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Angel Number 88 – What does it mean? In today’s video, Ri Chi Harmony discusses the meaning of the number sequence, 88. Why am I seeing this number sequence? Numbers are one of the ways the Universe, Spirit and Angels communicate with us. As a person who does numerology charts, I know the number 8 means personal power, abundance, manifestion, law of attraction. It is the number of a leader – a true business leader.

88 showing up in your life means any of the following:

1. What does 88 mean? It means you need to start taking your power back from people – meaning stop reacting to everything people say and do. Be in your own power.
2. What does 88 mean? It is telling that it is time to start saving for rainy day. You never know if you might need to quit your job so start saving.
3. What does 88 mean? It’s telling you abundance is near. Your business will be doing well. You will be rewarded for all your financial effort.

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