Numerology 2019: Meaning and Symbols


Numbers can be powerful tools and lead light to success.

It happens to everyone at least once in their life, but it happens that it happens in certain periods with a repetition so pronounced that we end up wondering what it means.

2019 – What does it mean?

It is time to stop, pause, think and connect with God through nature, contemplation, relaxation and meditation.

The number 2019 is represented in the tarot by the hanged man.

This mystery symbolizes trial, renunciation and clairvoyance, a strong sign that you are faced with a dilemma, in a troubling situation and that you must thoroughly assess the present and past situation before moving on to the next step.

You must be willing to change your ideas and adapt to your intuition to insist on achieving your goals.

The repetition of the number 19 in the number 2019 is represented in the tarot by Death.

This mystery symbolizes death and resurrection, which heralds a great change. Your great desires come true. All your wishes will probably come true if that means a change.

Do you often see the pm time of 2019 on your clock? With number 9, these are the questions to ask yourself: have I tried to emphasize who should be respected for that?

Am I authoritarian or very passive? Do I manage my finances well? Do I deserve success or financial abundance?

The number 8, which represents the pm number of 2019, indicates the need to improve your relationships with those in authority over you.

The guardian angel that corresponds to this number is Yeiazel, who invites you to be more understandable and sensitive.

This sensitivity will stimulate your creativity and help you move forward and be highly productive in everything you do.

It’s time to take a vacation with your loved one. Start a new adventure, a new community project.

The secret meaning

Through contact with nature, seek a balance between your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental bodies, which will promote the arrival of positive energies that will illuminate this area of ​​your life.

Once the balance is found, the doors of love will open wide for you.

If this number appears to you, it means that you should seek self-respect and justice. Trade rationally. Do not impose yourself tyrannically or passively submit to the will of others.

Check how you manage your money and finances to avoid falling into the red. Feel worthy of success.

It is also an indication to look for the new – new songs, new favorite bands, new movie styles, new restaurants to try and new ways of doing things, in short, a new way of living.

When you come across the number 2019, your guardian angels may be trying to send you a message about something important to you.

They let you know that they are near you and that they are there to support you, to help you make it happen.

If you are considering starting something in your private or professional life, know that what you do will pay off.

In addition, the number 2019 also means that there may be movement in your life. For example, it could be a business trip, but it could also be a change in your personal life, so see what’s going on.

Your guardian angels give you great protection and support you on your journey to spiritual evolution. Take advantage of their protection to evolve peacefully.

To achieve your goals, all you need to do is follow your true path. You may need to make some changes in your habits, but you will find that you will benefit.


Do you often see the number 2019 appearing on your clock? With number 9, these are the questions you need to ask yourself: am I a dependent? Do I always seek the affection and tenderness of my loved ones?

Have I tried to resolve conflicts and differences with my loved ones? Do I need to improve my relationship with the people around me?

Try to control your emotional and/or family needs. Dedicate yourself to relatives, but without too much attachment, try to resolve conflicts and reconcile differences if necessary.

Develop your artistic and aesthetic side further. Take better care of yourself.

The guardian angel that corresponds to this number is Aniel, who represents the god of virtue. This is the guide that will inspire you and help you achieve victories and live a dignified life on Earth.

It is thanks to him that you will gain spiritual knowledge and all possible strength to overcome difficulties.

The number in this context appears in front of you so that you look for this connection with this guardian angel. This number indicates that good things will happen in your life, on the heart side.

Interesting facts

The Tarot knife corresponding to 2019 is the Hermit, it represents a moment of introspection. You focus on yourself. This is a time when you develop a kind of loneliness.

It also symbolizes forfeiture, restriction or even lack.

When it comes to love, this card symbolizes isolation, there may be doubt in the relationship due to lack of communication, which can lead to a state of sadness.

As for work, this mystery shows that you will have to deal with unforeseen events. Researchers have excellent analytical skills.

Finally, the hermit financially reveals a potential period of confinement. It is highly recommended that you review your priorities regarding the shopping you want to do.

It helps you to confuse your opponents by getting an edge over them. In addition, it provides you with reliable protection, allowing you to bring harmony and tranquility to your everyday life.

The angel number 2019 also offers you its protection to help you make the right choices and gives you the opportunity to express new ideas.

In addition, it supports you in your life project and gives you a global view of your skills, allowing you to realize your influence on the people around you.

You can invoke the number 2019 if you are currently going through a stressful or depressing time.

It will help you to be optimistic and positive while helping you overcome all the challenges you face.


Your guardian angels are there to help you be flexible and tolerant.

You have a great ability to adapt in any situation, the people around you are fascinated by what you can achieve.

In addition to your gift for expressing your ideas with ease, you also have great listening skills. People trust you easily.


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