Numerology 157: Meaning and Symbols


If it seems to you that you see the number 157 everywhere and you are wondering what that means, then this page is the right place for you.

There’s nothing to worry about. These events are attempts by your guardian angels to grab your attention and give you a special message about your current life circumstances.

The angels cannot communicate with us personally, so they use different signs for that.

The angels often use numbers as a means of contacting us. They repeatedly show us the same numbers until we look for their meaning. The information that the angels want to convey to you is hidden in the symbolic meaning of the number you often see.

In this text you can read about the symbolism of the number 157 and decipher the message.

Number 157 – What does it mean?

The number 157 is a blend of energies of the numbers 1, 5 and 7.

The number 1 signifies success, leadership, determination, confidence, creation, manifestation, progress, motivation and ambition, discovering new ways of doing things and creating your own reality through your desires, thoughts, beliefs and actions.

The number 5 symbolizes major life changes, major life decisions and choices, optimism, adventure, creativity, resourcefulness and adaptability.

The number 7 symbolizes spirituality, spiritual development, spiritual awakening, spiritual enlightenment, intuition, inner wisdom, psychic and emphatic abilities, seeking and obtaining knowledge, education, study, learning and manifesting your desires.

The number 157 symbolizes the continuous progress on the path of your spiritual enlightenment. This number also signifies creating your reality with your positive thoughts and beliefs.

It symbolizes your spirituality, psychic and emphatic skills, moving forward, determination, gaining knowledge and wisdom, learning to use your intuition and listening to the voices of your inner being.

The secret meaning

The angel number 157 is a message from the angels encouraging you to find new ways to develop your spirituality.

This number can appear in periods when you feel the need to change something in your life. This is often associated with changing the path you are currently following in your life.

The angels are asking you to listen to your inner guidance and follow its guidance. If your inner being tells you that there is another path that you must be on, do not resist it.

Follow your dreams and passions; they will lead you to the fulfillment of your true purpose in life.

The angels congratulate you on the choices you have made thus far.

They also encourage you about the changes you are planning to make as they will be very beneficial to your overall future.


People who resonate with the number 157 are usually very optimistic and independent.

They are very spiritual by nature and desire a partner with similar qualities.

These people usually dislike traditional obligations, but are committed and loyal when they find the right partner.


The number 157 is a mixture of energies of the numbers 1, 5 and 7. When reduced to a single digit, it becomes number 4, and that adds to the total energy of the number 157.

The number 1 signifies new beginnings, leadership, initiative, ambition, motivation.

The number 5 represents adventure, freedom, ingenuity, adaptability and creativity.

The number 7 signifies spirituality, intuition and inner wisdom.

The number 4 signifies laying a solid foundation for the future.

As a combination of these influences, the number 157 signifies that you are using your skills and insights from your inner being, as well as all available resources, to build a safe and solid foundation for your own future and the future of your family.

People who resonate with the angel number 157 are very resourceful and adaptable.

They are independent and sensitive to change. They need their safety and like to plan for the future. These people tend to lay a solid foundation for their future and the future of their family.


With the angel number 157, the angels want you to be aware that your positive outlook and expectations, your thoughts, beliefs, actions and overall optimism regarding the future will help you manifest everything your heart desires.

They encourage you to maintain such an attitude.

The angels want you to be happy and enjoy your life as it is, and maintain your expectations that your life will get even better. The angels want you to be aware of the fact that you can become and achieve anything you desire.

You just need to remain faithful and positive about your desires.

The angel number 157 is reminding you that you should take the time to relax and rest.

You have to think about your well-being, in order to develop yourself spiritually. Discover some new passions and interests and start pursuing them. You have the support of your guardian angels along the way.


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