Numerology 3636: Number Meaning and Symbols


Number 3636 – meaning and symbolism

When we are visited by the higher forces, their message does not come to us in obvious forms, rather in symbolic forms.

Such messages are numbers that appear in our world when we least expect them and remain until we apply their message to our lives.

Number 3636 – What does it mean?

Angel number 3636 is telling you to take your own life into your own hands. Every day we are not inundated with positive images, thoughts and ideas that contribute to the success we desire. It is even the opposite. Negativity is the norm in the media.

Just watch the news or read the newspaper to see how many positive stories you have. If there are two or three per 1000 publications, there are many. Negativism is something that catches the attention of average people.

Fear and worry keep people addicted to those media. With so much negativity around us, it’s not hard to think that many of us are swinging around and filling our driven minds and stress.

The key to progress in life, in your career, in your relationships and in your personal development; It’s consistent positive thinking. Staying positive is really hard and it’s much harder to determine if we’re positive depending on the environment we’re in.

This is number one on the list, for a simple reason: we spend a lot of time and energy devoting a lot of time and energy to things that simply don’t make them happy, and we don’t see the connection between those things, with our happiness, our fullness and our dreams.

The premise is simple: dedicate yourself to what makes you happy and ignore everything else. Even if your job, your partner or your studies don’t make you happy. There are no excuses, whatever activity you do, and that makes you unhappy, you have to remove it.

In the same way, apart from eliminating the negative and those things that make you happy, it is essential to advocate for people, activities and places where you can grow, be happy and effectively achieve the fullness you so desire in life. life .

When you want to make the transition from a negative to a positive perspective, it is necessary to spend time thinking about the way we analyze and perceive the world around us. The way we see things can be consciously determined and changed.

The secret meaning

Once you realize the message behind the angel number 3636, you can definitely spend more of your time on what is positive, to see the opportunities and possibilities that you have in life, and to stop thinking that the world has been destroyed, or that it is on the road to destruction.

This is one of the most difficult for the vast majority of people. Time and again I hear people say, “I can’t do it, it doesn’t depend on me.” And they couldn’t be more wrong. Incredibly, people believe that they have no responsibility for what happens in their lives and prefer to leave that responsibility to a superior being, to other people, or to luck.

One of the things I’ve always been is to look for happiness outside of me. I felt unhappy and I thought that with other people, or even buying items, I could increase my levels of fullness. It didn’t take me long to realize this was completely false. A great job is required to create a positive mindset and achieve happiness. And all that work has to be done in us.

However, if you compromise with your happiness and with your positivism, it is extremely possible to achieve what you want so much, disconnect yourself from everything that can negatively affect you and plug your life into the most positive sources of energy.


The concept of soulmates is as old as human history. From time immemorial man has felt the need to look for something or someone to fill the void he feels inside.

In response to these concerns, various myths and legends were born over the centuries and in different cultures.

The Greek philosopher referred to the meaning of soulmate in his book The Banquet. In the piece, one of the characters explains that in ancient times there were three genders: male, female and androgynous.

These last creatures had two faces and four limbs. However, Zeus punished them by dividing them into two parts and since then those souls have tried to reunite.

According to this ancient Japanese belief, people whose paths are destined to cross are connected by an invisible red thread connecting their little fingers.

For this reason, soul mates recognize each other regardless of the passage of time and however adverse the circumstances. The thread of fate may become entangled or stretched, but it never breaks.

Celtic mythology tells us that at the beginning of life there was only one soul, which was divided into many others to fill the world. Each soul takes its path, absorbs knowledge and grows in wisdom.

However, those who are born together and soul mates in love always want to meet again as they pass through the earth. According to the Celts, only souls who learn enough come back together.

In short, all legends agree that soul mates have been united before and, after reincarnation in other bodies, they constantly try to meet again and feel complete.

But what is a soul mate? A soul mate is the one who complements a person at a certain stage of his personal growth and spiritual evolution. Twin Flames feel the same because there is a deep affinity and compatibility between them which means that communication is very enriching and love flows despite existing problems.

It is possible to find more than one soul mate throughout life. Depending on the level of evolution the person is in, a soul mate may be in a phase and cease to be later.

This is because one individual can evolve faster than another and, by stopping vibrating at the same level, the connection that existed before is lost.

Although many believe otherwise, not all soulmates become romantic partners. They can also be people who contribute very important values ​​in the stage of personal evolution of another individual, such as a parent, a teacher or a close friend.

In cases where they become a couple, their love has the purest energy and that allows for a deep spiritual connection to exist between two people who love each other. After explaining what soulmates are, it is necessary to refer to the two spiritual theories that explain their way of interacting:

According to this theory, soulmates already had a karmic relationship in the past, that is, in past lives they were united by powerful bonds of love.

Interesting facts

All over the world, many people are asking the meaning of the number 36 All because, in different countries; there are different cultures and each of them gives them a specific meaning, based on this; in their own beliefs and habits.

However, in this post, we are going to show you its true meaning and that the number 36 represents according to numerology in general. You can’t leave without reading!

As mentioned earlier, the number thirty-six can have different meanings depending on the culture it refers to.

For example, for the Egyptian people, 36 is a symbol of the new beginning. This number is represented by a pink hippopotamus based on Tueris, who is a goddess who protects the new lives that reach the world.

On the other hand, 36 is known in the culture of the Jews as the number of luck.

Therefore, the Jewish people who identify with this figure affirm that they will have a full and prosperous life.

In numerology, the number thirty-six is ​​known as the symbol of balance and, without a doubt; everything is due to the union of the numbers 3 and 6, the numbers that make up it. Three is a number known to represent feelings.

A person defined with this figure is a being who has no trouble expressing his emotions. These people usually maintain a large social circle. Although, sometimes they also enjoy solitude.

Likewise, 6 is a number defined by the responsibility. A person identified with the number six; He is an honest, understanding, affectionate and responsible being.

These people in their daily lives maintain a routine in which they can integrate their family and their work environment at the same time. They are always willing to cooperate and when they keep their word, they keep it.

Like everything in numerology and despite being considered a lucky number, the meaning of the number 36 has both positive and negative aspects. One of the most damaging effects of the number thirty-six is ​​selfishness.

People defined with this figure can become selfish as they are beings who focus on their lives and when someone from their area comes to ask for a labor council it is not all they like. All because it means that one day that person will be able to overcome it and be better than him or her at work.

However, few people can take this attitude.

Moreover, they are able to express any of their thoughts and feelings without harming the people around them. They also emphasize great values ​​such as responsibility and work ethic.

Number 3636

Finally, in the positive aspects or advantages of the meaning of the angel number 3636, we can emphasize that people with this number in their destiny, have the gift of turning their lives inside out, only if they want to.


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