Scorpio Woman: What is my zodiac sign?


Scorpio Woman (Scorpio Woman): Love, Compatibility, Personality, Best Partner, Traits

The horoscope is so diverse that in the twelve signs you can meet some very interesting characters, and among them an interesting place occupies the Scorpio woman, one of the most exciting characters in the zodiac.

She is a very strong and dominant lady who is in touch with her own emotions, wishes and everything that can bring her into a good balance in her life. She lives the way she needs to be successful, no matter what she’s doing at the time. The occupation (life purpose and the task that fulfills her) is very important to this woman, as well as the material good that she likes to have in abundance.

It is good to know that in every representative of this sign, the Scorpio hides a little hedonist, the one who really enjoys enjoying life. But what are her traits when it comes to love? You will all be more than pleasantly surprised to know that here we come across one of the most interesting and most passionate women in the zodiac.

Good qualities

The Scorpio woman is the most mysterious sign of the horoscope. This woman is both exotic and attractive, loves the depth of life and love, and her mood, just as the weather can be peaceful or turbulent. The Scorpio lady is extremely intuitive, interested in esoteric, occult or similar things that her spiritual experiences offer – she understands these issues properly and is not afraid of them. She will always be in alignment with the basic forces that move life and most will learn from personal experiences. This courage is an amazing quality in life, because it can bring pain, but also a lot of pleasure.

Some say the Scorpio woman is too secretive, mystical, and seemingly untouchable. However, no one like Scorpio woman does not feel people and vibrations around her which is why she gains much more strength than anyone else.

The Scorpio woman has such a character that she should never be taken lightly because her character makes her very, very careful, direct and focuses only on the essence of things. The Scorpio woman sees things black or white with no gray color in between, everything she does has to be very strong and passionate otherwise she will show no emotions and no interest at all. She wants to understand everything and knows how to ask the right question to get the answer she wants, and this woman will achieve this by using her strong intuition.

Most of all, she likes control and is sometimes self-destructive, but in all of this she has a deadly beauty.

This lady is fearless and stubborn, and even when life gets tough, she will bear all the blows and go her own way.

The Scorpio woman is confident, resourceful and strong, and above all, determined to succeed, and she is realistic that to succeed, she must work hard and be ready to sacrifice everything to achieve her goals.

Bad traits

This lady shows her worst qualities when she feels betrayed or hurt by someone she loves or likes; in these moments you should know that you are getting ready to get to know her dark side. You can never know for sure that you really made a mistake, but this lady will never forget and rest assured that she will never forgive you, so she is very difficult in this sense.

Even if everyone around her wants to let go of a problem and doesn’t care about it anymore, the Scorpio lady still doesn’t forget exactly what you hurt her.

But the problem in love, and in one part of life, is her infamous jealousy – this has already become legendary. Her possessiveness and jealousy are so severe that we strongly advise you to be very careful with this woman, she will keep you in mind. We say this because the lesson can be very painful for those who make fun of her.

Above all, she is a very possessive and jealous person, it can be unbearable at times, and many people see this as the most problematic issue in her life; she can be so extreme at times that she ruins everything she has, in every sense of that word.

She is a perfectionist, and her behavior often leads to sadism, often mourning the very ones she loves most. In life, this woman is burdened with suspicion and demands absolute devotion from those close to her.

She is very mystical and incomprehensible at times, and the Scorpio woman carries with her a kind of fatalism. She rarely shows her true feelings due to unseen self-control, so you will never be clear on what this lady is feeling.


When she loves, then she loves her whole being – and she expects her partner to too – and a reminder to all people who have anything related to the Scorpio woman, remember that she is devoted to only you, both physically as psychological. She wants the same from her lover. If she loves you, you can relax because this love is boundless and hard to break.

How does this lady seduce her lovers? This woman’s strongest weapon is certainly her penetrating look – it will relentlessly pierce even the strongest armor. The man who dares to approach her with the intention of seducing her will immediately fall in love with her magical eyes.

In these situations, this Scorpio woman does not need to say anything: instead of saying, she breaks the ice with willpower and her hypnotic energy – any man will be captivated, and this should be clear from the start, and anyone who tries her resist will embarrass itself.

This is not a woman who loves in a way that she will be happy to be someone’s trophy no and no – she will always try to maintain the right amount of restraint and let you know that you should be happy with what she has chosen you. Scorpio woman loves her passionately, and when she has faith in her partner, her love will last forever, her life will revolve around that chosen person, and she will be endlessly loyal.


