Sagittarius Woman: What is my zodiac sign?


Sagittarius Woman (Sagittarius Woman): Love, Compatibility, Personality, Best Partner, Traits

Many people claim that Sagittarius is the only zodiac sign that is strongest and has more qualities than flaws, and you’ll soon see why. The Sagittarius woman is particularly amazing and many people call her the steel lady.

Everything else that would be said about her probably isn’t true – this lady is a person who can truly lead in anything she wants.

She always tries to be successful and generally invests a lot in her, her knowledge, everything for the progress she wants to achieve – and if you look all around you, and if you know a Sagittarius lady, make sure that this woman in her life something that others could only dream of.

In every way, and in every aspect of her life, the Sagittarius lady struggles to achieve wonderful results and her entire life is limited to this, but most importantly, this lady has everything she could ever need to get into life. to pass.

She is smart and seductive and does not stop using her charm for business purposes. She knows everything (she can talk about almost any subject) very well, she understands everything very well. But what is the situation when it comes to love? Is this lady also the one who can lead in this field? Read all about it here.

Good qualities

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about the Sagittarius lady is her inquisitive nature – the Sagittarius is the sign of the house of philosophy, and the Sagittarius woman always seeks the truth in all circumstances.

This is a fiery sign – the Sagittarius turns his mind into concrete actions and can “walk barefoot” to achieve his goals. Like other fiery signs, this person needs to keep in touch with the world to experience as much as possible. It’s not in his energy to sit at home and wait for something to happen to him. If something should happen, he will initiate it.

The Sagittarius woman is called a researcher for truth and a wise philosopher by some people because she is extremely curious and constantly seeking new knowledge and discoveries, whatever they may be.

She deeply explores any man, woman or child and topics of conversation can range from politics to religion to entertainment. Nothing goes beyond the limits or taboos in her search for answers, and she is open and flexible to receive this knowledge and use it for the right purposes. Versatile and incredibly charming, she enjoys every new experience life brings her, and you will recognize this lady by her aesthetic and love of travel.

The Sagittarius woman is usually very sincere and incredibly independent which many consider to be an attractive combination, so this woman has many friends and she is loved in the society she lives in.

Given her interesting nature, a Sagittarius woman wants to discover the meaning of life – so in life this woman is fascinated by everything, especially controversial issues, such as religion, morality or philosophy. So, those who want to be close to her should always be prepared for an intellectual and interesting conversation with her.

Her strength is also her adaptability, and she hates it when she has a strict schedule, it limits her. This woman achieves success when she feels free and in a position to change her plans and adapt to the situation.

She loves to have lengthy conversations and discussions on all topics from politics to religion – there are no taboos for a woman born in this liberal zodiac sign.

Bad traits

She has some of her flaws, but somehow she hides them from the public eye because she definitely doesn’t want anyone to think she’s someone who needs help. She hates it when others see her as a weak person who needs help; no she wants to be seen as the lady who is strong and can endure anything.

But this isn’t always a positive trait – sometimes this can be such a bad mask and a way that will never lead her anywhere.

Her mood is variable, she’s exaggerating or she’s ecstatic and electric, or she’s sort of pulling off the scale; and any extreme is not good.

The Sagittarius lady can be childish, impractical, impatient and pushy, and she can even act like a boring person at times talking about the same stories over and over. And even if these adventures are interesting to her, others may find her very boring and even repetitive.

Also, the Sagittarius woman can sometimes be an inactive, stubborn and a person who is overly prone to debate even when there is no one on the other side to argue. And her debating style is the most annoying ever – the Sagittarius lady argues and fights until the moment her opponent breaks down and falls asleep because he can’t argue anymore.

In business, she can be ineffective and prone to delays in making important decisions. And some say that this lady can be shallow in love, a lover who is only looking for her own interests in life and in love. But this is not a rule, rather an exception.


Love is one of the eternal mysteries in life, and also in the life of the Sagittarius woman; for this lady, the state of true love is one that is a long awaited reward and hidden treasure that she wants to find all her life.

She wants a partner who will be on her level both psychologically and physically, someone who can explain to her the mystery of life and love – in one sentence, this woman wants it all, and she will try as many times as she can until she this goal is achieved.

The Sagittarius woman can be afraid of intimacy at certain times of her life, and for her, love often comes from friendship – she can be the best version of herself, during times when she is relaxed, and this can only come after a while, after getting to know her lover, as a friend. This is the best way to have a long lasting relationship that will not be monotonous.

