Numerology 131: Meaning and Symbols


Have you seen number 131 everywhere lately?

If you are wondering about the meaning of this number in your life, in this text you will find the answers you are looking for.

The numbers you keep seeing are messages from your guardian angels. The angels use different signs to get our attention, and they often use numbers for that purpose.

They keep showing us the same numbers and number sequences until we start noticing them and realize there’s more to it than just coincidence.

Because each number has its own specific meaning, if you know the meaning of the number you see often, you can easily determine the content of the message the angels are trying to deliver.

In this text, we will give you some information about the meaning of the angel number 131.

Number 131 – What does it mean?

The number 131 is a mix of attributes and energy of the numbers 1 and 3. The influence of the number 1 is doubled in this number.

The number 1 in general signifies leadership, initiative, success, assertiveness, new beginnings, intuition and instinct, motivation, progress and creating your own reality.

The number 3 signifies growth, energy, expansion, increase, creativity, spontaneity, talent, skills, self-expression, assistance, encouragement, manifestation and manifestation.

The number 3 is also the number of the ascended masters.

As a combination of these energies, the number 131 is a number that generally signifies the manifestation of your desires into reality, optimism, creativity, creative expression, communication, success and expansion.

The secret meaning

The angel number 131 signifies support from your angels to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. You need to stay optimistic and focused on your goals.

Don’t let anything or anyone discourage you. The angels are asking you to have faith in your talents and gifts.

This number is encouraging you to use your talents to pursue your true passions in life. What are your life aspirations that you still haven’t achieved?

This number is asking you to discover them, if you don’t know them yet. The angels are asking you to go within to discover what your heart truly desires, no matter how impossible that may seem to you.

This number is reminding you that you should rely on your skills. The angels are supporting you to have faith and trust that you have what it takes to manifest anything you want.

Listen to your intuition about the steps to take and call on your angels if you feel discouraged or anxious about the outcome of your actions. They are always by your side and happy to give you their guidance and help.

Do not hesitate to call on them.

If you know that you are the creator of your reality, there is no reason why you cannot fulfill your dreams and desires of your heart. Make sure you think positive thoughts and start chasing your dreams.

Don’t procrastinate any longer. Believe in your ability to achieve anything you desire. Follow the path of your true soul’s purpose.

You will have the support and guidance of the Universe and your guardian angels along the way.


People who resonate with the number 131 are very passionate and usually have many relationships in their life.

They tend to avoid involvement and serious relationships.

Because they are very independent and value their freedom very much, they are always looking for a new romantic adventure and have trouble settling down with one partner in a committed relationship.

While it may seem like they will never settle down, they are very loyal and devoted partners when they finally find the person they think is the right person and their relationships last a lifetime.


Reduced to a single digit, the number 131 becomes number 5. Therefore, this number has the energy of all three numbers, 1, 3 and 5.

The number 1 in general symbolizes success, ambition, leadership, progress, independence and freedom.

The number 3 in general signifies creativity, creative expression, talent, communication and determination.

The number 5 generally signifies humor, adventure, changes, curiosity and expression of freedom.

The essence of the number 131 is focused on creative expression of freedom, communication, new beginnings and changes. The number 131 in numerology also signifies independence, creativity and adventure.

People who resonate with the number 131 are very independent and value their freedom very much.

They are also very creative and find different ways to express themselves and their freedom. These people have leadership qualities and are very ambitious. They are smart and curious and usually very successful.


The angel number 131 can be an announcement of a turbulent period in your life. The angels are asking you to try to maintain balance and harmony in your life during this phase.

Focus on finding love in everything and everyone around you. Seek strength and support from your loved ones, such as your spouse, relatives, or your friends. Ask the angels for support.

This number is a symbol of major life changes and the need to adapt in the easiest way possible, using the support of the people close to you, as well as the support of your guardian angel.

The angels want you to know that you have their support and that you can call on them whenever you need their help and guidance.

They ask you to express your gratitude and appreciation to the people who help you go through difficult challenges and changes in your life.

Remember to express gratitude and appreciation to the Universe and the angels for their support and guidance in overcoming your obstacles.

If they send you this number, maybe the angels are asking you to spend more time with your family members.

Perhaps you were busy with other tasks and did not have much time to spend with your family.

The angels are asking you to organize your time better and give more time and attention to your family members.

In some cases, this number heralds great professional success in the near future. The angels are asking you to put more effort into achieving your professional goals.

You have their support; you just need to motivate yourself to do that extra work.

The angels are asking you to be determined and persevere because you are very close to achieving your goals.

In some cases, this number prompts you to take some free time to relax because your work schedule is very tiring.

The angels are asking you to focus on yourself and find your health and time to dedicate it to nourishing your body.

If there is an opportunity to organize a trip in nature or by the sea, somewhere where you will not be distracted by work and daily routine, you should definitely go.

Take this message as a serious warning and watch your health. Ask the angels to give you their support if you are having trouble organizing and finding that extra time to dedicate it only to yourself.


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