Numerology Profile Of Personality Number 3

Numbers have a large effect on our lives. Each person is governed by a specific personality number. Other numbers have somewhat of an affect on the person, but they will be governed largely by their personality number. Numbers 1 and 2 can be seen as the Father and Mother, and the Number 3 personality can be seen as an extremely gifted child.  Number 3s are seen as very creative.


Positive Traits

Number 3s are simply fun to be around. They have a quick wit. They are usually the life of the party. They have excellent social skills. Number 3s tend to be very charming. They are wise and crave knowledge in all areas. They are intellectual and very pragmatic. They are very ambitious and confident in their careers. Their strong suit includes carrying out of instructions and plans because they are very disciplined.

Number 3s are confident. They create great possibilities for themselves and others. They mature quickly. They can secure financial freedom with a good deal of effort.

Negative Traits

Number 3s do not do well in subordinate roles. Their high level of confidence in themselves makes these roles difficult and they will not excel. They look for power and control in most situation, which can give them an overbearing air at times. Indifference can cloud those with negative personality number 3 traits. There can also be a lack of concentration that will subdue their efforts at success. They tend to procrastinate and have an inability to complete projects they have started.   They can also have a bas jealous streak in personal relationships. While they do tend to have a “lucky streak”, it is often not backed up by the drive and discipline needed to be successful.

Those ruled by numerology personality number 3 should strive to overcome these negative traits in order to become successful. They need to come to the realization that material possessions are not the bringer of happiness and that it comes from within the person. Once they have accepted this, they can come to a true peace in life. They also must refrain from the urge to exaggerate and become over-dramatic about situations in life. Personality number 3s should also take care to not distribute themselves too thin in an attempt to gain popularity. They should concentrate on building solid relationships rather than the number of relationships.

Personality Number 3Careers

Personality number 3s are driven to succeed at the highest levels and to achieve the top position in their careers. Careers in which a personality number 3 will excel and find happiness can include politics and public offices. Banking and advertising may be suitable careers. Many personality number 3s do well in the armed forces as there are ranks within which they may move up. Medicine may also be a good field for number 3s.


Those ruled by personality number 3 are very intelligent and pragmatic. They can achieve great success. They must take care to develop their concentration and ability to follow through with projects to achieve that success. They tend to be lucky, but they must work with that luck to create the success for which they yearn. Number 3s are popular and can do very well for themselves with some determination.

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