In love, there is no doubt that the Sagittarius woman is sincere and trustworthy, and this could be the foundation for all good relationships. She always plays by the rules, and even when she is completely overwhelmed with love, her balance only increases her charm and attractiveness.


As we said before, the Sagittarius lady works best when her relationship develops out of love – in general, this woman likes friendships and wants a lover who is both. She wants her man to share her love for truth and knowledge, and someone who loves can communicate with her well. The love connection with her is often active, adventurous and filled with strange and distant journeys, figuratively and literally – you can never know where this interesting lady will take you in life.

The Sagittarius woman raves about all things new to her, so her partner must be someone who has traveled a lot and has a lot of knowledge; she hates it when people are boring and don’t like adventures. This is necessary to keep up with the philosophy of the world, which consists of exotic lands and exciting discoveries.

When she is deeply in love, Sagittarius lover always makes everything clear, she does not lie, and if she has a problem with something in a relationship, she will tell her lover. This woman is a faithful, devoted and devoted partner.

Dear partner

Now, after reading all this, you must be thinking that the perfect lover for the lady Sagittarius does not exist, or he only exists in fairy tales.

A person who wants to earn her respect must be courageous and intelligent, good in bed and confident. So who is he?

First of all, we will talk about the connection between the Leo lover and the Sagittarius lady – some say these two are meant to be together.

Since this lady is very sociable, she will probably meet her Leo lover at the party where all the attention would be on this man. But the Leo lover wants to find a perfect lover and have many children, and he sees this in a Sagittarius woman – a lover, a friend and a mother.

Second, surprisingly comes the member of the zodiac sign of Pisces who can offer something that the Sagittarius lady is looking for, but no one can give her. She will find the best collaborator for hedonistic adventures in the Pisces man; together they can be a perfect match in a search for the truth that leads through culinary excursions and fine wines in many countries they will visit together.

Ultimately, a good match would be a Gemini man who will enjoy great conversation with her; and maybe if the timing is right they can stay together longer.


As we have said in the previous paragraphs, this lady is really sincere, independent and open to new experiences which makes it easy to find friends and she usually has a lot of them. It fascinates many things, especially new and controversial areas in religion, ethics and philosophy. She overlooks limitations, and thus all imposed layouts and rules – she must have the flexibility and the ability to change things the way she wants.

In some ways, the Sagittarius lady has an adventurous spirit and loves to hang out with people who are similar to her. She is often the initiator of society, a person is always ready for something fun and her friends like to hear what she has to say, where they go next, etc.

All this, combined with her knowledge of culture, philosophy and travel, makes her an interesting interlocutor and always a desirable member of society.

If you ever wanted to expand your vision of the world, talk to your Sagittarius girlfriend, believe us she will help you in many ways and she is the one who knows exactly what you need. The reason is that she is completely impartial; her friends come from all spheres of life, from all nationalities and cultures. We are all her friends, and she is our best friends, the one we can do anything together.

If, as her friend, you happen to want to increase aspects in life and views; perhaps even dissolving prejudice, a Sagittarius friend is the best helper in this endeavor. But in addition to being a master of intellectual and educational conversation, she’s also known as the biggest comedian in the crowd – she can make others laugh, but she can make a lot of jokes about her. She is not afraid to clown and joke to herself when she will entertain and laugh at her friends – she has no jealousy and resentment towards other people.

Although typical women’s topics are not very interesting for this woman, she has many friends and knows how to build an atmosphere in society. And in return she is loved; she has many friends with the kind hearts who would do anything for her.


You must think that a woman who is such a good friend and partner must be a great mother – and you’re right, she really is.

She is the mother with an adventurous spirit, she is the one who does everything crazy with her children, and sometimes she is even wilder than her. But when it comes to the serious issues, this Sagittarius mom is wise, witty, and she’s devoted to her kids to the core. But this does not mean that she will neglect her own life and her own agendas, no, she will purify them even more so that she could be a great example for her children.

On a more negative side, this mom can be impatient with her kids, sometimes even harsh and uncompromising, but the main problem is that the Sagittarius mom is somewhat disorganized. She forgets many of her obligations to children, but in the end she makes up for everything. Her style when it comes to parenting is – love children, and give them freedom, and there are no rules and plans, just the feeling.


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