This lady will never allow the modern relationship where each partner keeps her share of freedom; no, the Scorpio lady likes a relationship where a man will be just her until death sets them apart (or she doesn’t decide it’s time to break up).

The Scorpio woman is the only kind of woman who will stand behind her lover and she will praise him and build his confidence. She is extremely attractive, which will always attract a lot of people around her, and this can be a source of many problems in her relationship. And she will be unbearable – this lady will pay attention to everything her man does, see flirting as an insult and her devotion means that she is always faithful to her partner and he should do the same.

A strong Scorpio woman knows that she needs to be dominant in the relationship, but this can also lead to an odd relationship with a partner who, if smooth, will constantly give up and get away, or if they are too persistent and firm attitude, it can lead to frequent quarrels. The

In relationships, the Scorpio lady wants to help her partner as much as possible as long as he understands her nature and knows when to give her a break. She is caring and loyal lover but advice for her lovers is never try to fool her, you will realize how painful she stings.

This is a lover who hates routine in life, love and generally accepted norms of behavior and rather follows the principles she sets herself. Even if she is the most affectionate, she will never declare love and never idealize, but maintain a clear sense of how valuable she is.

Ultimately, this lady is not interested in superficial relationships and she looks for depth and passion in relationships. She is extremely generous and gentle, passionate, caring, loyal and determined – who would say no to her?

Dear partner

Scorpio woman doesn’t want any other situation, and she needs a partner who is her perfect match. She is extremely brave and enough to stand up to her, but also to understand her nature and give her a break at times.

If you find yourself in connection with this woman, we advise you to be very careful: in connection with the Scorpio woman, you will definitely be out of breath. But who is the man who could bear all this?

This man could be the Taurus lover – and according to some astrological literature and experience, this is one of the best emotional combinations that can last a very long time. They can match in almost any way – in one sentence, this is a good relationship for mutual satisfaction.

Usually this is a love combination that first makes friendly contacts that become something more. What connects the two is that the strong passions are pronounced hedonism; the Taurus lover has a pronounced hedonism that can pull the Scorpio woman to the max, and then you can expect the fireworks. But we have to say that the jealousy often marks this relationship, and the breakup is usually turbulent and difficult for both.

Another lover that could be a good match for the Scorpio lady could be the Cancer partner. Both are very intuitive. According to many, this is almost an ideal combination – the Cancer lover is emotional and makes the Scorpio woman feel like it can relax.

However, Scorpio’s inevitable jealousy can break this love bubble into many small pieces. But in the end we have to recognize that these two have a good spiritual, emotional and erotic connection. This causes great expectations on both sides that can be met, or can be a point where the two will sail apart.


This lady chooses her friends carefully, and the honor is to gain her trust – she will put you through many tests and after you pass them, she will ‘torture’ you even more, and then she will become your friend. But she will be the most amazing friend you could ever have in life.

Rest assured that if this lady loves you, and if you’re her friend, you’re lucky, this woman will be your worst enemy in every other way. Loyalty is important to the Scorpio woman, but she will never forget the wrong someone does to her, and she will give you revenge even if you were her boyfriend. If you prove to her that you are a worthy friend, she will in turn be worthy and give much more than you ever expected, she will be your guardian and a protector who will protect you from all harm in this world.

She will never reveal your secrets and you will always be able to trust her; you can tell your Scorpio friend even the darkest secrets you are ashamed of.

And in every way, passion rules her life, so she loves people as much or hates them passionately, but because she rarely shows her feelings, it’s hard to know what she’s thinking or feeling. This is a problem for people who are close to her or want to be close to her. Scorpio woman loves privacy and loyalty, you can always trust her and in return she will be your worthy friend.


The home and family are the holy grail for the Scorpio woman, and she will defend them bravely and heartily against anything she thinks threatens them.

Sometimes she will be extreme in this sense and become overprotective of her children, but she feels this is necessary for proper growth. She even thinks hard love is the best, but sometimes her kids might feel like she doesn’t give them enough love, but somewhere deep inside they’ll know she loves them.

The Scorpio mom is a parent who teaches her kids to be independent and strong (just as she is, and always tries to be), and will always be proud of them, even if they make some mistakes in life, and that they will. She is the mother who will always be there for her children; she will support them in every effort and defend them against anything that could endanger them.


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