably (in every sense of the word) moved by inexplicable or inexplicable currents, just as unreasonable.

The master numbers are fused because two same numbers put them together in parallel. If the 11 seeks the amalgamation of the sexes, namely the masculine and feminine principles, for the purpose of the reunification of the being, the 128 for him seeks the union of the lower and higher poles, from below upwards, of the intellect with the mind, with the aim of perfect know-how.

His two 128 correspond to the synchronized double listening of the superior will and of the human will for the realization or even the fusion of these two kinds of will, even if it means ignoring its own will.

The 128 embodies the syndrome of the prophet and the 22, the syndrome of the saint. The 4 does everything right, the 128 does the same ‘work’ version. He tries to realize in him the synthesis of involution and evolution. Let’s be more pragmatic to understand how it all works in ‘reality’.

The 11 relies on his two 1s feels things, the 128 realizes because he obeys, without always feeling; one serves the world of ideas while the other serves the world of actions almost instinctively.


The 128 relies on currents that it perceives as high and then outputs it, so it is essential that it is well lit, balanced and above all straight.

The idea of ​​exaltation in our society confuses social scale and grandeur of the soul; it is of course the latter that is preferable.

Either way, an unhindered 128 (educational or otherwise) will accept his insanity, his marginality to operate in this world in his own way, very often in material terms.

He is then presented as brilliant, tireless, incomprehensible, phenomenal and characteristic, even tyrannical.

Its vulnerability lies in the ability to believe in its values ​​on the one hand and that its values ​​are well inspired on the other because the 128, remembered, obey the laws from above.

He must therefore, in pathological cases, be careful not to confuse his selfish delusions with a higher order current, which would then lead to “psychosis” or a strong tendency to transgression, in which case he would make his rule.

A double two requires safety precautions. On the emotional side, this expression has the choice between leading a false 4, with a stable family life as long as the frustrations remain bearable, and living its true essence, eventful and exciting with a little time for family life, despite everything in balance.

The 128 Proven are atypical, intriguing, extraordinary, incomprehensible but fascinating people as long as they listen to a minimum; It is therefore difficult to make an eloquent psychological portrait of them, they obey rules that defy our understanding.

At a professional level we often find them in administration, accounting when they are in mode 4 (see expression 4) and in mode 22, in architecture, positions of great responsibility and art.

Everything mentioned here is only meant to make you feel this number, not to describe it completely.

Interesting facts

His decision-making is clear, fast and clear, not disturbed by emotionality because logic prevails above all else. His sense of order is innate, whether it be objects or ideas, he will sometimes have to soften because it is a bit coercive.

Endowed with the sense of justice, he does not support injustice (which returns him) and tries to respect his chosen law.

This natural vigilante is assessed and disappears with the pros and cons it entails; he can be ruthless as ruthless.

The aggressiveness is proportional to the ability to realize, but behind this facade hides a lot of friendliness.

He feels a great need to work and to be useful, it is essential! What he does must have consequences for things, let me say. A 128 without responsibility, without use, will slowly suffocate.

His efficiency is formidable as is his sense of humor, yes, humor begins with an H. As a master of karma (see at the beginning), he is fascinated by the issue of death, a theme that his reflections, his humor or even his job.


Seeing angel number 128 around you is another reason to open your heart and start believing in the goals you have in front of you.


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