Numerology 140: Meaning and Symbols


Knowing the meaning of numbers is quite relevant as they usually affect our lives in an impressive way; in the positive or negative way.

That is why today we decided to talk to you about the meaning of angel number 140, one of the most pronounced today.

Number 140 – What does it mean?

The number fourteen is the symbol that symbolizes you a new life expectancy because it will provide you with many relevant qualities that will allow you to do things that you could not do in past lives.

It has a lot to do with the spiritual. In addition, you should keep in mind that the number 140 also symbolizes happiness and love.

Thanks to this symbolism, if you are a person with the number 140 in your destination, you will definitely be looking for a constant happiness that you need. But you need to make certain changes to achieve that goal.

Moreover, you should keep in mind that people who have the number 140 in their destiny are people with loving personality and therefore fall in love very easily; because they give all their love to their partner or to the person they really want for their life.

Adding to that, although the number 140 also symbolizes reserved people, but they are quite sociable and that is why they can make friends in a simple and very easy way.

Although they can often mistake a true friendship for something more loving.

Now all numbers and especially 140 have a negative and positive side in numerology.

That is why it is important that you know what they are and that to fully inform you, you will talk about them.

On the positive side, the meaning of the number fourteen is based on people who are totally good and doing well in life. In addition, they are very good friends because they are loyal and they also know how to solve problems.

Also keep in mind that, on the positive side, the angel number 140 brings good luck to the people who take it on its way. All because there are many challenges and opportunities to grow mentally, emotionally and financially. That’s why you have a unique stability.

On the negative side, the number 140 is associated with the loving destruction of every person.

All because, because they have the privilege of falling in love easily; they can fall in love with fake people or people who don’t match their love and get depressed enough as a result. In addition, they are also very difficult to change on an emotional level, because they are closed in their logic.

Finally, the meaning of the number 140 in the tarot is directly related to the mysterious angel of temperance. Which is related to the virtues that a person has in terms of discipline and intelligence.

The secret meaning

We are looking for harmony, an element that is both essential and closely linked to balance.

However, in numerology, the number 140 symbolizes this double value. However, this does not mean that it has been definitively acquired by individuals under the influence of the 140 de…

In order to keep this beautiful double gift of life, they must constantly question themselves and always be very attentive to their evolution in life…

The “140” are really obsessed with this idea of ​​total balance. As we know, the balance is often just a kind of temporary state of grace.

We go through different, often very contrasting phases in our existence. There are so-called ‘highs’ which are generally followed by what is called ‘low’. The main difficulty facing the “140” is precisely to manage these state changes as best as possible…

They have quickly fallen into a negative mood as soon as the economic situation becomes less favorable for them. Instability in the way they approach life, which is a real handicap, especially on a social level.

It is therefore up to them to learn to establish a real guideline, independent of any economic situation of the moment. This amounts to an estimate of its existence in the medium or long term and no longer in the near future.

Thanks to this symbolism, if you are a person with the number 140 in your destination, you will definitely be looking for a constant happiness that you need. But you need to make certain changes to achieve that goal.

When things go wrong and opposing events happen in succession, it’s better to give your back than to take your claws out. Because if you take your claws out, you will of course be exposed to violent kicks!

All this quick conversation could undoubtedly lead to the “140” being difficult people to live with and full of major flaws. But we can reassure you: it’s nothing at all! The ‘140’ of course has a lot of qualities that it is right to bring out to change the look that some can sometimes put on it.


The 140 are concerned by nature and the tiniest dust in the wheels of their existence can destabilize them very quickly.

They tend to focus on what isn’t going well and so too often to hide what’s working perfectly. This is the well-known principle of the half-full or half-empty bottle… so good advice for all natives of the “140”: focus on the half-full bottle!

The 140 evokes the constant need to adapt to the various changes imposed by existence. Contrary to the title of director Etienne Chattilez’s famous film, life is not a long, calm river!

Moreover, the greatest difficulty of the ‘140’ is to accept this truth and draw a line between their blissful idealism and their absurd quest for continuous and powerful happiness.

Impeccable happiness is an illusion. On the other hand, you need to know how to reap all the little pleasures that are sown along the way… By adopting this state of mind, the ‘140’ will be best able to take on the changes in the rhythm of existence.

In reality, the biggest danger that threatens the ‘140’ when life is less favorable to them is all kinds. They quickly take refuge in what they believe to be substitutes for happiness. For example, it can be alcohol.

This approach is not necessarily easy to come by and often requires several years of work on yourself. As the saying goes, chase the natural and it gallops!

Of course, consuming alcohol to try to forget that life isn’t giving you what you want at the time is not the answer. This predilection for flight, on the other hand, must be fought with the utmost vigor and energy.

Because it is precisely by overcoming the trials yourself that you become stronger and more durable…

The other area in which the ‘140’ needs to grow is that of social behavior. They tend to overreact at the slightest annoyance.

In particular, they find it very difficult to accept both limitations and authority.

They hate hierarchical relationships (especially when they are unfavorable to them…) and their behavior can put themselves in extremely delicate situations. In short, they need to be more flexible.

Interesting facts

The ‘140’ are generally quite gifted individuals when it comes to communication (if not upset!). They express themselves fluently and have the ability to be understood and influential.

We can also add that they are quite gifted in the field of pedagogy. It is undoubtedly for this reason that many of them are engaged in the professions of education and training…

The “140” also have excellent intuition and real creative skills. You could say they are artists at heart and are very attracted to aesthetics in general. There are quite a few who live out their passion for art, for example in the field of painting, writing or music.

This need to create is a real breath for them. A secret garden that they have to maintain regularly by constantly growing new plants.

It’s also the best way for them to find the harmony they hold so dear, every time…


In this regard, the number 140 also pertains to the family because for people who wear the number fourteen in their destination; your family environment is very important. They like to be close to them to share.


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