The Foolish Tarot: Meaning and Symbols


Important Meaning of the Upright Tarot Card:

Innocence, freedom, originality, adventure, travel, folly, carelessness, idealism, youth, spontaneity, lack of involvement, new beginnings

General meaning and interpretation (upright)

The first card of the Major Arcana, the Fool is generally a positive card that signals a new beginning. If it shows up in your readings, it could mean you’re on the cusp of an exciting, unexpected new adventure. Your new adventure will take you on a path that may require you to take a leap of faith, but you will grow as a result of this new experience. This new adventure can be a literal new adventure, like traveling to a place you’ve never been before. The change this card can bring is usually a welcome one. While the fool is generally a positive card, its appearance in a reading can also indicate that you should take the time to look before jumping.

Love and relationships (upright)

The foolish lover is exciting and spontaneous, but a little fickle. For people in relationships, the fool indicates being so in love that you can hardly contain your excitement. However, if the person asking the question asks about commitment, this card is linked to lack of commitment/not being ready for a commitment. For those who are single, it’s a very good indicator that an impulsive, carefree romance is on the cards (or many such romances). If the fool shows up, be prepared for some fun romance, but be careful not to miss out on true love if it comes your way during this time.

Money & Career (upright)

An opportunity presents itself! With the fool in your career, maybe it’s time to go for that new job or start your own business that you’ve been dreaming about. Other people may try to scare you or may not understand what you are doing, be patient with them and try to make them understand, but don’t let them scare you. For ongoing projects, it indicates new ideas and is revitalized with energy. The fool gives great opportunities for advancement. Be smart and research your chances and the risk, but don’t be afraid to take the plunge! Financially, if you take the risk and work hard, you will earn more than you thought.

Health (upright)

The fool bodes well for physical health if you have been sick, as it indicates vitality and energy. However, it can also indicate that you are prone to an accident, so take extra care if you are being fooled because of your health. It can also represent pregnancy as it represents the beginning of a new life.

Spirituality (upright)

The fool indicates that you are at the beginning of a new spiritual journey that will lead to great things. You will try many different approaches, allow yourself to do this. Others may not understand the journey you are on, but you should do what is right for you.

Main Meanings of Reverse Tarot Card:

Recklessness, carelessness, negligence, stupidity, distraction, apathy, irrationality, lack of pleasure, hope or belief

General meaning and interpretation (inverted)

As with the straight meaning, the inverted fool means a new beginning. However, when reversed, this Major Arcana trump card indicates that the beginning is something you may not like to jump into. This new beginning still comes in both directions! The silly tarot card reversed can be an indication of living in the moment, but can also be a sign that in your excitement you are acting somewhat recklessly towards others. It can mean irrational, lack of pleasure and lack of faith or hope.

Love and relationships (reverse)

The foolish reverse in love may indicate that your adventure may be holding you back from having the kind of love you really want or causing insecurity in your current relationship. If The Fool is reversed, your relationship may be exciting, but it may involve risky behavior. Be warned, this can lead to feelings of insecurity and can leave your relationship on shaky ground.

Money & Career (Reverse)

Financially, the reverse fool shows some potentially promising financial opportunities, but be careful and do your homework before committing. You don’t want to take advantage of it. In terms of career, you may become restless in your current position or think about going out on your own. Think before you act! Or maybe you’re just holding back your best ideas due to lack of confidence, don’t be afraid to get out there and assert yourself. Your ideas are just as valid as anyone else’s. Don’t be afraid to say something.

Health (reverse)

When the inverted fool is in a health reading, it indicates that trying alternative treatments can be helpful in solving health problems. Also, the propensity to be prone to accidents is stronger when this is in your reading, so be mindful of your surroundings.

Spirituality (reverse)

In a spiritual context, the inverted fool is a sign that you are seeking new spiritual experiences and eager to shed your old traditions. Just like the heartfelt meaning, people around you may be somewhat confused by this new interest. Just be sure to explore your options, don’t jump too far on a spiritual path until you figure out what feels right for you.


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