Numerology 89: Number Meaning and Symbols


Numbers are special messages that our guardians send to us from heaven, in times of need for love and support. Have you noticed how some images, phenomena or symbols keep appearing in your life?

You may take this for granted, but such recurring signs can be angelic messages. Every human being on this planet has his or her protectors from realms that we cannot reach or understand.

Why is it so?

Heavenly forces are meant to bring this world into harmony and peace. However, the world is imperfectly made and humans are creatures prone to corruption. We are vulnerable, sinful and probably have some flaws.

That may sound bad, but in fact it’s exactly how it should be. We always tend towards perfection, but we cannot achieve it. Heaven does the same, just in their way.

These fluctuations make this world turn.

Imperfections make this physical world beautiful, with all its bad sides. However, people sometimes feel gloomy about it. Sometimes people lose motivation and drive, they lack confidence, trust in others and themselves, they lose hope that things could ever be better.

In such times, your guardian angel would help you.

Guardian angels will neither act in your place nor change and directly influence your decisions. What you will do with your destination is entirely your own choice.

Spiritualists believe that our destinies are written somewhere in the stars and no one could change this.

Guardian angels are eager to help you make your life fulfilled. They will support you in those dark moments where you think all is lost.

Number 89 – What does it mean?

Guardian angels take care of the human world and that is their only pure purpose. They have no free will to think anything other than your well-being.

These spirits are non-physical entities of pure light.

They are connected with the divine, the creator and heaven. They sense people’s needs and answer their calls, even if such calls are made unconsciously.

You may be wondering, how do they help us?

How can you even tell that guardian angels exist? Look around you and pay more attention to details, to all those simple, little things around you that you usually neglect and take for granted.

Are there any symbols you keep seeing or thinking about? If your answer is yes, consider them angel messages.

Each number can have a special meaning for a person.

Number 89 is made up of numbers 8 and 9. Each number has its specific energy. Number 8 is a fixed number.

It stands for determination, focus, dedication, responsibility and discipline. Number 9 represents love, faith, eternity, self-sacrifice, spiritual self, intuition and inner strength.

The secret meaning and symbolism

Angel number 89 has an interesting background, in terms of personal characteristics of people with this number.

The lives of those people are unpredictable.

They often face major obstacles and challenges, but are fully capable of overcoming them on their own. They possess great inner strength, charisma and incredible drive for success. They always get out of trouble, but bad karma is something that marks their destiny.

Number 8 in this combination gives them strength to move on. It makes them wise and patient, good learners who are able to apply all the lessons they have learned from experience to their life path.

They view all the mistakes and obstacles they had as important lessons. These people are organized and hard working, very productive. They are natural diplomats.

Number 9 in this combination gives people with number 89 a great sense of their inner self. They have great intuition and are connected to the spiritual part of their being.

This opposes their rational role, but if those parties were balanced, these people would have fulfilled a joyful life.

However, they are afraid of being rejected and left alone, even if they are able to bear for themselves. They may seem cold to others, so people don’t think they need company at all.

Love and number 89

Numbers 89 think of the universal love rather than love between two people. They have a positive attitude towards life and know that love is a powerful force, necessary for this planet to go around.

However, they are unlikely to get married early in life or have many relationships.

They are loners because they are prone to jealousy and suspicion.

This number is good for love as a universal concept, which means that people with angel number 89 love life. However, it is not a particularly good omen for marriage and relationship.

People with this number should come back to earth; while it is fine to seek the divine love, it does not prevent you from making an earthly partner.

You have to trust people more.

Numerology 89

Number 89 is interesting because it is between powerful 88 and 90, the renewal number.

It has energy from both, so it is considered neutral. It has something like 88 amazing power and drive and some 90 rest and regenerative power.

Mystics consider this number to be a mysterious energy powered by those two forces. Number 89 was an important symbol in some ancient and esoteric mystical rituals.

Number 89

Watching angel number 89 for a longer period of time is an important thing to think about. Your guardian angels care about you and want to tell you something.

As we have mentioned before, this turbulent number possesses great divine energy.

Angels send it to you to remind you of your own virtues and shortcomings, trying to help you balance the opposing sides of your character.

If you are feeling down and lost, this angelic message can help you regain your strength, especially to awaken your inner strength.

You have many qualities, but sometimes you think why so many bad things happen in your life. Well, this is an 89 karma. You are supposed to face various obstacles in order to become stronger.

It may seem unfair, but that may be the only explanation.

However, you should know that there are heavenly forces that care about you. They will never let you down!

Guardian angels are sending you this angelic message to help you overcome every challenge in your life and become a wise, experienced, successful and above all contented and happy person.


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