Numerology 7979: Number Meaning and Symbols


Number 7979 – meaning and symbolism

Since ancient times, people have received messages from the universe. They believe that their angels are sending them messages that can be very important for the future. Therefore, there are many people who pay special attention to numbers and their meaning.

If you notice a number that often appears by your side, you must be happy because this number can be very important for your future. If you ignore it, you will miss out on many good opportunities and fun things that your angels have prepared for you.

Today we are going to present you a very powerful number. It is number 7979 and if it appears in front of you very often, you can be sure that your divine angels have decided to come to you and give you their support.

They even want to encourage you to keep working hard and believing in yourself.

In the next chapter you will see all the possible meanings of angel number 7979, but we have to find out what the components of this number can mean first.

Continue reading this article and you will have the chance to find out which angel number 7979 can symbolize.

Number 7979 – What does it mean?

As we have just mentioned, the meaning of angel number 7979 is closely connected with the meaning of its components. The first number that we should keep in mind is number 7. This number is going to tell you what your life purpose is and it will help you grow spiritually.

It is believed that number 7 is a symbol of mysticism and also of your psychic abilities. Of course, you should know that number 7 is always a sign that you should rely more on your own intuition because it will help you to go in the right direction.

On the other hand, we have number 9 which usually indicates that something is over. What does it actually mean? Well, if you close a certain period of your life, you should not regret it.

Ending a certain period of your life only means that a new period will soon begin. You are going to experience many new things and changes that will bring you joy, love and prosperity.

You should also know that number 9 is a symbol of karma, but it may suggest you to start light editing activities as well. We have explained to you in detail what numbers 7 and 9 mean because they are the main components of angel number 7979.

Another important part of this number is 79. Number 79 also suggests that you are listening to your inner voice and intuition. If you do, you will find your spiritual path and you will have the opportunity to start a spiritual practice or a career.

We notice that angel number 7979 consists of number 79 that repeats itself twice. Other numbers in 7979 number are 797 and 979 and they are also very spiritual.

If you already know what the numbers in our angel number 7979 are, it might not be difficult to imagine what this number can mean.

If you want to know more about the secret meanings and symbolism, read the next chapter.

The secret meaning

All numbers are known to have some secret meanings and messages that can be very important.

One of the most important messages that may be hidden behind the 7979 number is that you have chosen the right way and your angels want to encourage you to follow the same direction in the future. They want to guide you and help you grow in a spiritual way.

You should not only use your talents and creativity, but also your inner wisdom and spiritual knowledge. It is the main message that your divine angels want to tell you in this way. They can also remind you to be honest and avoid any kind of lies.

Another important secret meaning of angel number 7979 has something to do with light editing. This number can be a sign of congratulation that you have received from your divine angels.

They want to congratulate you on your lightwork and helping others. You must have been very kind and generous to other people. That is why your angels have decided to send you number 7979 as a sign of their support and encouragement.

Angel number 7979 is actually telling you that you should not stop your light working activities because they will help you grow spiritually and make your life better.


When it comes to love and angel number 7979, you can be sure that you will also feel the changes in this area.

Angel number 7979 will help you find love deep within yourself and it will also help you find your soul mate. There is no reason to be sad and lonely because your guardian angels have prepared something very good for you and you just need to be patient.

It is believed that people who have 7979 as their number are usually very determined and ready to give all their love and care to someone. They are also very protective, especially when it comes to their children.

When angel number 7979 is in a relationship, it will be very passionate and exciting. Angel number 7979 is usually associated with strong passion and emotions that exist in a relationship or marriage.

You are now going to see if there are any interesting facts about angel number 7979 that we have not mentioned yet.

Interesting facts

Angel number 7979 is associated with many other numbers. We have already said that its meaning depends on the meaning of its components, but there are also some other numbers that may be closely related to the number 7979. For example, it is number 5.

Actually, the sum of numbers 7 + 9 + 7 + 9 is 32 and we have that 3 + 2 is 5. Therefore, it would be good to think about the meaning of number 5 as well, because it is the meaning of your number 7979.

When we talk about number 7979 and math, we have to say that this number is in the group of odd composite numbers.

It consists of 2 prime numbers multiplied together, so we have that the prime factorization of number 7979 is 79 x 101. Number 7979 has 4 divisors.

Number 7979

You have already seen all the possible meanings of angel number 7979 in this article.

As you could see, it is always a good sign when this number appears somewhere around you. When you see this number a few times, you should seriously think about its meaning and we hope we helped you in that.

Angel number 7979 is not only a simple number, but it can hide an important message from your guardian angel.

As you can deduce from this article, angel number 7979 is encouraging you to be a lightworker and help others. It can be your soul mission and you have to spend time on it. You must be ready to help other people and share all the good things with them.

The next time you see angel number 7979, you can take this opportunity to help someone close to you. It can be a clear sign that someone needs your help. Think about that and try to do what your guardian angel suggests.

If you see angel number 7979, it can also be a sign that it is time to end a certain situation, relationship or period in your life and start a new one. Angel number 7979 will encourage you to leave the old things to experience something new that is better for you.

We hope this article helped you to understand the meaning of angel number 7979. You have seen that this number is very powerful and can be very important for your future.

Now if you know all the meanings associated with this number, you can understand what your angels are trying to tell you in this way. We are sure that you will not ignore number 7979 when it appears in front of you.

You have to know that it can appear at any time of your life, so you have to look closely if you want to notice it. Once you see it, you will already know that divine powers are working in your favor and you will be thankful for that.


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